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Traditional & Modern Mooncakes

Happy Mid-Autumn/Happy Mooncake Festival to all of you who are celebrating!

As for me and my girl, with both of us here, so quiet and peaceful.... no lanterns or candles to play. She is in her room studying and yours truly here, outside her room typing away.... she has her own work and I have mine...

During my younger days, I remember looking forward to this festive day where my siblings, neighbours gathered round to play lanterns and candles.. and made bonfire those days.... nothing was called "dangerous"... we were like a Big Family...

But now? Nothing like yester-years......

Just now my girl and I had a quiet dinner outside in Olivenz cafe.. so quiet.. we were the only customers when we entered and left.... guess everyone were at home celebrating...

Sounds kind of a sad post...isn't it...

Ok, on the brighter note, I received some mooncakes given by my sister-in-law.... and... of course my Andy's girlfriend.... hahahaa... I think last year, I posted up what she gave too....

the traditional ones given by my SIL

they were very fresh, still warm when she gave me
bought from Tuck Kee Restaurant, Pasir Pinji

the modern mooncakes
given by Andy's girlfriend

one black and one white ....

oh.. Ipoh Pomelo....
a traditional fruit! hahahaa...
So how was your Mooncake night?


  1. me love red bean mooncake with lotsa kuaci

  2. The kids had a mooncake party downstairs at the tennis court, organized by a great neighbour. They ate, played with candles, had a lucky draw. For us adults, it just seems like another day. Well we have 1 hour 15 mins left. I'm going to ask hubby to sit at the balcony and drink some tea, and try to catch sight of the moon. Sigh....

  3. kathy: yes.. i love that too.. these 4 traditional egg yolks cos my kids dont like the salted eggs there..

    haruki: at least the kids are enjoying.. :) have a nice evening..

  4. I don't fancy festive food.
    1. Chinese New Year - I don't eat Sticky Cake (Lin Gou)
    2. Dumplings festival - I don't eat dumplings (Bachang)
    3. Mid Autumn Festival - I don't eat mooncake

  5. mingna: of course u dont.. u like western cakes style only! :) i m more or less like u..

  6. ok gift from big sis in law. not bad!!

  7. Hi Claire!! Happy Mid Autumn to you too! Tonight is quite blend(since my husband is outstation), totally no Mooncake festival atmosphere!=_=

    p/s: Alright, I better go cut some mooncake while enjoy a cup of tea! Have a nice day!^-^

  8. tonite is just another nite for us. Our place here are going to celebrate it besar besaran on friday instead :D sooooo looking for that lah.. tonite here oso hujan only... so go snuggle under the sheets lagi shiok :P

  9. Claire, you have me as company because I was working on this festive night and no time to celebrate. Enjoy your mooncake though....

  10. my children used to play with candles but this year it was very quiet as I had to work at night.

  11. We actly at home boycott mooncake for its expensiveness!!! LOL. MIL maid jelly mooncake...wallop all & left a few in the fridge! she made lots of flavor - jagung, chendol, dragon fruit, honey dew....

  12. andy's girlfriend sure knows how to buy your heart!!

  13. My granddaughter is Chinese, so we had moon cakes last year and I posted one. But yikes, I think DIL has forgotten this year!!! I love the pretty modern ones, I've seen a pink one.

  14. I dun really like mooncake... taste too sweet for me... i prefer those normal angmoh cakes... hahahaha...

    Today, my family and I thought wanna go play lantern downstairs... but hubby brought us to makan makan and melantak instead. Den after makan, rain jor... so spend time sleep instead of play lantern! Bwhahaha!

  15. I just saw your comment on my blog, and I must relpy that I did not make a moon cake. Another blog friend of mine thoght the same thing. It must be the way I worded my comments. No, I ould never make one of those, it makes my back hurt just thinking about how many days it takes!!! Hope you are enjoying yours!

