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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Old Pete!

My cute nephew's birthday was a jovial affair...he was sort of "molested" by a few of us ladies who grabbed hold of him and planted some kisses on his cheek. He kept "cringing" away... haaha... we had a good laugh that night... he was just too cute and chubby...

Happy Birthday Old Pete!!
(my nickname for him... hahahaaaa)


  1. LOL...i thought Pete of peteformation :p

  2. How cute! But I must ask why you call him "Old Pete" when he is so young and cute?

  3. kathy: hahhaa... peteformation shrunk or became younger? hahaha...

    ginny: i also dont know why.. just like to cuddle and call him old pete.. hahaha..

  4. Your nephew so cute lor...chamzz kena molested...hahhaha

  5. Happy birthday to your nephew :-). Me too, like to "molest" my nephews... haha!

  6. So cute! Fat people always very cute one... Muahahahaha!!!!


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