Friday, December 4, 2009

Furniture Theme Every Thursday

There is one show I never missed to watch every Thursday on TV8. It is about two interior decorators who compete against each other for the best home designs. There is a theme every week and both of them will scout around for the best furniture to suit the weekly theme. It is fun watching them scouting for furniture and decorating the two different family homes to their best. Perhaps we can learn more furniture articles from them as we follow this series.


  1. my sister like to watch cos she likes Bryan....i like to watch it to get ideas and also looking at the leng cai... :)

  2. hehee.. me too Mandy.. bryan is cute and mark lee is hilarious!

  3. What show was that huh? Is it the one hosted by the Singaporeans? :p

  4. Oh... That show.. I keep on watching it without missing a few episodes =P
    The furniture they choose is nice.
    P/S : Blog walking =P


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