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Honeymoon Has Come To End...

Today is the last day of our "honeymoon" in the office. After today, it is Monday Blues. everything will be back to normal, all the staff will be back to work, the hustling and the bustling of noise will be everywhere once more... no more "shiok" already...

To save the best for last, we celebrated our "last day of relaxation and freedom" by walloping a mooncake, bought from Tai Thong Restaurant. WE had a good time chatting, laughing happily in Lynn's room, something we had not done for a very long time... this is an only once-a-year affair and hope that the five of us will continue to have such fun again ....

the "opening ceremony"

lots of grains....

bye bye mooncake
till we meet again the next year round...


  1. aiya.. i also haven't eaten any moon cake this year..
    too expensive.. T.T

  2. Yupe! It is back to square one again! Everything will be normal again right? :p

    Ouh...celebrated your last "holiday" with mooncake aye! :p

    I want one!

  3. haha...mooncake ya...i just ate one also, bought from pasar malam.:)

  4. I ate mooncake b4 delivered my bb...hahaha.

  5. mooncakes which have lots of grains are always worth savouring.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  6. i hv eaten quite a number of mooncakes already..

  7. hi everyone above: eat mooncake must be shared with more people then only it tastes better... if eat alone.. not nice.. very filling feeling.. i think next saturday is mooncake festival..right?

  8. ooh..i havent eaten any mooncake this year. it is so expensive now. Might get one soon before they take them away from the shelves.
    :-) anyway, hope you are ready to face people again. hehe...

  9. hey, your friend, lynn has lost so much weight. well done :)

  10. Tiee: no problem facing ppl.. but lots of problems doing work.. hahaha.. have been lazy for few days and now dont feel like working already..

    Barb: yes, she lost a lot of weight.. her confinement lady gave her nightmares!

  11. Oh Claire don't be so sad, as long as you enjoying your life everyday is a honeymoon for you. It just depend on you how you want to have only. So be happy my dear and enjoy your coming Monday =)

  12. Aisay....

    I haven't eat too ler.. =_="

    Still got a week time to eat right? since actual day is next week.... *Zooommmmmmmmm me going and buy mooncake* hehehehe~

  13. I am still stuck in the office on this nice Saturday morning! :( Yup, I guess all will back to office on Monday and all will have the common diseases, Monday Blues...
    The Tai Thong Mooncake remind me that I have not done my mooncake shopping yet this year.

  14. Tai Thong? Soooooo....expensive but they have low sugar ones. I'm not buying any this year...maybe just the cheap local ones (not so nice) to keep the tradition alive.

  15. Aeiween: very sad lo.. have to use brain next week..hahaha.. no more idle fun talk... :(

    Elaine: mooncakes are expensive.. just buy one or 2 and eat.. that's it.. :)

    Superman: i almost forgotten how it is to work on saturday.. hahaa.. hey, ask yr boss to close office la.. save a lot of production costs.. right?

    STP: yeah, me like u... seldom buy.. that one tai thong was bought by my SIL from JB.. she gave me a gift box.. so nice of her...

  16. mooncake for me...sienzz.....when is the festival har?

  17. you believe it or not,i can slice 18 part pieces from a standard size mooncake - for thrifty eaters,hehehe

  18. manglish: i heard next saturday is the day.. but tonight over here in IPOH, we will have a big gathering.. will post about that tonight..

    Ah Ngao: in that case ah, 10rm mooncake is worth eating.. hahaha..

  19. Hi Reana, I love Mooncakes, but only the ones with mix nuts.
    Will take a pass on ones with eggs in them.
    Have a great time and keep well, best regards, Lee.

  20. baked mooncakes? aiseh, tak beli pin pei ah? if got, mail to me... :P

  21. U.Lee: U r like my kids, dont like eggs in any of the mooncakes.. they said it is better to eat plain lotus... yes, i agree with them now! :)

    Merryn: actually i didnt buy leh, my SIL bought and gave a box of 4 to me.. FOC! hahaha.. if i buy ping pei, sure will courier down to u, so IF, IF only la.. so when r u going to eat yr ping pei?

  22. hello reanaclaire. just happened to come across your blog. so, i really tot u were gonna write about your honeymoon (with husband). LOL! yeah, it's like restarting the engine of a car after a long break. need a little bit of warming up. hehe. btw, the mooncake looks yummy. Gulp!


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