Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kyoto And Us

Shabu shabu for dinner was great! So easy to do and not so much work as in our local steamboat. I posted the shabushabu dinner here.

my girl taking off her socks before walloping..
*i wonder why she wanted to take it off*

Next day we went to this Kiyomizu Temple..nothing much cos they were doing some renovations inside... as usual, we got down to relieve ourselves...

Kiyomizu Temple

Then we went to this Togenzaka, Sanenzaka & Ninen-saka.. (don't ask me which is which) tour guide mentioned Shogun... something like samurai heroes... and we ended up eating some samples of the food they displayed as we walked on and on...

this is the limelight

climbed some, walked some...

samples were abundant...
but ended up not buying.. they were so costly!!
one piece cost around RM10-18...

along the souvenir path to the temple..

very crowded... mostly local people

the dancing cat - 1500yen

with a japanese lady...

finally we reached the top...

ok... this is for you, frens...
3 in one..
green tea, vanilla and choc ice cream
cost 300yen = RM12 !!!


  1. So cold u still eat ice-cream? :D

  2. lovely ice-cream..

  3. You don't have shabu-shabu in Ipoh? We have a few here...but I've never been to any one of them. I went to one in Miri...but I did not like the fact that they have too much msg in the soup. That has kept me from trying the ones here...and I've been told that it's just as bad.

    Your ice cream reminds me of what I saw on Discovery travel and living - choc ice cream served in something that looked like a toilet bowl...and you can guess what the ice cream looked like! Oops!!! Talking about shit again! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Thanks for the Kyoto tour. Heard of fight fire with fire, very rare fight coldness with ice cream. haha.

  5. The food sample should be given free, oh?

    Aiyah, so cold, some more eat ice-cream ah!

  6. slavemom: yes, in fact taken 2 on the same day.. must try!

    wenn: but nothing beats baskin robbins..

    kelvin: super expensive la!

    stp: yes, i know what u meant, over in penang, they hv a shop that u sit on toilet bowls, and the bowls all shaped like them too.. yucky hor? kanasai? hehee...

    bananaz: i m fighting warm with cold cos i m warm enough to eat ma.. :p

    jessie: yes, cannot resist eating them... so many ppl eating too!

  7. Hi Reanaclaire, many thanks for visiting me over at Pen and Paper, it's always nice to meet other bloggers. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and learning a little more about a different culture. Best wishes to you and yours.

  8. I guess I've fallen in love with Japan, particularly Kyoto... Is the temple made of gold?

  9. hahahah a good way to give souvenir hor? just say this is for you! :P and u're the one eating the ice cream. lmao.

    that's wat i did for the ice in taipei too. kakakakka

  10. You bought the japanese doll there or not? I bought mine there.. as it was cheaper compared to other places.. I got four! haha.. eating ice cream in da cold lah shiok kan? :D

  11. Can still see some ppl wearing mask in your pix. Nice to visit Japan very clean place. TQ

  12. Dat limelight of your Kyoto visit... it is all gold plated kan? I remembered that clearly coz that time I was having 'golden' hair too and the tour guide laff at me saying my hair n that building sama!!! :D

  13. What a lovely tour you've taken me on today. Beautiful. And the ice cream looks yummy!

  14. What lovely pics...thank you for taking us along on your journey.

  15. Wahhh! Cikgu got shit fetish la! LOL... tok bout shit nia these days. LMAO....

    Aiyerr, Claire... so nice la those stuff, but so damn expensive leh...everything count in thousand yens... money all goes POOFED lerrr

  16. Hi Reanaclaire, wow, beautiful pictures. I have always loved Japan, but not their prices. Never forgotten the price I paid for an iced coffee one night.....I can't sleep without my caffein fix, ha ha. When got the bill, it sure woke me up!

    Its a beautiful country, very clean, and your pictures says it all.
    Love the temples, the small alleys....
    Hey, you look lovely in your YSL sunglasses, ha ha, like a Taiwanese fiim star. Love that hairstyle last picture, not to mention that Hollywood smile.

    You got great looking kids too, got their mom's good looks, *wink*.
    Sayonara Reanaclaire San. Lee.
    ps, wow, you popped into my place exactly 1 hour after I posted, my time 2.30AM. Was so sleepy too.

  17. Haha but I still prefer my own homemade ones...taste just as good :p Kidding la...of course the real japanese type is smoother and the green tea flavoured is much much better :))

  18. expensive leh AHAHAHAHAHAHAH...btw not cold meh eating the icecream in winter? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. P.S.
    I just noticed you have your email at the side... Do you get a lot of spam? Dunno how true this is but somebody told me not to put email addresses like that as the search engines can track it down and send all kinds of things to you - spam and all. Better to put e.g. xxxxx[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  20. petty winter: thanks for coming by too!

    mingna: i heard about it too, not too sure made of gold or not, but seems this place is famous for shogun.. it is more authentic here..

    medic007: hope i can visit taipei one day too, will hop over for more info from u..

    merryn: no la..i didnt buy anything from there except icecream, to me the dolls are truly exp too :)

    cheah: the people are very well mannered too!

    Merryn: i m not sure la.. i didnt pay attention to the tour guide.. so your hair was priceless then?? waaalauuu. :p

    cheryl: yes, ice cream in winter.. hahaha...

    lynette: thanks for coming by to join the journey.. ;lol...

    cleff: u r absolutely right! it took me few days to get used to spending thousands and not to think of our own currency.. sigh..

    U.Lee: all praises again.. hahaha. but I LOVE IT!! yes, the things are darn expensive, see, even an ice cream cost 12rm .. my gosh! but still wanna eat... :)

  21. elin: u must let me try your home made ice cream then only i know sedap tak.. hehehe.. *hinting*
    sure home made ones are better, eh!

    stp: yes, i heard about that, thanks for reminding la.. actually i wanted to amend but kept forgetting.. i better do it once i reach home today.. office here cannot log in blogger.. *blocked me* but so far, i didnt rec any spams in my inbox .. they didnt notice it yet, i suppose..

  22. ok Claire, I dah "jilat" the ice-cream dy...taste good! Arigatok...

  23. How much you spent in your trip?

    Would like to go to Kyoto, if financially OK...

  24. amy: hope u like it too! hahhaa..

    khengsiong: dont ask me how much i spent. hahaa.. but the trip package cost 5800/-rm...

  25. Dropping by from Merryn's blog! She is so lucky to have a wonderful friend like you! Happy holidays!

  26. What a lovely tour.. love the souvenirs and ice cream too..Mery Xmas..

  27. anney: thanks for coming by.. do keep in touch.. i will hop over to yours in a while..

    rose: 12rm.. sigh.. hahaha...

    C.Alv.B: yes, it was lovely.. esp the ice cream.. :p

  28. wow... I love the authentic shabu shabu in a cold weather there. Really hope to go Japan someday. It's so beautiful (the girls too!)

  29. irene: memaaannnngg!

    bro: come back to ipoh first la.. dont talk about ladies, yr ears will get pulled!! hahahhaa...

  30. nice scenery! When travelling, don't convert, otherwise will very "sakit hati". :P

  31. went to Kyoto? The scenery there is so beautiful. :) The weather is so cold and you were eating ice cream?

  32. annieq: yes..dont convert.. but i dont listen, that is the problem..

    takkaus: haik..haik... yes.. cannot resist the ice cream after the long walk uphill..hehee...

  33. Great view. wah lau cold and eat ice cream ah...syok oh...


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