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The Greatest Love Of All...

Mum's right eye bled again, it happened three weeks ago, that was why she went to KL for a checkup, to find out what's gonna happen next. Doc told her to wait for another month, meanwhile, just eye drops, and my Mum is hanging on with one eye covered with blood clots and the left eye, a blurry vision.

A friend asked me who is taking care of my Mum at this time. Her question amused me and yet at the same time, it saddened me. Who is taking care of my Mum? No one... NO ONE in fact.. She takes care NOT only herself but of her children as well...

My brother is undergoing chemo and feeling unwell, my Mum cooks for him, with one blurry eye.
My youngest sister is blinded in one eye, blurry in another and my Mum, my greatest MUM, with one blurry eye, takes care of her kids and cooks for them....

Sad? Amused? Who takes care of my Mum? This question is haunting me....


  1. auww.. this is so touched.. feeling bad... :( nothing can replace mum's love.

  2. sigh, mom is still the best no matter what

  3. caroline: nothing... really...

    irene: the bestest of them all..

  4. Mothers are the greatest creation of God...

  5. Mum is always think of others first and taking care of others first but herself the last. You had a great mum. Hope her eye get well soon.

  6. OMG!!! This questions hit me too.. eventho my dad is still around.. but my dad still working and always outstation... my mom got diabetes and I am sooo worry he just simply eat...


    I feel so sorry for your mom too.. may be pressure.. that's y eyes bleed.. T_T

    hope she will recover soon..

  7. Let not the question haunt you. Instead, make it that it's your duty to do so. Look around you and you will realize why your mom needed to care for those who are around her, because these people need her for support. All you need is to lighten the weight on her shoulders by loving her and be understanding towards her actions. By doing so, you are actually helping those that she's helping now.

    My mom don't have an understanding heart towards me but she's perfect with my sister. That's okay with me.All I know is that , I will take care of her and be filial to her and always look out for her..that's what my Lord wants me to do. At this age, is no longer fighting or manipulating over how much love we get from our parents, but rather how are we going to make life easier for them for their old age.

    I believe how you want to be treated when you are old, it's how you are treating the old at this moment.Likewise for siblings, the children will follow suit among their sisters and brothers. Take care and God bless. Enjoy reading your blog but I'm not a blogger. Just giving a comment but not always so, cause' I'm timid. :)

  8. it really fells guilty to not be able to attend to a mother in times of her sickness but im sure she understands ur plight. just show some gestures that u care and love her to assuage what she feels right now

  9. me deepest warmth goes to you reanaclaire. I hope she's going to get well. and i hope all your siblings would get well too.

    although i know it's kinda grim.

    my wishes goes to you and your family...


  10. How abt get a maid to help her out? It's better to let her rest.

  11. mingna: ladies, women,mothers .. all are special, yes, i agree...

    ah ngao: good idea but most of them have families..

    superman: yes, i guess most mothers do that, regardless how they r...

    cathj: yes, diabetic, one need to be very careful..

    anonymous: thank u for the advice, yes, what u said is true. I feel kind of sad cos i didnt do enough for her. We have tried persuading her to let go, she just couldnt, maybe she feels uneasy doing nothing than what she is doing now. I only try to help her by taking her out at times, not all the time.. but i guess what she loves most is the family bonding. She doesnt mind doing more as long as her children are well bonded with one another.. As for u, i m sure your mum loves u too...
    Hope u start your own blog soon :)

    imelda: i really admire her love for us.. despite what she is suffering from...

  12. medie007: thank you, but no matter how i persuade her not to do so much, she still persists.. i cannot blame her, she is not used to sitting idly...

    chrisau: sigh..difficult too.. she has a part time maid to do the cleaning up house.. but she simply wants to cook for the whole family..

  13. Claire, hugs.. Your mom, your sis and bro and you.. you guys are all one close knit family.. you guys look after each other.. stay strong and hope your mom's eyes will get better and your bro will respond better with his chemo treatment..

    and also, YOU have to take care of yourself too.. hugs..

  14. You have a truly wonderful and giving mom indeed. I'm sure she's motivated to go on bcoz of her responsibilities towards her children. No child is too old nor too grown up in a mother's eyes.

    Perhaps what we children could do is to show her that her efforts are not in vain; by showering her with love whenever possible. That's enough to brighten her life. But I'm sure you are doing that already! ^_^


  15. Your mom sounds so wonderful, looking out for others all the time. She reminds me of my own mother. My mom never complains, has survived two battles with cancer and is always so positive and strong for her children. We are very lucky daughters indeed!

