Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Big, One Small To Japan

One small and one big suitcase... yes, I am eloping soon! Someone proposed to me..
I am flying off somewhere...
This is my breakaway... to a land where Manglish is staying now.. nope, he is not the proposer.. LOL.. hope he won't read this... (nanti kena belasah dari temannya)
Ok, will continue this later...


  1. i see dslr pouch..

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. Have a safe journey tomorrow Claire. Enjoy.. :D

  3. Hope you have a good trip! Make sure to have great fun and bring home lots of pictures to show us ^_^.

  4. Safe journey. Enjoy your trip,Claire! :)

  5. too bad lar u dont have time to come down to hiroshima.....hhahahah but enjoy ur stay anyway...

  6. we will all be missing you lah ,, sister....have a great holiday, please eat as much as you can, boogie as much as you can, asalkan just go crazy, lah.

    dont think of us her,but bila balik nanti, kenalah bagi sikit sikit sovenier(just a joke but serious one,hahahahahah)

    take a lot of nice nice photo for us to drool over, ok?


  7. You're taking off to Japan? far! Winter very cold boh!!! And everything's sooooooo expensive there! near, so cheap plus free food, free lodging. free airport tranfers, free don't want to come. So sombong...and kaya!!! Sulk! Sulk!

  8. happy holidays! take more pics for us to see. hehe....

  9. Flying! woohoo..enjoy the wonderful time there..3G me so i can see you all..hehe

  10. sj: no la..i dont hv that..

    smallkucing: yo!!

    merryn: thank u girl..

    LV: hope my camcoder is good!

    mama mia: thanks a lot!

    rachel: thanks to u too..

    manglish: hiroshima? u r there?

    eugene: i be keeping in touch.. hv lots of posts scheduled..hehe..

    STP: yo, dont say that la.. i feel paiseh already.. me the least sombong one.. hehehee.. if the room is still valid, i wanna go next year.. can?

    gab: aiyah, i should borrow yr small camera la.. cis.. forgot to ask from u.. .'

    son: ok, i try to 3G u.. hehee.. i try to call u as well.. ok?

  11. I just realize that Cikgu provide free lodging and stuff! LOL... does that mean if we go find him in Sibu, semua free except flight ticket? So syiok! Yerrr... too bad my boy still small ahhh...if not, I can syiok syiok go makan angin!

  12. cleff: i wait for yr boy to grow up .. then we go.. haha..

  13. Ok: my favorite purse is black, solid, medium size (close to big), has one external pocket and two inner partition and an inner pocket.


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