Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't Work Hard, Work Smart!

Before I log out, this is my simple meal.. With a thumping head, this is the most I could do...Could it be my new pair of spectacles that is giving me headache or was it that I overworked???

One of my friends used to scold me.. "DON'T WORK HARD, WORK SMART!"
BUT OLD HABITS DIE HARD... I can never work smart, I work like a donkey cos I am doing donkey's work!

donkey or not, this was my meal...
just kon loe mee and vege...

with vege and vege...

U know what I am thinking now?

I want to retire for good....
I am getting lazier by the minute...
I m getting slower in my work pace..
I .. I................I just wanna zzzzzzzzzzzz now...


  1. Maybe not enough sleep. That's why the headache.

    Try and rest earlier

  2. You're stressed ah?

  3. It is end of year...maybe your head is just tired...take a nap!

  4. sleep more sis...xmas coming already. btw, im likely coming back during party or not?

  5. adoi claire. reading ur post oso makes me wanna go zzzz odi. rest buddy, rest. u have a big journey ahead of u... rest!

  6. hey~~ good morning..
    hope u had a nice sleep last night.
    i love vegies.. T.T
    haven't had fresh vegies since i start working.. >.<

  7. maybe a sign u have been staring at the computer for too long hahahhaha...hope this message finds u well oredi har...

  8. Work smart is what I call "ular" - snake your way through doiing the bare minimum or nothing at all...and later, make all kinds of wonderful excuses (and people actually believe them as they can sweet-talk so well) and even put the blame on others (innocent colleagues)and in the end, the boss will ask somebody else to do it while you goyang-kaki! Also get paid end of month, also get increment the following year! These people should be sacked with 24-hour notice!!! They are the reason why Malaysia TIDAK boleh!!!

  9. smallkucing: maybe the power of my eyes... or .. u know, u know.. just reached.. u know.. huh...

    cleffairy: life is such.. sometimes nice and at times not so..

    lynette: that is cute! yeah, by end of the year, our heads also need a break!

    chrisau: no party this year, too much happenings la.. but do come and visit us..

    merryn: sleep baby, sleep.. i come and peek into your room later.. :p

    donna: didnt hv vege since u start working? but then u r a growing girl, young and still blooming.. so u need more meat than me definitely :p

    manglish: yeah, too much work here in the office, i can say.. and u noe.. age plays a part, u knoe..

  10. STP: that is why lo.. i cannot work smart but the other way round.. see what i m in today? no promotion, nothing... always work like a cow or donkey but not recognised, this is not working smart hor? but then, it is our attitude, we r already like that, we dont know how to tripod nor fan people.. so to sum up, i m what i m today..

  11. STP: that is why lo.. i cannot work smart but the other way round.. see what i m in today? no promotion, nothing... always work like a cow or donkey but not recognised, this is not working smart hor? but then, it is our attitude, we r already like that, we dont know how to tripod nor fan people.. so to sum up, i m what i m today..

  12. Sori to say that I have never come across public sector staff being overworked. They have tea breaks at 8am, 10.30am, 3.30pm and lunch break from 1 to 2.30pm.
    Great working life and this is Malaysia Boleh becoming Malaysia Tak Boleh.

  13. My interpretation of work smart is not as what Suituapui called "Ular"... My version of Work Smart is to continuously improve on what you are doing ... find a way to gain as much knowledge and experience as you can... WORK YOURSELF OUT OF THE JOB ... This sound crazy but i saw lotz of people got a better life and job

    Working hard or staying "ULAR" style daily will not move you anyway :p

    At the end of the day, REST still is the most important item... i think you really need a nice vacation :p

  14. anonymous.. wow, in no time, waist line becomes H shape..

    TZ: working smart as according to STP, some are true, like office politics, if u know how to bodek the big boss, u dont really have to work much, or if u know who yr best staff are, u can practically push all the work to them.. so it is like ular-ing the way out of work..
    working hard is just like slogging and slogging, wanting to finish your work so that there wont be backlog the next day but yr boss thinks that u have no work and then gives u some more.. that is not working smart..

  15. *sigh* Kesian you, Claire. But dun worry, God will take care of you. He always have, =D

    My dad oso like you, the kind who work hard. He NEVER arrive late in office. 7am in the morning oredi in office. He take bfast at home, and usually skip lunch. Usually the last to leave office at 6pm.

    He said, this is to show good example to his subordinate. But, I dun think it's working, cuz he every time oso complain the same thing. Say everyone around him lazy! He said, he worked damn hard, but hardly feel rewarding. Owez complain says everyone around him play 'tai-chi', push work around. LOL...

    This is Malaysia... all malas, and the ones who worked hard, never get rewarded, instead, it's those kaki bodek and ular who gets all the credits!

    Anyway, Claire, try to take it easy, okay? I mean it. Stress can do really terrible bodily harm. I've been there... damn teruk!

    I hope you will be able to feel more refreshed during your vacation. LOL... i meant to say this last nite, but I kerplunked... so blur d!

  16. Me too...non-grad, did all the work, al the uni grads - got pangkat, got high salaries - all big ular...sit goyang kaki! In the end, I 55! Refused to become stupid donkey any longer - no promotion, no recognition, nothing, never mind! No need!

    Now I do a bit of tuition when I feel like it - only 10% of the work I used to do...and getting at least 50% more!!! So much better...and happier!

