Monday, February 8, 2010

Save Money &Free Freebies For Malaysian Bloggers!

When my son was in Italy for three months training last year, we did not manage to talk much on the website. Though he bought a pair of webcams before he left, we didn’t use it because his hotel did not supply free wifi connection, instead it was 8 euro per day. Eventually we ended up keeping in touch through my house phone and my handphone. Imagine how much my bill was when it came, I have been paying hefty bills then. Anyway, he has come back and now I do not have to make expensive overseas call as for NOW.

Lately a blogger friend told me about this WiBox. Ever heard of this? According to their website, it helps us callers to save a lot especially when we call our love ones nationwide or even overseas. Stating here, for Malaysia, it is flat rate ofRM0.14/min, mobile call RM0.15/min nationwide flat rate and for overseas like China, US, Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong etc. the rate can be as low as RM0.08/min. Sounds interesting, right? We can definitely save up to 97% from our telephone calls.
More details can be found here at this website. Just three simple steps and you can own a Wibox and a free RM5 talk time value that comes with free delivery as well.

Bloggers, good news for you too! When you blog about WiBox, you will receive a free WiBox and free talk time value. All you have to do is to click here for more information blogging for a free WiBox.


  1. look good!
    but if at outstation.
    we need to carry the wibox as well?

  2. Free wibox? What is the wibox? Let me check now. ;p

    Ouh...but I don't have any family who is residing outstation. :)

  3. chvoon: i m not so sure.. u can check with hahaha.. she can furnish u with more details..

    tekkaus: yeah, check it out.. i think it saves our money if used in the long run and calling outstation all the time..

  4. very insightful post,...

    I have an award for you,
    please visit me to get it...

    sunshine award

  5. WiBox Marketing TeamFebruary 9, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    Thank you, ReanaClaire for your post on WiBox.

    To answer to CH Voon question, WiBox can be used in any state in Malaysia, just plug and play. It's a small and light gadget (size of a handphone) so it can be carried around easily. You can find more information by logging on to

    Hi Tekkaus,
    You can enjoy savings up to 97% from WiBox when calling not only to outstation, but to handphone and overseas as well.

    Thank you for your interest on WiBox. Please do not hesitate to visit our website ( contact us for more information.

    WiBox Marketing Team


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