Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ding Hao In Shatin Court

Yesterday we went to Penang for a day trip only because AAron had to go back to his Uni for an interview which was held this morning. Before I sent him back to the U, we stopped by at Shatin Court for our dinner. It was a first time for my kids...when I mentioned that we were going to Ding Hao for our dinner, the three of them were expecting a fully air conditioned restaurant... hahahaha...

"HUH... this is called Ding Hao?" they all exclaimed...

yes, this is Shatin Park Food Court
and the stall we took our dinner is called Ding Hao..

yeeeee... Andy was saying...
"tricked" by mummy... lol...
ok ..and now for the dishes...

sambal paku pakis

salted egg crabfish..(lai liew har)

egg foo yoong

steamed "Ho Wai" fish..
i hope i m correct in the name...
This fish itself cost RM52.00!
4 dishes plus one soup came to RM81.00
Very reasonable if not for the fish which was costly...


  1. Wah!! The fish very expensive ler :S But the crayfish looks good :)

  2. wa...long time i havent eat paku choy

  3. paku pakis.. wow.. i've kinda forgotten that ody ler..

    RM81! mahal wor..

  4. What kind of place is this? Here, a food court is inside a shopping mall with many little food places. I'm still not sure what that first green dish is? I've never heard of it. Hope you are having a fun visit with the boys!

  5. hungry...
    note to self : dun blog hopping while hungry.. huhu

  6. The paku pakis looks excellent! Very well done...

  7. I miss the sambal paku pakis.

  8. Yum. Looks like you had a delicious time!

  9. The fish looks sooooo scary! Like so big? And the paku pakis... wow... sure kick punya... the belaacn alot!

  10. Wa so expensive la the fish and looks small too :p

  11. Shatin Park food court in Penang ka? Wow! RM52 for the fish, quite expensive.


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