Sunday, May 16, 2010

Li Yong Bo's Face In Thomas Cup 2010

Watched the Uber cup yesterday till 5pm, then left for church for worship practice. The 2nd singles was playing the 3rd set when I left. I thought China would snatched up the last three matches...but to my shock and surprise Korea Won! Gosh... the YONG BO coach ... did u all see his face??? Put a flaming charcoal next to him and they would have something in common... lol... his face was all fiery ...

I wouldn't want to be in the place of the ladies double players then, TV showed the chinese players standing in front of him, like meeting up with the discipline "headmaster", hands behind their backs.... alamak!!!

His looks is really fierce... maybe he was too outspoken before the Uber finals.. he said something like, his players are unbeatable and unstoppable... correct me if I am wrong... I just hearsay. :p

Lets see in less than 2 hours, will the Great Wall collapse to the Indonesians? Hard to say after yesterday's unpredictable results....


  1. From your description about the coach.. I already can imagine how.. uhhhh... ^_^

  2. heheehe i hope indonesia win hahaha

  3. Hahaha :D Well...that's what happened when you are the world champion. Your boss expect nothing less from you.

  4. cathJ: just look at his face.. hhahaha..

    chvoon: that is what malaysians wanted.. hahahaha... we r sour grapes..

    tekkaus: very pressurized man!

  5. yup!~
    i saw tat...
    his face reali like OMG~~

    laugh til me so hard!! xD!

  6. I watched the game...supported Korea though...haha!! didn't like the way the Chinese win...arrogance...haha!! but then again, I think they will beat Indonesia..

  7. Nope! Indon no chance - China wins the CUP!!! Bye2...Cup! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. jasmine: well, today he can laugh again...

    kianhin: yes, supported korea and indonesia.. hahaha....

    stp: they brought it here.. and they take it back again..


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