Sunday, June 13, 2010

Penang, Here We Come!

Wordless Saturday.... cos I was in Penang.. Gurney Hotel...
Much as I wanted to, but the hotel Internet failed me this time. Due to the massive traffic jam in the hotel, (full house) I couldn't access to the Internet at all.. so frustrated... :(

beautiful weather yesterday...

Look at the beautiful skies...
this time I managed to capture some nice
pictures along the way...

But it was a blessing in disguise... No Internet means spending more time with the family, bonding is one, "walloping" is another .... will post more pictures of my trip tonight...


  1. whoaa really nice weather, unlike here cloudy, raining only. :/

    okie! waiting for ur updates tonight! =D

  2. Lucky you... What beautiful weather? seem to go to Penang all the time? So nice!

  3. indeed,nice weather and great view of Penang bridge - never realized it looks so grand from your angle of shooting

  4. Clair: What a beautiful drive, neat bridge for certain.

  5. hai say...i thought you run away already


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