Tuesday, January 12, 2010

X-Rated Ray

Getting old gracefully is one thing, worrying for our health is another. Yes, I am reaching the age of a 5 and 0 soon.... and there is a lot of difference compared to a 40 year old and a "fivety" old. How do I feel? Lack of breath.... not energetic as before...

Anyway, to cut the story short, I being "siyeh" (paranoid or what) I went to take an X-Rated Ray at the hospital. I waited for half an hour before the report came out... During that half hour, my imagination ran haywired. When my name was called, my heart beat even faster...

The first thing I did was to take out the report and read.... and it was a Phew...
But then..what is that dark patch doing there????

my doc said it was "wind"
true or not ah?
doc bloggers, what's your opinion?


  1. Claire...you went to take an xray? When? That looks frightening man. Wind? LOL that must have scared the hell out of you. Praise God it was wind. Take ginger and the wind will come out naturally but better takes it during the weekend LOL!

  2. Do you not have a doctor who will read the report and discuss it with you?

  3. finally you go and take x-ray..so nothing serious rite?

  4. elin: no wonder i always burp and burp??? how come got one black patch wind?

    cheryl: yes, the doc saw my report.. he asked me not to worry...

    chrisau: hope my doc is right..

  5. That's nothing, Claire. I got lungs problem, so I should know if an Xray is showing that you're having problems anot. Yours is nothing. Wait til you look at mine, you'll freak!

  6. Ask for a report, then take it to your family doctor and ask him/her to explain it to you. I'm sure the person that told you it's air, knows what he/she is talking about. But if you get short of breathe they need to find out why. Especially if you are not over weight and have no upper respiratory problem.

  7. cleffairy: show me..please! :) i promise i wont freak out....

    patty: there is a report coming along with that xray... doc told me i m stressed so that is why the shortness of breath at times..

  8. Gosh, this is actually the very first time I've heard of "wind" as the a cause in an x-ray result. Hope all is well! ^_^

  9. LOL... the xray is with my doctor for reference. But you know, xrays never scares me as much as those CTscans pictures. LOL... they show more horrible things!

  10. gratitude: or is it air? i forgot what term he used...

    cleffairy: yeah CTscans are more in detail... hope all is well with u too :)

  11. wind is air so appear dark in the x ray hahahaha....luckily u burp often or u will be farting very often soon hahahahaha...dont quote me no medical basis on this one hahahahah

  12. manglish: hey, good theory this one la.. so which outlet does u belong to? mine is the burping..

  13. Wind! Go for full body massage. My wind goes out the other end! LOL!!!

  14. You just reminded me of a song from Scorpion,,"Here i am, rock you like a Hurricane" yes indeed, you are one hell of hurrican in the blogger world, everybody loves Claire.

    dont worry about that wind lah,,,, just relax, and do what makes you happy, and if you have to do what cant make you happy, then learn to happily doing it, lah. ok. sister?

  15. stp: u really know my heart's desire..hahaha.. i love body massage, in fact made an appointment last week but due to the unforseen incident, it was cancelled..

    eugene: changes of wind by scorpions too.. hope the wind has changed and gone down for good! :)

  16. wow.. sexy lah you x-ray hehehehhehe... ya lah thats very obvious la.. but it happen to me before too.. my xray got something like that and doc said it wind too.. ~.@

  17. Hi There, Hopefully you will get the answers you want/need from your doctor. IF you aren't happy with the results, take the Xray and go to another doctor for a second opinion.

    IF you are having shortness of breath, there is something besides STRESS causing it. Keep checking it out.

  18. Take more kiong... hopefully it helps and the next round you x-rate yourself, no more scary black patch :)

    Take care!!

  19. cathJ: wow..how i love to see yr comment.. so u also ada la...good.. hahaha...

    betsy: maybe i go for this stress test.. run on the treadmill... kind of thing..

    agnes: x rated. yeah..hahhaa.. must cut down on the windy food.. i love yam a lot.. but mustnt take much nowadays...

