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Cheaper Streamyx, Faster Speed, Free Notebook

FINALLY!! Yes, finally UNIPAC plan is in my house, the streamyx is working well... so far, so good la.. After two weeks of finger biting waiting anxiously for the new streamyx plan, it has finally been activated today... just nice, just right timing before my son goes back tomorrow.. otherwise, me being illiterate, will not know how to connect this or that... My former subscription cost RM90 for 512speed and RM10 for unlimited calls. Now this package is cheaper, it is only RM68 for 1Mbps plus RM10 unlimited local and outstation call.. and then... free mini notebook.... and then.... free modem as well!! Isn't this offer great?? Worth waiting anxiously for 2 weeks or not? But the notebook hasn't arrived yet, have to wait three more weeks... another anxious wait..

Some Souvenirs In Cultural Village, Gentings

Oh, I forgot to post what I have bought in Gentings ... let me tell you... on the 8 th floor of First World Hotel, there is a shopping stalls called "Cultural Village" whereby each stall represent one country. We were amazed by the stalls there, partly because they represent some Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and of course Malaysia... These stalls sell souvenirs.. cheap too.. and we ended up buying quite a lot of stuff.. my kids love this place.. we had a wonderful time trying out some toys.. yes, trying out.. hahhaa ... giant toothpaste??? is a pencil case plus sharpener.. so cute!! Andy loves this very much.. lol ... For Andy and Fernie .. part of the souvenirs we bought.. each of us have something to buy for ourselves.. Din't expect to buy anything in Gentings but ended up buying more than we expected...

Sleepiness Can Do Wonders

Attending a course and in the midst of it, we were given a demonstration of what the lecturer was actually implying. Actually it was a short talk, not a course.. (over exaggerated), it was about Communication between boss, workers... whatever... When this one was tried out, the men didnt get it right cos no leader, no communication. thus the job not nicely done... the thing crooked.... going to fall... whereas these two legs... eventhough of different size can belong together because of cooperation and conversation.. (this picture was "created" when one got sleepy during the Talk) paiseh, paiseh.....

Student Raped By Bus Driver

So aghasted ! On the way to lunch, Elin was telling me about the school bus driver raping a 10 year old school girl in front of the terrified schoolkids inside the bus... I thought I heard wrongly, I asked Elin few times... "the driver raped the poor girl in the school bus with all the kids inside?" Unbelievable!! Who is this sex maniac? Why did he do that? Why the 10 year old girl? Why in front of kids? Why?? It is just too sad for words.... It was in The Star news today... was the news accurate? If it is, he ought to be bashed up, (he was indeed bashed up by the public before handed over to the police) and not only that, his organ should be displayed like what was in Cleff's post here ! Serious! What horror...... what is happening to our society?

The Giant Enormous Paper Tosai

It has been quite some time since we have indian food... since I started my oats breakfast (ahem) I seldom go out. But I can't be drinking oats each day so when my friends "ajak-ed" (called) me to go out for something different, I wouldn't want to resist. This time we went to Kalai's cafe in old town... I ordered a mango lassy (mango yogurt) but the waiter, being a foreigner, gave me a milk yogurt instead... alamak! I am allergic to milk one but I forced myself to drink it... don't taste it, just gulp it down.. after all it is good for cleansing up our intestines/colon, right? :) As usual I have my capati... but my friend has this ENORMOUS paper tosai.... lol... we were amused by the huge and long tosai.. lol... then she started to eat.. and eat.. and eat.. after some minutes, she gave up.... burpppp... full liow... eventually 2 of us helped her to finish it... (next time no more ordering this giant tosai!)

South Africa FIFA 2010 Ori Or Not?

Yesterday after the car accident and incident in the morning, I went to the office to get ready to attend a "talk" by some Petronas officials regarding to some work involved. The hall was filled with people when my colleagues and I arrived. We were surprised that each of us were given a door gift, I thought it was a black bag presented to us.... but to my astonishment, it was a nice black FIFA 2010 original shirt!! XL .. just nice for Andy... He was very ecstatic about this shirt... after the "shock" in the previous morning, this shirt is a consolation for him... How did I know it was original? Andy said.. see the silver logo? When I took the picture, the colours sprang to life... and this is an Official Lisensed Product... but see the origin... written there made in Indonesia nia. .. lol.. Anyway, Petronas is indeed very generous, eh....

