Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where Art Thou, Sg Pinang?

Left for Penang this early morning at around 8.30am... yes, Andy's semester starts on Monday. Went straight to his college to settle some matters and hostel fees. After depositing all his stuff in his hostel room, we went ronda ronda cari makan. (drove around and looked for food)...Ended up eating in Ah Ling char koay teow... very special koay teow that was so darn costly! But still wanna eat.....LOL...

Now dinner time... wanna go to Sg. Pinang food court but till now, I cannot get the directions to go there..

Yes, I called response.. Called Amy, my blogger friend too, also in vain...

Hey, both of u are not avoiding me, are u???

Guess we have to find our own way... if cannot get to Sg. Pinang, we will go Kimberley Street again... well, never know .... last minute we might change our minds and end up in Ferringgi instead..... hehehe....


  1. Go food court across the road from Cititel Penang (Penang Road) - Red Garden - the oyster omelette is very nice, the ikan bakar also...the char hor fun...the fired rice with salted fish...the yong tau foo... Many nice things to eat there!

  2. Wah! Cikgu! So pro... like urself living in Penang!

    Claire... I think Eugene is still in New Year's mood... dono MIA at where!

  3. I read in a news paper here about malaysian food. The best and good foods can be found in a street restaurant.
    happy new year claire from all of us here.

  4. Sungai Pinang is located just next to Jelutong. There is a stall beside Honda showroom selling very nice curry noodles...

  5. STP: hello fren... that, i know.. :) i m staying very far from town but near to andy's college... eugene responded a bit too late, i hv finished my dinner..

    cleffairy: memang cikgu pro.. he used to stay there yearly..hahha...
    he called me back, eugene, i mean.. anyway, i was already having my dinner at another place i m more familiar to... wonder whether i had disturbed his romantic getaway or not :p

    wengss: thanks girl.. yes, penang everywhere is food, only depends on what we want to eat only..

    mingna: so u r familiar with pg? cannot find jelutong also..just now went round,.in the end, we ate in green lane.. hahaha. not so good!

  6. I think kan.. dat Eugene ate the pig's testicles or something during New Year's eve and now have yet to regain conciousness! lol..

  7. In the end, what you had then? I bet Penang foods are all ok one. Hehe.

  8. Hi Claire, you need GPS in your car.

  9. merryn: hahahhahahahaa..... u really ah... made me laughed... but u know what, I think it is true.. he sounded macam blur blur... hahahah.. .i think that is the most logical answer!!!

    cathJ: yes, kai kai cari makan.. :p

    superman: in the end, not good food in free school park.. most of the stalls were either closed or the food finished by the time we reached there.. not satisfying la..

    loo: i hv gps but i am stingy.. didnt want to use it la..hahaha...

    smallkucing: how come u and Loo same suggestion one?

  10. Good luck getting there no matter how you got or which direction you take. It's cold here never got over 18 above zero all day, even with the sun shining. It's just pretty darn cold.

  11. Walao... Merryn! you're more corrupted than me. LOL-ed so hard... haiyorr, Claire... Merryn can really crack ppl up wan leh!

  12. Just dropping by to say Happy 2010 Reana! Like ur new header for ur blog wif ur lovely kids' pics. Hav a great year!

  13. patty: no frets, dear.. over here, i m yearning for some cold weather.. it is so darn hot over here!! hahaha...

    ken: u still in UK?

    cleffairy: i agree with u.. never under estimate our sweet merryn, she has the most logical answers and making them very interesting as well.. corrupted:? no la.. she is not more corrupted than u or me.. hahaha... it is very normal to think that way,. the only difference is, she is quicker!! LOL..

    physiomum: i tot of changing it already..but never start to do it.. kept procrastinating..

  14. I no MIA lah,,, just went picnic by the beach with friends, canoing and all.

  15. eugene.. finally u submerged.. we were very concerned about u.. then merryn remember u ate the testicles and all.. so how was it? any pics?

  16. Hahaha :D So next time you have to rely on yourself to get around then. :) Get a GPS if possible.

  17. tekkaus: that was what my son said :)


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