Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Delightful Time In Delight

The chinese ladies in my office, all nine of us, we went for our own "sau koong chau" .. how to translate this to english? Ok, something like this.. for those working under chinese bosses, at this time before Chinese New Year, the boss will treat his staff to a sumptious meal. But for our case, we are our own bosses, we treated ourselves instead.... lol..

We had a wonderful time savoring the dishes and joking among us, especially with our special retiree buddy, May Tan who joined us for this occasion. She brought a bottle of red wine and everyone had a fair share of the drink except the poor sick me! Anyway, sick or not, we had a good time with one another....
At the Delight Restaurant

where we had a delightful time..

Lou Sang is a Must during this CNY season

to prosperity? to peace and good health is much better

steamed chicken.. very nice..

bean curd in sauce

special preparation of kailan
the leaves are crispyfried and the stalks steamed

steamed talapia with special sauce


a toast to good health!!

and now the desserts - mountain ice melon..

red bean soup with glutinious sweet ball..

and lastly, pancake (wo pian)
We plan to do this once again next week...
Yam Sing!!


  1. OMG! the foods look fabulous. I especially like the steam talapia with special sauce. The special sauce is red hot chili? I like cili as fired out my tongue and appetite! ;) Claire, thanks for following me and I have added you in my blog's stalking list :) Cheers!

  2. War...agree with Ben. Super awesome food. Haha :D You guys organize this dinner yourself?

  3. Yum sing!! Nice 'sau koong jao' you gals have there ;)

  4. Ben, the sauce looks chillie-fied but actually it was not so spicy.. this is their signature dish..

    tekkaus: it was lunch actually, we just went there to order there and then... it cost rm180 for those food!

  5. Looks like an awesome time was had by all.

    Thank you so much for your continued prayer and kind comments.


  6. agnes: yes, once a year affair, hope to have this type of makan more often..

    lynette: yes and u take care too!

  7. OMG! Steamed chicken!!!! and the pancake!!!

    i want i want i want! :P

  8. Wah... so best... i want to join la....hehehehe

  9. wow...i haven't lou sang this year. Usually, I lou sang very early since I moved to JB.

  10. Sedapnyathe food. Now i feel like eating yee sang pulak....sob sob...

    eh! I have cooked that kai lan before:)

  11. ya, got to lou sang again soon!

  12. Wow didn't know u are ur own boss!

    the dishes all looked SUMPTUOUS :)

    cant wait to have my first yee sang, lou lou lou!

  13. How wonderful, looks like you had very delicious food, very pretty table setting and most important of all, good friends. Once a year we have what they call Secretaries Day, and our Boss would take us to lunch, there were four secretaries and the boss. We would always pick a Chinese Restaurant, but I understand Chinese food in America is quite different from the real Chinese foods.Myself, I like Kung Pao Chicken with steamed rice, and Hot Sour Soup. We also got our choice of either an egg roll, sweet potato tempura, chicken wing or a crab rangoon. I also love the things called pot stickers.

  14. wow,
    the post is a feast,

  15. medie007: i also wan cos the other day i couldnt eat much of that, i dint even touch the pancake.. :(

    cathJ: next time i call u.. :p

    chrisau: lets wait for reunion dinner, see u there!

    smallkucing: yee sang or loe sang? but ours no fish one..

    wenn: loe hei loe hei...hahaha..

    kristie: no la.. not own boss, only that we paid our own lunch, no boss to pay for us! :0

    patty: u seem to know a lot about chinese food, yes, potty food is nice, maybe bec of the claypot thingy that boils the food.. so nice of your boss to treat u all to a meal!

    jingle: hope u have a nice time too!

  16. That's good food! Btw where's Delight Restaurant?

  17. yum! yum! Food looks nice. You called that lou sang...I thought people call it yee sang. Not popular in Sibu... Mostly Foochows...and we stick to our mee sua for long life and prosperity...

  18. The old chinese, when three ladies, it was be boisterous, or more when nine gathered, it must have been pandemonium,,, hahahah

    you have a great week ahead sister

  19. Sau Kong Chiu.....Arak Simpan Kerja....wah, ladies gathering!

  20. wow, yummy yummy, i like eating Yee Sang

  21. Yum yum! Hope u're completely recovered by now. If u din get to eat a lot that day, nvm u're going for a 2nd round. Then can enjoy to the max. :)

  22. manglish: i was sick that day.. so enjoyed half of the food only.. :(

    cheah: Delight restaurant is along the Ipoh City Hotel...near Horley street...

    stp: meesua comes from foochow, right? next time if got chance, u must try the ipoh loe sang..

    eugene: as loud as those in karaoke? hehehe.. more or less...

    kuai: gulp? hahaha.. u must try ipoh food..

    Pete: yeah sau kong with ladies.. so cham. no men one.. men prefer drinking parties.. hahaha..

    sjb: memang sedap...

    slavemom: yes, that was what i intend to do.. 2nd round.. maybe after the cny.. wait for full recovery..

  23. How come I din know there is another one coming? * rolling my eyes now
    please enlighten me when is the next one I in the picture?

    The food was nice..I love the fish and the ' wo paeng ' dessert...yum yum and the red wine of course :p

  24. what another one??? no la..we r not in the pic.. hahaha. not to worry.. next time when my face is not so puffy, then we take more pics.. the other day i macam.. bloated.. yucks.. oh, i dint take the wo pian la.. i must eat that next time!

  25. So nice that you were feeling better and able to get out with your office friends. Sounds to me as if it was a great time.

  26. cheryl: yes, we have a delightful time at the Delight Restaurant.. will plan for another one of this soon! :)

  27. i hv yet to start "lo sang" this year :( looking at all the food photos makes me hungry now

  28. Yum yum yum yum seng!!!

    Yummy lou sang dinner. :) This year i had two lou sang already. :)

  29. Wah so early lou sang. Cant wait to go back.


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