Sunday, August 29, 2010

World Championship Finals Badminton 2010

Tonight is the night... The game some Malaysians like to watch and criticise about because as far as I know, many do not like Koo Kean Keat as much as I like him... Tan Boon Heong on the other hand receives a much better comments than KKK.

Putting those indifferences aside, lets be "patriotic" when it comes to our own country. As I see from the schedule, China has all her players in every game, only the Men's singles and Men's doubles are from different countries. Single men is Taufik against Chen Jin... sigh.. if only Lee Chong Wei didn't lose to Taufik in the quarter finals, he would have stand a chance in becoming the World Champion tonight!

Come On Malaysians!
Let's give our support to them tonight!
Let us see them "high 5" like this..
It will be a very tough fight against the China players!


  1. Zzzzzzz....not into sports! Anyway, good luck the them.

  2. When Chong Wei lost to Taufik, I almost smashed the TV screen with the remote control.

  3. good luck la but please don't put a high hope and faith. the higher disappointment you will get if they didn't make it.

    anyway, good luck la...

  4. stp: today will be exciting.. watch la.. hahaha...

    mingna: i almost cry with disappointment too.. how could he lose? so rugi...

    isley: yes, our players are the underdogs.. lets wish them all the best..

  5. Hope they win...people don;t like KKK because of too 'much bunga' in his game.

    They have the game..just need to get over the mental part.

    As for Datuk Lee, hope he recover from back injury.

  6. Now at oldtown White coffee - now it's only women's single - Yeah it's not about from which state the player's from as they represents malaysia - Chong wei was said to be jinxed when came to world championship!!(Back injury this time) - I believe the pair can deliver 2nite

  7. tekkaus: 811 in astro...ada....

    nightwing: yes, mental strategy.. hope they just play their best and not under pressure..

    wenn: malaysia needs it..

    robinson: wah... in kopithiam ah.. i tot they show football only? yes..ladies singles now.. still got one hour to go..

  8. *ROAR* Claire... I just found Balbir Singh on FB! Habislah dia... last time he hit shuttlecock and football to my head... now die la he... ii go stalk him! *roar*

  9. Wish we could get this on T.V. My husband is a big tennis layer, getting ready for the U.S. Open


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