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Am I Versatile?

There are 15 of us bloggers who received this Versatile award from Tekkaus. I wonder how many of us will put this up. Tekkaus, it has been a long while since I last received one and even when I do, I admit that I always forget to put them up...but you are special, I do it straightaway cos of your two words.... "IF NOT dot. dot. dot dot.. "
Versatile Blogger,Award
So I must do it, if not.... *shudders*

ok, Tekkaus, I just want to borrow your 7 points... pinjam pinjam...

7 Random Things About Reanaclaire

1~I am very short. My height is only 1.5 meter.. (shorter than u, Tekkaus)
2~My favourite beverage NIL.. (force to drink oatmilk nowadays...)
3~I am happily married. (till death do us apart)
4~I love to play badminton and pingpong.. (but that doesn't mean I am good in either)
5~I don't like to draw. (Yucks!! I am Art-less!)
6~I love to eat all sorts of asian food... BEST!
7~Bahasa Malaysia is my poorest verbally spoken language next to Mandarin! (me-malu-ing)

phew... *wipe sweat*
As for the next rule, 15 bloggers I have to choose...
Ok hands up for those who want this.. take it or leave it.. LOL...
Kathy?? Cynthia??? Cleffairy???? Mommyling????? Agnessss??? helloooooooo....


  1. *horrified* I cabut lari 1st ah..

  2. Wokay... tomorrow I kasi u this... LOL... will do this tag! LOL...

  3. No, thank you! I don't do tags! *runs and hides!!! LOL!!

  4. You are only 1.5m? Ouh...ok lar. You are a lady mah. :p

  5. You don't have any favourite drinks? :( But is forced to drink oatmilk? Why? For health purposes. Oat? Yucks! Bluek....

  6. Another headache moment for you...

  7. You are happily married. Good for you. :) that's why you like to watch badminton lar. love pingpong too?

  8. Haha :D Why don't you try to draw something and show it to us?

  9. Yupe! You like to eat all sorts of asian food...but durian gotta be one of your fav right?

  10. Haha :D So what is your best language? English? :p

  11. Hahaha :D So these 5 bloggers are your victims?

    Anyway thanks for doing the tag yeah.

  12. I like this post because I am a new follower, so I can learn a bit more about you. I can not draw, either! At all! How many languages do you speak? I really admire people who are multi-lingual, learning another language is HARD!!

  13. Oh, yes, when I asked about your other daughters....I knew you have three teenagers, I see now one daughter and two sons! Don't know why I had thought three daughters!

  14. Clair: Neat list, certainly gives an insight into who you are.

  15. eeeh? i just started writing last year,...what type of award i'm qualify? Oscar Award may be ?

  16. kathy: I CAN SEE U!!!

    Cleff: good girl.. give u one ice cream stick..

    stp: don't run so fast.. i cannot catch up with u la..

    mingna: easy only.. just answer 7 questions.. hahahaa.. otherwise..

    tekkaus: i m scared of your "If Not" ma... so quickly do do ..

    gaiiny: i speak a bit of this and that.. but english is my main language.. yes, i have 3 kids.. hahaha.. but not all 3 are girls but later in life i migh have 3 girls!!

    fishingguy: just briefly.. :)

  17. Congrats.....oppps, like all of the geng....cabut lari...ha ha ha!

  18. I am picking up spoken Mandarin fast :) and I love Asian food best too n I am only 1.7m :)

  19. ah ngao: baby award, can? hehehe...

    pete: u too going jogathon??? :p

    bengbeng: wah..u tall la.. 20 cm taller than me..

  20. congrats! I got to do it too..

  21. Claire:

    Compared to Ipoh, the food in Taiping is less impressive. However, there are a few shops selling reasonably good Hokkien food (my personal opinion).

    For breakfast:
    Lian Thong Kopitiam at Jalan Kota

    For lunch:
    Larut Matang Food Court at Jalan Panggung Wayang
    Must try the Teochew Fried Kuetiau from Stall No. 78

    For Dinner:
    Mr BBQ at Jalan Maharajalela (the road heading towards Lake Garden)

  22. haha no wonder i see a trail of smoke left behind by your running readers! :P

  23. wenn: so u pun kena..

    mingna: thanks for the wonderful information!!

    Tuti: did u see the slippers they left behind too?? :p

  24. ***sweat....will take de tag but give me some time to post it..hahhahaha

  25. ling: so.. u didnt run away fast fast... great.. u r very kwai..

  26. oh ,you mean Kindergarten Award ? ...boleh lah...kekekeke

  27. Hey Claire, we're the same height. *hi 5* As for oatmilk, I'm taking Scottish Highland Organic Beetroot OatsMilk. Bot from organic shop. Vy nice taste n ez to make (not lumpy). And it's pink in color. :)

  28. NGAO: yes, meant to compliment u.. :p

    slavemom: Plak.. same same here.. we must meet up then..


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