Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Time To Bukit Kledang

For our brunch, (we always get up late in the morning) five of us went to Farlim near Bukit Kledang for our dim sum. It was my first time eating there, in fact I never know there is such a shop there selling dim sum for from early morning till midnite. Aaron knows better, he and his course mates used to go there either for early morning dim sum or midnight supper!

I like this shop, the food they served to us that morning was very fresh, whatever we ordered, they only did the steaming or frying there and then. So everything was either steaming hot or crispy fried....such as these...

fried char siew pau
crispy fried prawn spring rolls (har kuen)

freshly steamed chee cheong fun
(half portion left only)

steamed char siew pau and lor mai kai

some siew mai very freshly steamed too!

these food cost only RM36 plus drinks!
Very cheap and nice..
I wanna go there once again...
Who wants to come along this time? :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Riche Montana, Here We Come Again!

Last night we went for the Riche Montana korean barbecue, it was the second time for me but first time for Aaron and Gabriel. We made a reservation at 6.30pm and by the time we reached, the restaurant was almost full. Maybe festive season is still on, moreover it was a Friday but I think it was full because this restaurant is one and only one buffet korean in Ipoh...

With four youngsters and at their prime age, the RM30 per pax was quite worth it... but this time round, the cakes were not as nice my previous visit.

one night to remember...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Bowling Session Together

Sons are back! After breakfast or brunch (11am already) in Wah Nam, we adjourned to Jaya Jusco to cool our bodies temperature. Weather is still super HOT in Ipoh! Main intention going to Jusco is have a bowling session. Goodness, I have not bowl since I was single and that was so many decades ago.

When they started to bowl, I couldn't resist not having a hand on that game as well.  When they started to bowl, I couldn't resist not having a hand on that game as well.  Malumalu la.. as long as I don't drop the ball on my toes and create a scene... LOL....

Check this site if you also want to get some knowledge about bowling. 

Gabriel, the bowling expert..

Aaron in Action

guess who?

Andy, who else...

followed by the Girl...throwing action!

and lastly, this Woman's Action!
the potential national players?? LOL...
We had a good time...
Perhaps next week we go again??

Lead Not Into Temptation..

In the morning when the moon is at its rest, Aaron came home bringing three of his friends along. Together the eight of us went to have breakfast in Wah Nam coffeeshop, it was almost eleven, that was good cos most of the patrons had left by then. We joined two tables together and ordered quite a lot of food but I ended up taking only two because they were what I have taken.

Didn't I talk about eating healthily just two days ago? Cis... I didn't sustain it, I ended up eating these, the healthy and unhealthy (sinful) food, all at one shot.

the unhealthy but yummy!!

the healthier but not as yummier...
(Ok, I start eating my oats on Monday... clear!)

Happy Birthday To My Loved One

Happy Birthday To You...
Happy Birthday To You...
Happy Birthday To You, Aaron
Happy Birthday To You....

May God Bless You Always!

Picture "stolen" from Gabriel

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Mouse Bit Me!

My boil has "burst!" From a small cut initially to a yellowish molehill, it "erupted" yesterday and the yellow lava came out.... (disgusted?) After the yellowish fluid, reddish liquid followed... (doubly disgusted now)...LOL...

Yes, I know I am being "yucky" this evening but I am glad. The boil on my hand begins to heal today, not bad... the hospital cream is not bad la... the pharmacist gave me half bottle, very thick lotion, I have to put the bottle in hot water then only the lotion can come out of it. So...anyone who have boils, I can pass the medicine to you.. LOL...

Elin, my good friend, advised me not to hold the "mouse" for prolonged hours... the mouse has caused the BOIL...... Well, never know, she might be right!! LOL...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Motivation Course And Mango Chutney

AFter the first two hours separated from each other during the motivation course, Elin and I got back together. That was a relief for me! Then the Talk continued... somehow along the way, the lecturer's voice became more and more monotonous...causing both of us about to doze off, (as far as I know, I was!) To keep myself from falling asleep, we ended up talking about food..

Being a food blogger, she told me to eat healthily, starting with breakfast, I should stop taking noodles or fried sinful food. Instead I should start taking instant oats with wolfberries each morning and that's It!! AND for lunch, we should take some proper meal like chap farn (economy rice) and that's it too!

I just went to buy some instant oats...yes, I truly did.. I start tomorrow and see how long I can last (doing that, I mean) :)

Few months ago, Elin made this special breakfast for me, bread with mango chutney....(mango paste) Wow... they were so so nice!!

three slices of bread, enough or not?

just look at the generous fillings!
mango plus plus...

