Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010 Finale Pictures

Finale... Great Wall of China versus our neighbour, Indonesia.... Guess who I was cheering for? Yes... I was cheering for our neighbouring country, for the very first time, I was like.. "Go, Go!! Taufik.... Yes! YESS! Makiskido... Clap, clap, Simon!!" (I bet many of us were cheering Indon, too, yeah??) Like sour grapes we are... LOL...

Anyway, China did not take back two CUPS as they have expected to... I think they were quite disappointed in a way too... well, to be fair, let's give another country a chance... but then, it is always the best who win...

These few days I have been posting a lot of rubbish and Thomas Cup posts here, let me end with some pictures I took from the I mean from my TV......
It is all because of THIS CUP that we were cheering for?
anyway, THOMAS CUP looks grand, eh..

Lin Dan and Chen Jin..
grappling with the CUP

Bao Chun Lai "i didnt play so cannot touch"

while Fu/Cai looked on thinking
how childish their compatriots are...

Lee Chong Wei...what was he thinking then??
The Cup could be his... could be... yeah...

Koo Kien Keat "if only i were more serious in my game.. "

Tan Boon Heong "when can I touch the Cup?"

never mind.. got another chance in 2012, right?

Wong Choon Hann..."Let them fight.... "
His glamorous days are over...
He can retire for good...

But I wonder when SuperDan will retire...
No one can outclass this fella..
He can play, he can strip, he can dance!!!


  1. Firstly, a BIG congrats to China for winning the Thomas Cup! Hooray!!!

  2. How come you are cheering for Indonesia? They are the underdogs? Haha, well I was cheering for China, yeah!!

  3. Funny Lin Dan didn't strip andf dance after his victory! LOL!

  4. LOL! and yes...agreed that Lin Dan can strip and dance too! haha

  5. Anyway, the Indons put up a good fight especially Simon though he was too tired in the 3rd set. Too bad lo cos Chen Jin is much younger : )

  6. Lin Dan is a class above the rest - I doubt he'll retire soon haha!

    Hope Malaysia can do better in the next Thomas Cup although I have my doubts : )

  7. foongpc: wow.. so many comments.. thank u.. yes, cheering for Indon though i know it is hard to break the wall.. the indon doubles nearly won, if they did, china would shake a bit.. yes, simon was too tired at the 3rd game.. he played very well today...

    mnhl: he did it to LCW, he has nothing against Taufik :)

  8. TOo bad my country player lost the trophy..

  9. lol! sorry am not cheering for indon. :p lol no u didnt post rubbish bout it lar, guess what happened to me today? I updated each point score in twitter till my twitter updates reached limit and couldnt tweet! ask foongpc how cham is dat! lol!

    i heard lin dan is retiring soon ler.
    well we can see there are so many new faces in china players diz time.

    gosh! chen jin same age as me!! :p

  10. mery: yeah.. hope in 2 years time, they do better?

    caroline: oh i dont use tweet much.. no time also.. blogging takes a lot of time from me.. :) yes, i didnt know chen jin only 24?? so young ..but he looks so much older than his age ..

  11. dont know when malaysia can get back thomas and Uber cup? another 10 years, 20 years, 30 years or until i die - it still cannot take back????

    or maybe next time our country not qualify for this games hahahaa

  12. will be a long long long long time b4 we touch Thomas again hahahah

  13. love the pictures and the captions!!!

  14. Nice cup! The last time Malaysia won, I saw it on display at the Central Market in KL. Gosh...that was so very long ago when I was a lot younger and energetic!

  15. woi i never online for 2 days and u have 21 posts??? keng

  16. chvoon: wah.. so pessimistic ah? hey, maybe the next generation will emerge as champions.. parents should send their kids for training now.. malaysia pays good incentives!

    tekkaus: as expected :p

    manglish: i also dont know what is wrong.. players or coaches or the committee itself?

    jack69: thank you.. just jesting around...

    stp: wah... at least u had a chance to see it, i only watched it being taken away each time.. lol..

  17. May be Malaysia can win Thomas Cup if Lin Dan, Chen Jin & Boa Chun Lai are not born to this world...haha

  18. geram lah see when lin dan did the dance...anyway, he is a good player and lcw got hard time to bear him

  19. well, our turn will come around one day!

  20. isley: only lin dan is the super one.. the other 2, our LCW can beat them..

    via: he purposely one.. doesnt like lcw, i guess..

    wenn: maybe our grandkids time.. :p

  21. btw, i hvn't tried organic oatmilk. try it and tell me how it is..thx!

  22. Now, let us take a guess, in what year can Malaysia reclaim the CUP... 2012..2014...2016....2018..2020.... my guess is 2020 and beyond,, hahahaah.

  23. hahahah...very funny captions. so i guess you won't be posting about Thomas cup anymore? heheheheheh

  24. I have already expected this would happened! Chong Wei can not beat Lin Dan! Lin Dan really rocks!
    Cheers, Kristy

  25. i know....esp when he loss the msia open....he dun like msia line judge that time....

    yeah, the house very nice like resort nia

  26. So this marks the end of your badminton hibernation :) The captions that you added are all so funny... and so true haha!

  27. i was hoping Taufik can win, but....kesian - semua peng ..!

  28. wenn: tomorrow i try and let u know...

    eugene:our kids' kids time la.. hahaha...

    barb: last, as i said.. unless in 2 years later time..

    kristy: i dont really fancy LD but i do admire his stroke..

    via: yes, he is like jinx about malaysia...

    chloe: haaha... just imagine and then wrote them there.. as a jest

    ngao: china is very very strong..

  29. Since you were so much involved in the cup..i think you ought to have gone to watch the match at least once.Strange to hear that China did not perform as was expected.Anyways,congratulations to Indonesia.They really did a fantastic job.

  30. You're so good... capture the pictures for us to see :-).

  31. Yay! I finally found a mommy blogger who enjoys badminton like I do. I practically did not cook on Friday night because I wanted to watch and brought KFC home instead.

    I must say though I admire Lin Dan for his almost perfect badminton skills, I hated his arrogance. Bleargh.

  32. webgraphic: i think u got it wrong.. China won and Indonesia lost.. :p

    peiyi: from my tv one.. didnt go watch live..

    immomsdaughter: great, i have found a fan too then.. yes, LD is so good.. no one can beat him as yet.. i guess he will be the best in the world.. he doesnt like malaysia hosting.. hahha..


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