  16. It's been over two years plus now - I have to babysit my bedridden mum in the mornings, weekdays... That's why when I can get away - it's a rush and have to come back quickly to "resume duty"...but I guess that's the least I can do in return for all that she has done for us all our lives...

  17. well i think it's ok to let her cook since u got part time maid to clean up the house oredi, trust me i think it is her way of destressing

  18. Get a maid for her so she doesnt have to do everything. That should help her out a bit.

  19. You may wish to bring her to see Dr Chuah of Optimax Eye Specialist at TTDI (near Ikea). He will be able to advise you immediately and will not ask you to wait n see. Consultation on appointment only and the clinic is open on Saturday.

  20. merryn thank u for your sweet tots and hugs. I hope they will be better soon. ↲↲ stp.: u r doing your best, i believe that if we put ourselves in our mum,s shoes, we will understand what they want or need.↲ ↲

  21. manglish, her passion is cooking no doubt but to cool with one blur eye, i feel very sad thinking about it. Hope her clots will go off soon.

  22. hey claire, sorry to hear about your mom's condition. perhaps your mom can cater food so she need not cook for herself and your siblings? i know it's hard for you because you have to work and has to look after you own children too.

  23. Your mom is so strong and she really has a tough life...all the best to your mom and family! Wish she get well soon, God Bless her!

  24. Now that we are someone's papa and mama, you can feel right?

    I pray that the good Lord will continue to care for your mom and giving her peace and serenity and good health untill the day He wants her back with HIM..

    take care now and God bless you too, Fennie, Aaron and Anday as well

  25. kiasumom: there is a part time maid doing household chores, but it is not enough.

    barb: i have suggested many times to her, just cater.. but she refused, she said not nice.. i cannot say anymore. my bro needs special food too, cant blame her..

    alice: yes, she has a tough hard life, i really salute her, from young till now, she has to do housework..i guess it never stops, right? till we close our eyes...

    eugene: yes, now we r parents, we hope that we can have better life but if our kids do not, we worry for them till we beh tahan... so i guess she is also worrying about my siblings as well..

  26. Mum is always the greatest of all! Spend more time with your mum during weekends will makes her feeling great. I missed the time I spent with my late mum, though no such chance anymore!

  27. mom posseses the greatest strenght.She can take care of others while she herself is ill.

    Is your mom's place far from yours? If not then you should visit her during the weekend... :)

  28. cindy: yes, do enjoy their company while they are around... i cannot imagine my mum not being here..

    mamamia: yes, they do.. they r very tough, our mums! yes, i do go over each day to look see look see.. :)she stays near...

  29. (((Hug))) Hope you're doing fine and hope your mum's eyes recover soon.

    Mom is the toughest and greatest in the world, despite they are unwell, but they still care and worry about us. Now we are also mummy, i think we will do the same too, don't you think so?

  30. Claire, stay strong and hope everything goes well for your mum and bro! Take care ya! *hugs*

  31. annie: yes, i think we are more "kan cheong" type.. I know i m..

    agnes: i hope she stays strong.. she has so much on her sleeve.. thanks !!

  32. Indeed mum is the greatest in this whole wide world. :(

  33. tekkaus, we r blessed with such good wonderful mums, arent we?

  34. visit her when you can.
    know you are super busy too.
    mothers with kids will always be busy.
    my heart goes out to your family.
    we all have our heartaches..

  35. Ur mom is one tough lady. Hope her eyes will get better soon. Sometimes it's good that she has something to do, to keep her focus. As long as she doesn't feel overtired.

  36. tuti: yes, we have our families and esp during the evenings, we like to rest at home instead.. :(

    slavemom: yes, she is.. a all rounder home minister.. really gives her credit ...

  37. Claire, just order home catering and ask them to send in lunch & dinner. Then your mom only need to cook rice! She needs lots of rest.
    Take care and be strong!
    Best regards,

  38. My mom is in her eighties having almost the same eyesight problem but still actively cooking in the kitchen all the time!

  39. kristie: tried that.. in one or two days, she is back in the kitchen..

    pete: wow..kudos to your mum too! i guess they will cook no matter what, right?

  40. hey claire!
    hope your mom gets better! Believe in god =) take cares !



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