He Bangs, He Bangs.... Again

My beautiful Monday morning started off with a Big Bang! :) Early morning, Andy dropped me to office, it was 7.30am when we reached the parking lot. Got out from the car and as usual, I waited to see him go off first before entering my office. He was reversing his car when another car stopped right behind him to let his passenger down. I thought Andy would realized it was right behind him.... But no, I saw him kept on reversing and reversing... I wanted to call out to him, knowing it would be no use because of the closed windows... in a matter of 2 seconds, BANG!! Funny, watching it happen and yet helpless....Andy must be shocked, his first time accident, together 3 of us surveyed the damage to our cars... his hind light was damaged.... so was mine too... plus a "BIG CRATER" $$ flying off again... bye bye $$ Checked with a few mechanics, yes, me silai drove here and there .... Four mechanics in fact.. almost same price.. RM500 +- so.... (any paid posts to give me, anyon

Night Out With The "Girls"

Yes, last night I went "clubbing"... is that what it is called? After church, I drove out to MP to meet up with ex classmates, all same age year... One of my classmates just came back from the States for a short vacation and it is good to see her again after all these 30 years since we last seen each other. Imagine how "young" we are Whenever someone comes back from "over the sea," we will have a gathering like this.. get together and "fai" (be jolly) ... see, no beer one.. drink tea... juice only.. so not considered "clubbing" hor..

Cold War

Someone has an outburst today... yes, me... mood swings again. This time who got it? My girl... I didn't want to burst out at her, no intention to... but when I heard that she has been eating very little and refraining herself from food, it hit me! All these months, she has been disciplining herself from eating much, it is not good for a growing teenager. She is already very small size and refraining from eating the proper meals, it is very worrying. Yesterday dinner, she had one slice of tuna sandwich bread only... and that's it! I gave her a piece of my mind... now we are having "cold war" again... sigh...

Jaring Better Than Nothing

Streamyx is still DOWN in my house, no Internet yet.... Come Monday tomorrow, it will be seven days without wireless connection. so... What am I surviving on? With Andy around the house, nothing to fear, he sure will have ideas and so he did... Jaring! But with a disadvantage...This Jaring he subscribed since last week was good, great...okay but only with one setback. That is... whenever it rains, there will be no connection... sigh... Yes, it rained around noon, not heavy but still slightest rain will affect the connection. For nearly five hours, we did what we do not always do... that is I read my book in bed while my kids watched TV shows for hours.... Well, Jaring is better than nothing... I don't want to complain.. For RM20 for one month connection, what should we expect..... :)

Save Money For Traveling

Last night I went clubbing with a few of my old friends and we had a conversation on traveling by cruise. I have not gone for a cruise before, I am still quite skeptical about taking a cruise because of my fear for water. Not only that, the movie "Titanic" is always on my mind and my friends laughed at me when I told them that. Kind of paranoid, right? But I love to flip through magazines what brought Celebrity Cruises to light. How wonderful and fabulous they are. Not only in magazines, their website is amazes me as well. Just look at cruises, they have some choices for us to choose from. At affordable prices as well too. We can either choose a two day cruise or to a sixteen day cruises as well, stopping at a new port every morning to enable us for beautiful sightseeing and of course, shopping as well. As for me, I do not have cruises in mind yet, what I have hope to visit is New York or any parts of United States. Meanwhile I got to save up some cash first before

My Cucumber Face

Went to the market this morning to replenish the food stuff in my empty fridge. Chicken parts, vegetables and breakfast were bought but I ended up eating alone cos I did not have any "dates" or "appointments" as my kids did. The house was so quiet when they were not around this whole morning and afternoon. Mum also didn't want to be left out (chap shu) so I went for my badminton session at 1.30pm till 3pm... and now... sigh... "suffering" the consequences of having that game earlier. I really have to give up playing, my arms and back started to get some discomfort again. I must accept the fact that ..... it is time to hang up my racket. Coming back to the topic, tonight's dinner is just tuna sandwiches... that is it! Tired la... With the excess cucumber, this idea came to my mind...... anyone tried this before??? my girl did this for me and snap a pic... a "cucumber face" is born....

My Best Chicken Rice Shop In Ipoh

After the near experience of eating "par wong charn" (free meal) in my previous post, I hereby display some of the pictures showing the soft succulent chicken meat ... of all the chicken rice shop in Ipoh, I find that this is one of the best I have ever eaten. But forgive me, I did not see the name of the shop, all I know is the shop is along Ali Pitchay Street, same row with the Keris Travels and former Lee How Fook restaurant. If anyone really insists on knowing the name, please let me know and I will drive all the way there on Monday to get the name for you .... meanwhile, just have a look at these..... averagely one plate cost RM4.00 with one side order... reasonably cheap unless you ask for chicken drumstick (which Elin did!) :p

