Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harvest Event Tonight

Cell group harvest event tonight in Jennifer's house. Great gathering for the young and old, each came with a present and each will go back with one. Lots of glorious food to eat, most of them done by my cell leader who can cook perfectly, from curry to cakes... really salute to her...

What did I cook? *shy* of course.... I......never cook anything, none at all.... *cham moe* ... all I did was to contribute something, pay something and bring my guests who comprised of my 2 kids, my mum and my girlfriend. LOL.. the theme is " just bring our stomachs to eat and voices to sing... "

(took lots of pictures but unfortunately all came out blur.. hp camera not good for night scenes)

the party started
by singing glory and praise to God...

then food... glorious food...

three different home made cakes..
one butter, chocolate moist and carrot cake
so yummy!!

stealing a moment with the tree...


  1. o.O gor grammatical error on the cake! LOL... but i tink, got error anot oso nvm, cuz all go down stomach wan!

  2. Ehhh, Claire... i think u tipu la... u where got 49? Cheh! Tipu punya! You look so young! No matter how to see oso you look 30+++!

  3. aminos: glory, glorious food..

    cleffairy: yes, i noticed it too .. hehe..but what the heck! we walloped them all...
    tipu u? *put yr ear nearer* i took many many pics and this one out of the many many only came out nice.. yo!!

  4. hey u look great near the X'mas tree...looking at the X'mas, myself yet to decorate my X'mas tree la...will only do it during the week i start on leave...

  5. mandy: mine also not up yet lar.. so lazy to do.. maybe this year, tak payah ..

  6. Claire, you NEED to go pinjam a camera for your big trip lah. Kenot lah rely on that hp cam for the trip.. will have many wonderful nite scenes there leh..

  7. *frowns* U sure anot? LOL...you really look young for your age wan, u kno. My mum is one year older than you oni, but she looks a heck lot older! Hmmm... you use Olay Total Effect ah? LOL!

  8. I love the last pic with the Xmas tree !! Very pretty !

  9. Looks and sounds like a fun time.

  10. Good friend, good food and good cake (*_*), nice.

  11. the cakes looked so delicious....:)

  12. black n white cake..MJ's cake

    A smile from SJ =)

  13. Never mind...sure your presence was sufficient.

    And THREE CAKES??? wow...

  14. Ya i agree with Merrily, go buy a big big phone got video recording for 24 hours one,you put on youtube, then you can enjoy your big trip In the Land of The Setting Sun,,,,,(japan economy no good ma)

    good tidings come in abundance to you sister,,

  15. wow, look fun and meaningful. Merry X mas..

  16. I am curious as to what a cell group is?? It certainly looks like a wonderful gathering of friends and family members. And wow, the table full of food looked very good as well as the three cakes. I think I would eat dessert first! I haven't put up my tree yet. Maybe this weekend.

  17. you pretty gal you!!
    love the cakes. love all cakes, lol.

  18. meryn: i hv a camcoder for video only, my sis has a camera so share share use..

    smallkucing: yummy or not?

    cleffairy: nippon or ICI, choose! hahha...

    joanna: crop, crop, edit edit.. :)

    patty: it was fun, yeah.. thank God..

    sjb: God is Good too!

    manglish: indeed they do taste delicious as well..

    sj: not SJ's kind of cake? :0

    ann: yes, 3 cakes.. different flavours.. too..

    eugene: i hv a camcoder, hope i know how to use, son yet to teach me la! sigh.. wei, u enjoy yrself with merryn and company..i read all about in japan, hopefully..

    hazel: too bad the pics didnt come out right.. my hp not too good..

    cheryl: a cell group is a care church group which consists of 15 church members more or less and we have a weekly meeting with each other to discuss bible teaching and fellowship with one another.. :)

  19. tuti: see me in real and it is so different.. u might pengsan! hahaha.. yes, the cakes are fabulous..

  20. hey an early Xmas greeting from me here to u. "Merry Xmas to u and ur family".

  21. Nice to read this post.
    Merry christmas.


  22. wah...so fast celebrate xmas already!

  23. Chrismas tree...

    I love Christmas tree though i am not Christian la.. haha..

  24. Amy: cell group celebrated earlier cos most of us are going for holiday...

    chrisau: yeah, cell group one..

    sourav: thanks.. greetings to u too..

    donna: christmas tree is beautiful hor? my fren's house.. not mine.. hahaa.. .

  25. wahhhhhh.... its start already.... Nice!!

  26. I love christmas trees! I will always end up taking pictures with it hahaha!

  27. Why you said "young and old"...and I see in your photos...all old ones, no young ones? Ummm...only you the young one! Hahahahahaha!

  28. Wah mum, great harvest event, hopefully the meaning of christmas is shared and reached out to..also, the wonderful food, glorious food tht u all cooked for his glory..hehe..i wish can taste some there..hehe

  29. cathJ: yeah.. started the christmas atmosphere...

    LV: me too, me too love it!

    STP: hahaa..is that a compliment? wah.. i song already...

    son: hehe.. wei wei and fernie enjoyed eating so much!!


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