  20. maybe you can bring the x-ray and seek for 2nd opinion. If the doctor said the same thing, at least you won't worried so much.

    Take care.

  21. ur chest looks fine lah. that black dot is prolly some wind in the bowels. dun worry. ;)

  22. Interesting "wind". Looks like a milk scoop. kekeke.

    Eat more ginger :D.

  23. annieq: there is a doctor here.. medic007..hehee.. i m waiting for him to come by here..
    psst...free consultation ma :p

    medic007: hey, thank u so much for coming by.. i m actually waiting for u.. (and one more :p) so this x rated thingy looks alright.. this is the 2nd doc opinion.. thanks alot!

    smallkucing: all u think of is milk milk.. hehehe..

  24. i think it's best to trust your doctor :D thank god it's only wind :D

  25. aiyo...what to do..the smallkucing always hungry for milk..

  26. barb...age la.. age has something to do with this..

    smallkucing: next time when he starts eating more solid food, then u will imagine that one is durian seed.. cos i love durian, huh.. hahaha..

  27. Huh? Wind? Then will appear as black patch in X-ray? What the heck? Perhaps you should get other doctors opinion.

  28. i need to do body check up too.. almost 5 years already din do.. =.="
    i scared my report shows "not healthy" things too.. T.T

  29. Hi Reanaclaire, go bring that X-ray to a specialist, and get a proper diagnosis.....ASAP.
    I have never heard of 'wind' being seen in an X-ray, ha ha.

    Go for a completely medical check-up.
    You should change your doctor....a doctor who doesn't sit down with you at least 15 minutes to go thru your report shouldn't be a doctor.

    My wife and I do a yearly medical, complete with x-rays. The doctor will then sit down with her or me and go thru a 2 page report, from urine, blood, ecg, x-ray, etc, etc....and his recomendations.

    Reana, go get a second opinion ASAP. Lee.

  30. You did not ask the doc is it Easterly Wind or The Wayward Wind? haha. Agree with Uncle Lee better get a second opinion.

  31. Never thought you can see wind spot in an x-ray.

    Drink more Eno ginger. Take care sister...

  32. I am no doctor so, I do not know if your x ray is ok and honestly, I have NEVER heard of WIND being visible or warranting an X RAY.

    Just like Uncle Lee, I really think you should ask for another opinion. WIND can be symptoms for many things. I used to think I have WIND too.Turned out to be gall stones in gall bladder.

    You owe it to yourself to ask for another opinion, right?


  33. cleffairy dun show me! I'll freak out! I've already freak out at Claire's 'alien' over here.. lol... wat's dat lah claire?

  34. @Merryn... u ahhhh! That one looks like alien meh?? Not Casper the friendly ghost ah?

  35. tekkaus: hey, dont frighten me.. not wind meh.. 2 docs said wind or air..

    donna: though u r still young, it is alright if u skip a year or 2.. :)

    u.Lee: i do my blood check up yearly and they were ok so far.. only recently went for this xray, i think i better do a stress test too..

    cheah: i think it is bloggerwind!

    jessie: thanks.. eno helps??

    shakira: now i m scared.. :) ok, will consult another...

    merryn: u dont hv to remind me, dear.. but since u asked, it was maggots all the way!!! satisfied? :p

    cleffairy: i think that might be some treasure i have swallowed when i was a baby..