Eclipse Of The Sun?

This morning at 7.45am sharp, I went to pick up Elin to attend a day course at one place away we haven't been before. When I picked her up, the sky was very dark then, it was like 8pm in the evening instead of morning, I got a bit scared... why so dark one, I asked her. "Eclipse of the sun la" she jokingly told me...

Yes, for the first time since many days ago, the sky had turned so dark that it was kind of frightening. For a moment my mind wandered off.."Is this what's gonna be when it is the end of the world?"

Coming back to my morning's episode, we actually lost our way in the midst of the drizzle but managed to locate the place after some enquiries. Then the rain started to pour horrendously upon reaching. Thank God we did not get wet! When we reached the hall, we were separated from each other for the first two hours. And I realize that those TWO HOURS were the longest hours I have ever experienced! I was so D... Bored!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dicey Business Or Dirty Business?

A lot of you will laugh at me... OK, I m ready for your laughter anyway...
Yes, after all the food we ate and walloped, this was the consequence??
Call it coincidence la.... don't think it was due to overeating... LOL!!

The pictures speaks a thousand words, YES.. my toilets were sort of "flooded." Water couldn't seep out at all.... I didn't realize till I have showered and noticed that my toes were under "water-deep!" GOSH!!

And not only my toilet but the adjourning toilet as well... YO!!!! I SOS-ed Andy....ANDY!! ANDY!! COME QUICK!!! (Aaron escaped this "wrath,"- he has gone back to college already, what a good timing...)

Poor Andy, Good Andy, Kwai Andy... with all his strength, he used that "pumper" (or sucker?) to do the dirty job till he was sweating and sweating...

yucks..!! whose dirt was that???

Andy in ACTION!

and ACTION!!!

after an hour of agony...
the water were released!!
Andy, mama owed u a big angpow! :)

Blogging Pays My Debts In A Way

I know I have been writing a lot of paid posts recently, (anyone realizes that?) not that it matters actually, but it somehow turned this blog to a "messy" and "rojak" blog. But I just cannot help it, I need the cash in a way, this allowance is not a big amount, but to me, it is sort of a "bonus." It helps to pay off some unforeseen expenses that props up all of a sudden. Like for instance, my auto gate suddenly needs a thousand ringgit over to repair, so this extra bonus in a way, can help to enlighten my burden, to pay off a big portion of the expenses.

These paid posts will not last, Mr. G might "slash" me again for doing advertising posts. But meanwhile, I am making full use of my page ranking to do as many as I could before they stop coming again. I have no other source of income and I hope for as long as I can blog, the money will keep coming in. Not only that, once again, I have to thank all of you who stopped by to read and to comment on my blog. Without these, my blog will not be as what it is today.... Thank YOU!

What A Mess!

Just take a look at my dining table! Real messy, right? I was quite hesitant to put this up, but wth, since Chinese NY mood is still on, this picture will continue to be a reminder to us (me and kids la, not u), showing how unorganized my kitchen table is... Maybe it is time for me to get a bigger table, now big kids already, naturally food portions also increased....

What A Mess!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's Start Grilling...

We were invited to a barbecue dinner last week, yes, despite the hot hot weather, we still had the mood to burn and grill. But in the midst of it, I went to hospital to get some cream and antibiotics for my "boil" on my palm. Ok, that is another story (not important)... I was not around to see what how they barbecued but they enjoyed it very much, as they told me later, thanks to the photographer who took these pictures for me ... hot...
but no one was complaining...
"come on, bro, open your mouth... let me feed u."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Come, Let's Mix and Prosper!

My SIL prepared Loe Sang ("prosperity food") during the second day of Chinese New Year. Though she said the ingredients were very much less than the previous years, nevertheless we enjoyed "loe-ing" them with one another. It was the atmosphere that counts, right?

the homemade loe sang
without the crackers..

loe ah loe ah.. as high as possible?
chinese has a lot of beautiful myths.. lol..

Chinese New Year Dishes

Andy asked me whether next Sunday, that is the 15th day of Chinese New Year, will we have a closing meal like this one below.... he sure miss the home cooked food like this... I guess I have to learn up a few dishes from my SIL so that my kids will enjoy savoring them anytime they come back.. lol...

love this one best
especially eaten with fresh lettuce..