  17. cleffairy: no need to kesian.. i m happy blessed to have a job, i only rant cos i had a bad headache last night and after one panadol, now i can even "fight" with a tiger...
    soo.. u seem to have yr father's genes, u work really hard till wee hours of the morning.. if u continue like that, u need more nippon *wink* but if u follow the sleeping pattern, u will be Miss Country in no time.. :p

    STP: Yah lo!! agreed fully.. that was why i ranted last night i wanted to retire, but unfortunately, cannot afford to, no work, no food.. at least i got to wait for another few years .. unless.. unless.. u know, i know? :)

  18. yes work smart... and remember to use what is being given to you. Like medical benefits :)

    Coming from
    My DSLR Days

  19. I will be missing a dear sister Claire(sorry making you sound like a nun, but indeed you are my sis) for 10 days,,, do enjoy your trip in Japan, say hi to all the onna no in Japan for me,,, telling them i miss them,,hahahahah

    now relax a bit lah, then you shall hav more strength to enjoy your holiday ma

  20. kev: is important these days.. dont get sick otherwise can burn hole, yeah...

    eugene: what is ono oni.. ? hehee.. your ex ex gfs? i better not send my regards to them nanti they wont let me go off bec of u!

  21. maybe is your new spec and also your stress work lately make you headache and tired. Don't worry, count down your days, tomorrow last working day, then you can has a stress free holidays in Japan!! Yuhoo!!!

    Happy holidays!!!

  22. Work hard but not smart its ok...most importantly is to play very hard!

  23. @ Claire: Wahhhhhhh! You're going Japan! I din realize that! OMGGGGGG~! I oso wanna go! *whine* And I oso wanna wear those Shinto wardrobe... so cute wannn... and the sailor uniform! Ahhhhh! Sien! Why am I born a Malaysian? Wear stupid pinafore that make ppl ugly oni! ARGH! Tension, tension.... lucky I was a librarian, so din look so bad last time! (omg, I'm so vain!)

    And I want to meet Sailormoon and Son Goku. (ok, now I'm really going looney!)
    Come to tink of it... if I go Japan, I might be doing playing dress up more than sight-seeing. Better don't let me go! Later come back, look like Sailormoon!

    @Cikgu...yalorr... ur same like my dad all the hard work bullshit, but in the end, come home, bad tempered, cuz stressed up with ppl's attitude at work, and gets no recognition for it. Pity my dad...and I pity my mum more, cuz if he bad mood, she very suffer! Now my dad 51... owez say wanna retire when he hit the age. But it's worrisome, cuz he's the kind who cannot sit still, must do something wan! If stay home, sure nothing to do til pick up fights with my mum. Haiyorr, seiii lorr!

  24. Ooo headache yah, then minta "Panadol" ok.

  25. I like the simple things in life. Maybe that is why I think your noodles looks delicious.

    BTW don't forget to take a good rest.

  26. Live simple then only you will starts to appreciate things in life.

    Too complicated a living usually comes with money, and with money you will no longer appreciate things anymore.

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    My DSLR Days

  27. Ooooooo could almost feel your negative aura ooze out from my lappie! :P lolz

    Cheer up, work smart and also work hard! ^_^

  28. annieQ: how did u know? oh from the comments here, i suppose... anyway, thanks...

    kelvin: that is why, played too hard, now i get sprained arm.. i miss the game la..

    cleffairy: yo, u know so much about sailormoon or what moon, i tak tau apa la.. actually dint plan on going japan but to some other place I prefer but mum is going and needs someone to accompany her, she walks very slow now.. so my sibling is sponsoring .. and i tot why not take a good rest.. and ...and.... :)

    amy: that was what i did.. makan panadol already.. did the work!

    spicymum: yeah, once awhile eat simple... cos i know how to cook simple only anyway... hahaha...

    gratitude: old habits die hard one.. cannot work smart but always hard.. ouch!

  29. Hope u're done with ur work n can go for long break tmw. U really need a proper rest. Hv a wonderful hol!

  30. you will enjoy japan.
    everyone there very polite. you will feel so happy.

  31. =.= now I've make a fool of myself. LOL..u dono wud is sailormoon is good. LOL... if not you'll be rolling on the floor laughing at me for wanting to see Sailormoon or even wear outfit like her. =.=... dun go google it, oh! :-P

    LOL... u dowan go Japan? Nvm la, this time, go Japan. Next time, go Korea... see Rain dance and sing! *grinZ* You know what is Rain rite? whahahaha....He's hot! Especially when he takes off his clothes and dance under the 'rain'! i bet your girl wanna see Rain oso!

    Hmm... u dono Sailormoon, nvm... u go Japan, tolong kirim salam to Doraemon, Shin Chan, Chibi Maruko...Pikachu... they all oso my friend. Whahahahah!

    ps: I am not drunk!

  32. *hugs*

    i'm a donkey too.
    i like to work both hard and smart.. altho it tends to tilt towards the hard.

    take it easy k? holiday is just around the corner. off for 10 days. yippee!!

    thanks for keeping me inform of Elvin. i just dropped him a mail.

  33. Could your zzzness caused by lack of meat (not much food to burn, make sense ah?) and lack of sleep? Eventhough you're rushing for year-end, do take it easy ok? Health comes first!

  34. Kon loe mee very high in carbs and pork oil. If I were you, I'd order half portion and ask for more vege and lean charsiu instead. :)

  35. "donkey work"... sigh, i totally agree with u, claire... i'm doing donkey work too =P


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