Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Alluring Sights Of A Fishing Village

There I was... right in front of the river... a storey higher than the houses below... overlooking the river and capturing the scenes of this fishing village.....

Being a town girl, I could not imagine how a fishing village looks like then.... but now I know... if the teachers asked me to draw fishermen and the sea, this time I may be able to come up with a creative mind because at last, I have come to face to face with a real fishing environment...

the fishing boats' parking...

houses above the water....

fishing boats..

a typical fishing house..

from the top view...

attap houses... part of it..

during the evening...

when the boats were laid to rest...
part of the jetty...

alluring sights..

towards the sunset...

the reflections on the river...

finally... it was time for us to go home...


  1. Part of my childhood was spent in a fishing village that looks something like this.. where we got free seafood supplies.. Those were the days... :)

  2. annie: yes...they were something we could not see as often...

    inspiredmum: hey.. so u grew up experiencing this... must be very memorable..

  3. beautiful... i like to be near the sea... the smell.. the sound of the wave.. everything.. is just so nice.. Marine life... so Merryn :P

  4. lovely view.. just like painting.. :)

  5. kathy: river..calmer.. no tsunami.. :)

    sjb: yes..

    merryn: sea is nice.. can hear waves..

    cath: yes.. like what our teachers asked us to draw..

  6. a bit chaotic at the jetty but i like the charming sight of the boats and river front :) btw where is this place?

  7. Nice sunset. seems calm and peaceful. :D fishing village, seafood there must be super fresh rite? yummzz

  8. These are great shots. My favorite by far is the wonderful colors of the boats, some of these should be framed and you can put them out on a table!

  9. Clair: I think that is where I would live if I was in your country. wonderful captures of the village. Love your Sun photos.

  10. Ben: this is in Kuala Sepetang, Taiping..

    charlene: so .. thinking of going there? :)

    ginny: that is a good idea!

    tom: yes, i guess u would love this scene... :)

  11. Nice...going back to the basics. Love the sunset pics. Wah! Turning really pro now, eh? LOL!!!

  12. I am still won't be able to draw this if the teacher asks me to! Hehehe.. I enjoyed the pics very much! Great pics!

  13. stp: hahaha.. never thought myself a pro.. i just use the sony normal camera.. my kids kept asking me to buy a DSLR.. or DLSR whatever..

    just: me neither.. i dont think i can draw too!

  14. Wonderful job.

    I was there!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

  15. The fishing village scenery is truly fascinating.

  16. cloudia: thanks for being there! :)

    zuiyanhong: yes..it truly is..

  17. would like to be there! :) beautiful sunset.

  18. Hi Claire

    wishing you & family a happy mooncake festival!!

  19. Claire: nice photos u taken there! love it

  20. Like the view when the sun set!

    Happy Mid Autumn to you and family!

  21. caroline: yes,. nice sunset..

    MBC: thanks!! same to u too..

    angeline: yes, i love taking them.. hahaa..

    Rose: same to u too.. have a nice evening..

  22. If you were to be the tourism minister of malaysia,i bet you will turn this place into a must visit traveling spot.....

    seriously i think it has the potential to be one,,,,,,,,,

  23. I have been to this kind of place before which is at Penang too.Guess i were still in primary school that time. I beh tahan the fishy smell..hahhahah

  24. eugene: i think cannot lar.. hahaa.. the fish there will be super expensive then..hahaha..

    ling: dont worry, here no smell one.. :)

  25. And the smell.. hard to forget a fishing village

  26. ghostlynana: no smell....

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