Open Day (Hoi Leen)

Went to my In-Law's place for the Hoi Leen (second day of CNY), thanks to my mum, I sort of "contributed" three dishes. The rest were cooked by my poon see SIL who is very capable of doing everything by herself all these years. I really salute to her, even the Loe Sang was not left out. Everything home-made, she prefers....
This year was not a big affair, my MIL said no angpows this year for the kids cos of the demise of FIL last month. So we just had a smaller scale of "makan" this year compared to previous years..

smaller scale this year...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Favorite Month

Time seems to rocket off ... one week ago, it was Chinese New Year eve, my kids and I were in high holiday mood, welcoming the long leave break. Today is Saturday, Aaron has gone back to college, Andy is going off tomorrow, in another day or so, everything is back to normal. Back to school and me, back to work... sienzzzz...

Not that I am grumbling, it is just that I miss the fun we had when we were together.. the joy and togetherness as a big family is rare, fellowship-ing with one another with my siblings is a once-a-year affair.

On the positive side, I just calculated that I just have to work for 16 days only!!!! How about that!

How nice if every month is like February hahahahaaa... *kan siew*

Yummy Yammy Cake

Elin is so lovable... she baked this yummylicious delicious liew-cious yam cake (woo tau koe)
and gave it to me last week. Really very "hau fook" ... it happened that I saw one yam cake in her blog and exclaimed that I love to eat anything that has something to do with yam... that very minute she said she would make me one when she had the time. True enough, on the 3rd day of CNY, she called to ask me to collect!! Happy or not, if u were me? LOL...

just look at the top fillingS!!!

can u see the yam embedded in between?
so yummy or not, u tell me... hahhaaa...

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Mistaken Identity"

Woke up early to go to work, remembered putting my handphone and purse into my handbag. But upon reaching office, I realized my purse was not in my handbag. Panick-ed... Searched my car, nope.. not there... called home to ask my kid to look for it everywhere, to the extent of searching it in the dog's kennel, porch, gate... road.... the answer was negative.

Gosh.. I couldn't work, my mind not at ease, I couldn't even have appetite for my breakfast, ate my noodles and somehow it was kind of tasteless...
My ID, credit cards, ATM cards, money, driving licence, darn... have to go police station.. so much to do.. so leceh!

After few phone calls back home to no avail, I started to pray.... prayed...God, please let my purse be found, wherever it is, I miss it... I will not take for granted anymore, I will zip my handbag from today onwards...
Two hours later, my handphone rang... Andy called.... "MUM, your purse is here la!! I thought that was mine but actually it was yours!" (both of us have black wallets, so it was sort of "mistaken identity.")

Ooooohhhh... I M SO RELIEVED!! PHEW... how I left my purse at home when I remember in actual fact, I really put it in my handbag, it really muddled me.. was I that absentminded? NO, I think it is an act of God answering my prayer...

Thank you God... Thank you... THANK YOU!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Snapped Each Other

This dinner was taken on the night before the eve of Chinese New Year. Sounds confusing huh.. It was a Wednesday and Gabriel followed Aaron back to Ipoh because he has to take a bus down to KLIA to catch a flight back to Miri the next day.

As usual, I didn't manage to cook and the four of us went to Weng Kee for dinner that evening. WE thought it was crowded but thank goodness it was not, though just two or three tables were occupied, the food came only half an hour later.... our stomach were already growling by then, it was nearly 8pm.... The food was walloped in no time...

first the beancurd

followed by crispy buttered fish

so crispy that even the bones were not spared ..

stirfried lettuce

steamed yam with chicken
and then... after all food were walloped,

"u snapped me, i snapped u... "

A Talent Disclosed...

I have an artistic niece, she is my brother's daughter... being artistic is a talent, a gifted talent inherited from either one of the parents. Definitely not on my side....none of my siblings and our kids can draw... I mean can really draw, not like the drawings I did for my girl and got an "E!" lol...

This picture was done during the Chinese New Year period, while we were "glued" to the television and my niece was sketching away.... Her Uncle

this is ART..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Is All Around...

Andy's belated birthday cake... LOL... finally he got to eat his special home made butter cake by Elin during the eve of Chinese New Year.... we sang a belated birthday song to him and he was beaming from left to right... as seen in this picture... :P

son, sorry for not buying u a birthday present
and thank u for saying that i do not need to give
for you understand how difficult times are these days..
hearing that from u, i feel so blessed...

one day, i will make it up to u..
we will get together more often..
many times we might get annoyed with each other,
we will forget that and make amends,
stick to each other thru' good and bad times..
this is what family is all about...

Special Tea Time On Mother's Day

Mother's day at home... My son wanted to take us mothers out for dinner, he called up his usual "edible food" restaurants ... ...