Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independence Day In Pusing

Happy Independence Day to all of the Malaysians!

I was not born yet when Malaysia achieved her Independence from the British. (so not too old really! LOL) But few years later, I was born and since then I am considered a true bred Malaysian.. raised in Ipoh and have been staying here since... hopefully one day I can "uproot" myself and stay in some greener pastures on the other side of the unknown mountain.

Ok, enough crap...

Since today is a holiday, my kids and I woke up very late but by 11.30am, we were out from the house, driving using the coastal way this time... we made plans to go to Tanjung Tualang actually... but last minute, we heard from a friend saying that a few shops in TT were burnt in a fire. So our plans made a "detour" and we eventually ended up in Pusing.... about 40 minutes drive from our house.

Pusing is a small town...

the main road in Pusing

cars were aplenty but mostly parked
cos it was lunch time when we reached..
mostly everyone were in the shops having a 'feast'

it was a hot day.. and Peter Loh's soya bean
and bean curd dessert caught our eyes...

Girl having fun at the stall..
looks like she was manning the stall...

yes, truly she was.. helping Peter Loh...
and having fun too!

after our lunch and buying so much tidbits,
we continued on with our journey...


  1. hmmm..when I read this post, it sounds like deja vu, like I read this before..hahha... DId u guys have seafood in Pusing? I miss the seafood!

  2. chrisau, maybe u haver vbeen there..? yes we had our lunch in Mingfoong..tomorrow will post..

  3. I missed the koh kuih in Pusing. Did you buy any?

  4. i very the panas now.. can i have a soya bean from that pretty lenglui in pink stripes :P

  5. a soya bean pulak...

    soya bean drink please.. hehehe.. i dun want one ketul kacang only :P

  6. Clair: Congrats on the celebration of independence. Pusing seems like a neat little town.

  7. What this post leaves me with is just the image of her beautiful, smiling face!! She is just georgous and radiates joy and happiness!

  8. What a cute name that town has... Pusing...
    You all seemed to be enjoying your outing, that's good :)

  9. ow.. 'Pusing' is a place... hahahha... I tot go pusing2...round and round..

  10. You were not born yet? 1963...Malaysia or 1957...Malaya? Anyway, whichever it may be...still young lah! I was born during colonial times... Hehehehehehe!!!

    Nice place...more colonial buildings, so nice. But they need a new coat of paint. We had one here - Sg Merah...but they got rid of all this kind of old buildings and built new modern ones. Not nice at all, changed the whole image of the nice little town.

  11. mingna: yes! we bought a lot..see our packets they were carrying.. :)

    merryn: one packet soya bean coming up next!! :)

    fishingguy: a very very small town.. yes!

    ginny: she was having fun there. on such a hot weather too... hahaha..

    puanisah: yes, it is a small town during the colonial days.. next to Batu Gajah...

    cath: u never heard of it? no wonder pusing pusing.. hahaha..

    stp: 1957..belum born.. hahaha.. still young hor.. when u went to kellie castle last time, pusing is just around there.. next time take u there to buy the desserts.. :)

  12. I always traveled to BG when I was teaching there but I never detour to Pusing. It was so near already.

  13. ok waiting for the next post hehe

  14. wenn: i think pusing is before Batu Gajah, right? but now with the new roads, it bypassed pusing already..

    manglish: makes u drool, dont blame me ah...

  15. Can't believe there is actually a place called pusing. :p

  16. Pusing is famous for the kuih muih and wu kok! yum!
    Btw, even though the Tualang shops were burnt down, they have moved to nearby shophouses! Business continues as usual ;)

  17. tekkaus: next time u must go pusing.. but dont end up pusing-pusing..hahaha..

    sweetwitch: so it is back into business? good.. we dare not drive all the way there and ended up not eating.. so we changed our plans.. should hv gone to TT..pusing nothing much actually..

  18. haha ur girl look so cute there! mwahaha

  19. Wow Peter Loh's Tau Fu Fah has very special slogan!

  20. I love the small-town feel.

    And I *so* miss good tau foo fa! *slurp slurp*

    Thanks for visiting our blog! Please do come again.

  21. caroline: she is having fun..hahaha..

    dora: got meh..let me go see...

    nate: sure i will .. :)

  22. This small town place called Pusing looks so cool infact the girl looks so cute really having fun in the stall...Nice pics...

  23. Pusing seems so calm and beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

  24. carol: yes.. very cool town.. authentic...

    suzanne: thanks for coming..

  25. Pusing looks calm and peaceful, away from the bustling city.

  26. oh wow must go and eat in pusing the next time i go back to ipoh...

  27. It's nice to know that yesterday was the Independence Day of your country. I hope you celebrated the day nicely.

  28. hey claire...

    firstly...i am very sorry for my late reply and my late dissapearance as i am away for my holiday and tied up with my work.

    happy belated merdeka celebration...really pusing here with ur food...hehehe

  29. liferamblings: yes, the highways now bypassed this town..

    simon: hope u know which shop to go..

    vernon: celebrated by eating.. hahaha..

    via: u should see my review today.. the food was.. so.. sigh..

  30. Claire, did you read the word on the signboard of Peter Loh? It's said..after you eat the taufu fah, you will win number, you drink the soya bean, your money will keep coming. LOL!!!

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  32. That's really massive exposure post and I must admire you in this regard.

  33. Really nice post that show's fun.. and got one most place to travel "Pusing".. sounds nice.. Thanks for the post..


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