Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Mystery Of The Missing Book-Solved!

Remember the mystery of the missing Book in my girl’s school? The one she has to pay for it because it was issued under her name? The one that she didn’t even borrow at all but been asked to pay for it? The day I went to approach the teacher and my girl was “angry” about it?

Well, the mystery has been solved. Nope, I didn’t pay nor bought it...

Guess where it had gone to….

Well, it seems the Missing Book was borrowed by another Teacher! It seems that few days ago, she returned it to the library... haizzz.... my girl was so relieved. But the one who should be more relieved is ME! At least now I do not have to fork out the money to pay for it....

So....The mystery is solved…Case Closed!


  1. lol! eh not quite long dy one meh?? i tot paid dy aye.. walao d system dint check one de ar? if our school last time, every teacher will have their own id one n have to punch dat id card as well i order to borrow the book. :)

    well lucky its solved now! =D

  2. So it was the teacher's fault lar. :p

  3. good! case close. no more worries~~

  4. Thank God. So, how come the teacher didn't register her name when she borrowed the book?

  5. Hi Reana, you like seafood, and having a date in Singapore Raffles Hotel, a formal dinner?
    Drop by my place....Lee.

  6. come the teacher so irresponsible lidat? Luckily she return it soon enough leh...

  7. That teacher must have just taken the book without going through the proper procedure - and according to the record on the computer, your daughter was the last one to borrow... Well, considering the kind of teachers there are in the schools these days, I'm not surprised!!!

  8. Pengsannnnnnn kesian your daughter

  9. caroline: maybe the teacher borrowed without punching.. hahahaa...

    tekkaus: i do really think so...

    isley: yes.. case closed..court dismissed!

    barb: that, also i want to know.. :p

    u.lee: thanks, i will accept that date!!

    agnes: otherwise we claim back from the teacher..

    stp: according to my girl, she didnt even borrow the book leh.. dont know why her name was keyed in...

    kathy: kesian me too.. my girl was angry when i went to see cikgu..

  10. How could the teacher borrow it without register a thing! Means that the teacher can do whatever they like! So frustrating huh!
    Regards, Kristy
    p/s I think I need a cup of rose tea as well.

  11. not all teachers are so absent-minded kua...

  12. At least your girl is cleared of all accusation and charges! hahaha! yes, relieved.

  13. haha no need for Inspector Holmes haha
    so it's the teacher!

    haver a great day renaclaire

  14. must *piak piak* the teacher. Phew! Happy to hear that, finally the mystery is solved.


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