  16. Hi Claire, Happy Mooncake Festival! we don't celebrate Mooncake Festival and i don't really like to eat mooncakes :P

  17. Haha...Claire, you make me feel better cos it's very quiet here. I didn't buy any moon cakes. My friend told me today she bought 2 24 pounds each!!! Like eating gold!!

  18. These few years back, ever since I get married, I don't feel those Chinese festival anymore... including CNY. They are just like normal days for me. Sad hor?

  19. Oooooo...daughter-in-law gave mooncakes kah? Ooooooo.....!!! So when is the big day? MUST invite me, don;t forget! I will go ALL the way to Ipoh, no problem one. LOL!!!

    I had the MOST wonderful Mooncake Festival as I received a beautiful box of mooncakes from smallkuching... So sweet of her! Just when I thought I wouldn't have any to enjoy... God works in mysterious ways. Sobs! So happy!

  20. chrisau: u mistaken jor.. SIL is from husband's side.. hahaha..

    alice: sunyi i m not the only one :) ok hope u enjoyed your peaceful ambiance.. :)

    Merryn: and watch your 3D porn? hahahaa... no wonder so S...

    denesa: from the comments, a lot didnt celebrate! :) u working in office late at night?

    wenn: gosh..u another workaholic! like me... hahaa..

  21. angeline: those mooncakes are lovely.. i love to eat jelly mooncakes..

    doc: haha...maybe my son also bought the other side's hearts.. hahaha...

    ginny: i m sure your DIL will give u one.. oh yes, sorry for misunderstanding, i thought u really baked it... hahaha..

    cleff: yes, it was raining in my area too.. so we were at home doing our normal stuff...

    monica: too sweet for our liking, actually..i still have 2 in my fridge..

  22. mary: that is ... nearly RM100!! wow..double the price here.. gosh!!

    cheeyee: even CNY? yes, thinking back, me too..nothing much on CNY except to see my siblings all back home..

    stp: generous of SM.. she is very very generous one, i tell u.. so no more sobbbbing.. hahaha.. alright, if your girl or my kids get married, we see each other at their weddings!!! hahaa.. looking forward to that...

  23. not sad least you still have each to celebrate with and your sil gave you some mooncakes :) i just ate some mooncakes last night while watching TVB drama...hhahahaaa

  24. Mine was at my PIL house, the kids played candles, the adult got together and enjoyed some snack. Your Andy's gf so nice, 'got your heart' lo!

  25. sob sob....I didn't even have mooncakes!

    And the day pass by just like that for me. Didn't help that hubby was away.

    The only happy thing related was boyboy made a lantern in school.

  26. barb: yeah..thanks to them for that..

    sheohyan: at least something la. let the kids enjoy...

    ann: so sad..come share my mooncakes.. :)

  27. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and Family... nice mooncake.. I prefer snow skin mooncakes.. =D

  28. Happy Mid Autumn festival to you Claire! Love those mooncakes!

  29. My mooncake dinner was great. My rich aunt cooked exotic Cantonese food at home and invited 4 families to enjoy merry making.

  30. shukri: nowadays most mooncakes are halal already..

    june: i can only eat a bit.. 1/8 is enough! :)

    sweetwitch: same to u too!

    cloudia: aloha to u .. thanks!

    LV: hope u enjoyed yourself last night..

    twilight: wah..u so blessed!!

  31. I have a full and wonderful dinner on that DAY,followed by going to town area to see lantern exhibition.

  32. Mery: that was one of the best celebrations so far in this comment box.. hahaha... really celebrating..

  33. At least you had so many nice mooncakes and a big pomelo to feast on. My home lagi quiet... no candle, no lantern, no pomelo... only a small mooncake as after-dinner dessert.

  34. chloe... guess we are all blessed in one way or another... :)

  35. this is a yearly affair in our home. But this year just a "small and quiet" one, kids still play lanterns, adults enjoy chatting, eating mooncakes, fruits, drink tea under the moonlight.

    First time Cruz eat so much mooncakes. :)

  36. annie: great u had a good reunion on mooncaking.. i still have 2 more in my fridge..


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