Nearly One Free Lunch

When 3 ladies get together, sit down, eat and talk.. what would be the consequences? This afternoon, I took two charming ladies to the best chicken rice stall in Ali Pitchay Street. They haven't been there before, I told them to hurry cos normally during lunch hour, the shop will be very crowded. True enough, it certainly was but we managed to get a table right at the end corner. We talked, talked... food came... we walloped.. conversation resumed when suddenly I remember I need to go to the bank. Quickly we stood up and walked out of the shop... Upon reaching the bank, Elin took out her purse and asked, "eh.. how much was the meal? who paid just now?" We started to look at one another... nope, I didn't pay.. did u? NO? Gosh!! None of us remembered to pay the bill.... we just walked out of the shop! Conclusion: We drove back to the shop and Elin went in to pay. The man recognised her straightaway and he was laughing.. Elin asked him why didn't he c

Washing Grapes With Colgate

Just wanna share this email I received from a friend.. about washing grapes with colgate! Well, I think no harm in trying... cos the grapes we buy back from supermarkets are visibly seen and thinned with a whitish "paint"... right? What I do normally is to soak them with lots of salt and water for at least half an hour... After reading this email, I will try washing it with Colgate... or Darlie.. (can or not, I wonder) normal appearance of grapes.... put some colgate on the gloves... (use hands, can or not?) wash wash.... no need to soak.. There.... so clean... but i think i will still soak them with salt.. at least for awhile...what do you think?

Here And There In The Highlands

Morning till evening we were at the Outdoor Theme Park, Gentings... lunch was also taken inside, we had Merrybrown fast food ... nothing special so I didn't take any pictures... Some random pictures taken using Gabriel's DLSR ... much clearer and nicer than my normal digital Sony... the London bus and the Thrilling Pirate Ship... any similarity between these 2 guys?? how about this picture? Look alike? (minus the one in between them) see, I am a "Bag Taker" One for the Album again..

More Rides In Outdoor Theme Park, Gentings

From morning till afternoon we were at the Outdoor Theme Park, walking here and there, trying out most of the games... for RM40 per person, the entrance fees is worth it considering the rides, the thrills and the screams that followed.. you can sit again and again for all that it is worth.. only Yours Truly here is excluded from most games except for the last picture.. *malunya* The Space Mountain Roller Coaster all in darkness once it starts... DragonFly Roller Coaster.. Fernie trying to "manuvoure" the tyre boat.. see Gab... so "enjoying" the Brothers... Mum can only stand and snap pictures... Andy said the tyre too small for him.. hahahaa... OK, this is safe for me.. vintage car.. going slow and steady... hahahaa...

Outdoor Theme Park , Gentings

Fernie said, "Don't waste time..... " For the first time in history, she woke up very early... called us up to get ready because she wanted to go for all the outdoor rides. This girl...sigh... so excited.... By 10.30am, we bought our tickets to enter the Outdoor Theme Park. Each ticket cost RM40 each.... so make sure all of us made full use of it.... Very unfortunate for this Yours Truly here.. she fears height and water (very "char" one) all she did was to follow the kids and "look after" their belongings. still early..not so crowded....yet oh yeah, Gab joined us in the morning... he took the early bus and met us up for the "thrill" rides.. lining up for the "roller coaster" rides.. this one is called the SHIP? where was I? I "jaga" bags as usual... Dinosaur Land, I dare to go in lar! lol... See these two cheeky guys.. Brother bullied u just now? Let me give you back a "peck." Ouc

No Internet Or Netbook???

OH dear... something happened... No Internet connection for the next 7 days?? Are you joking?? That was the first question I asked my heroes when they went to TM Net today to change to a new Streamyx package. I wonder how many of you know about this student offer? TM Net is offering a free netbook to all students (university or college level) if subscribed under their name and the rates are cheaper than what I was subscribing before... This afternoon both the "heroes" went to TM to submit the application, never realizing that there would be no connection for the next SEVEN days! But many many thanks to Elin for her BIG sacrifice for allowing me to use her Broadband for the next 7 nights till our streamyx is back functioning.... No Internet means no oxygen... no oxygen means a Nightmare! :p

Into The Night Of Highlands Hotel

When darkness fell, we took a long walk outside... wanted to feel the "spring" cooling air of Gentings.... this "baby" jumped with joy... she was really "springy" all of a sudden... ooooh... mami is so cold...grrrrrrr.... lets do some "exercise"... the boys were not left out... one in each pic... inside Highlands Hotel... We walked and walked till my legs "surrendered" and it was around 10.30pm when we went back to our rooms. We went into the casino for a look-around and came out cos the other two "minors" were not allowed to go in. Under 21 years of age is prohibited... too bad..