  36. hahahhahaha. i'm no doc. still studying. but it's my pleasure lah. hehehehehe

    but i read a few comments here saying they've not heard of air in the bowels. it happens, though not common. i remembered seeing one in the hospital and we asked our doctor about it. he said it is possible because that patient had some perforations, somewhere in the abdomen, can't remember. another case was, bowel obstruction. maybe the bowels got obstructed, shit can't be passed out, so u get air fluid levels, which isn't what i see in your film. in bowel obstructions, u'll feel very bloated. but what i saw in urs, is just a small round dot, and it's black.

    look at the lungs field, it's also as dark. the higher the density of an object, the whiter it becomes, like the bone. tissues will be greyish. water will be somewhere darker than tissues' grey, but fat would of course be darker still. so since air has the least density, it appeared to be blackish. i hope that's a clearer picture for u and everyone else.

    it happens because, sometimes maybe u ate too fast, bubbles of air were being swallowed. air won't be absorbed, and it doesn't pass through the bowels that quickly. so it'll get trapped inside the bowel. but again, it's not like it's causing u any problem right? no pain whatsoever i believe?

    it's good to have a full body check up. blood analysis would definitely needs some explanation, but do bear in mind, blood tests are not absolute. it can vary even in a fever. and, those private labs outside who do all those tumor marker tests, and they scare you like, one of the tumor markers are high or something, don't worry, because again, those markers are not specific.

    hope that helps. :) hve a good week!

  37. medie007, u r terrific!!! wow.. i m so honored to have u here and explain all these in details. Now i have a clearer picture.. so meaning to say, if there is a mass in our body, it will not be dark dark in colour and instead will be whitish... so if there is a lump, it will be white, won't it? so generally, if there is an infection or lumps at the lungs area, it will be whitish, right? how about a lump at the sternum? does it show in my X ray?
    Thanks a lot, medie007.. when coming to ipoh?? :p

  38. I think the patch is ok as it is not in your lung's area. Very likely a little imaging error or like the docs says....'wind'....makan to much sambal belachan before the Xray?

  39. pete: i went with an empty stomach actually.. no sambal or fish balls.. yet.. :)

  40. @Claire - Maggots? Must be that maggots you dish out long time ago! hahahahahha...

    @Cleffairy - Casper where got look like that???? This looks like Popeye's pipe! I'm popeye the sailor man.. tut tut!

  41. merryn: cleff tak datang sini liow.. she is chasing after STP.. from KL to sibuu la..
    no la, u look more like sailormoon.. hahaha..

  42. haha. welcome welcome. putting my knowledge to use also, otherwise got karat dy. hahahahaha i'll try my best la. but i can't be 100% correct also, i'm still student mar.

    mass in the body will be like greyish lar, but definitely not like bone white. if it's a cystic mass, where it's like a water balloon, you'll still see greyish lesion. for a thing to appear white in x-ray, it means the x-ray cannot penetrate through the object, that's why it imprints onto the film as white. like bone, because the density is high. so if the mass is as white as the bone, meaning it could be calcified.

    infections in the lungs will cause some inflammation and healing will cause some fibrosis. so logically speaking, that area will definitely appear lighter/whitish. but it wont be so confined to an round area like a mass. it'll be like a tree or something. but then again, if you do look at yours properly, you might see there's a lot of branches as well. but that's not to worry because it's just the broncholes and terminal bronchioles, which are the normal structures of the lungs. only when the branches are more compared to normal, then it's abnormal. in certain lung pathologies, like tuberculosis, the presentations are different as well where there'll be mass seen, a greyish lump, or whitish lump. something like that. you got the idea already. :)

    lesion in the sternum is quite hard to tell, unless it's a very big one, to the extend that you'll see the sternum is wider than normal. but i've yet to see any x-rays that has any problem with sternum. hahaha.

    planning to visit ipoh since a while ago. lols. will defnitely make a trip sometime soon.

    like, this year. hahahaha.

  43. medie007... wow.. i am trying to absorb what u wrote..mass, branches, whitish.. density..gosh, i m so glad that im not studying all that.. hahaha...and i m so happy that u r one smart boy! taking up medical is no joke.. anyway i m sure u can do it easily.. proud of u.. i m sure your parents are feeling that too!!

  44. It's a big relief to know the X-ray is fine. To hv a complete peace of mind, better fast fast go do a full body check-up.

  45. Very enlightening... I learned something new here today :-)


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