Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hugh Low & Cockman In Ipoh

I cannot keep my hands idling... I must be doing something... holding on to something... typing, clicking, whatever as long as something occupying my hands.. sounds like an octopus, right? hahahaa...

Okay, let me ask.... what is the first thing you all do while waiting for someone to get into your car? For instance, your friend gets down from the car to pay bill, leaving you with the engine on, what do you do? How do you pass time while waiting for your friend?

As for me, the first thing I do is to "play" with my handphone, either call, sms, delete sms-es and lately, I started to take pictures wherever I am... even when waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Am I crazy? Police will summon me or not if he sees me holding handphone taking pictures at the traffic light? Well, whatever, don't do what I did ...

while waiting for son to buy something,
I took these pictures...

Ipoh new town formerly known as Hugh Low Street
now changed to Sultan Iskandar Shah or something..

the road leading to old town...

now the new town shops also look run down already..
those days considered very prestigious...

This road is Dato Onn Jaafar
formerly known as COCKMAN Street
in cantonese, it is called Kai Koong Kai...
While waiting for the traffic light to turn green,
I managed to snap this "memorable" shop here below..

see this shop...
the day I was born till I turned 18, I stayed here..
gosh... brings back old memories!


  1. hahaha, very true!! i will very instinctively take out my phone and starting to play with it.. hmmm, any idea why most of us are doing this?? it's it interesting?? :p

  2. ahhh... COCKman St again... brings back old memories :P

    ur old house looks like william's parents current house :D

  3. SK: like.. when we r occupying ourselves while waiting, we wont feel so stressed up, right? :)

    merryn: hahaha..i know u will like this...

  4. I am definitely playing with my phone, taking pictures.

  5. My parents just simply can't get used to the new names. Till now, we still stick to the original names: Brewster Road, Clare Street, Speedy Road, etc.
    Why must Ipoh government rename their streets? Look at Penang, not any single streets or lanes being renamed. Just don't see the necessity of doing that.

  6. denesa: so u have octopus fingers like me.. hehehe...

    mingna: i agree.. but nowadays kids dont know ma.. me oldie know the old names.. clare street is just around my old house corner.. by the way, where is speedy road wor? hahaha.. never heard of it..

  7. I never been to Ipoh before..Looking at those pics...I have to visit your place one day.

  8. Sorry, got the names all mixed up. Speedy Road is in Taiping, now called Jalan Maharajalela

  9. very lovely place claire :)

    thanks for taking us around to where u use to live :) very neat. I think I shall do that too.

    have a wonderful day !!!
    jen @

  10. What colorful pictures! I love the building with the lime green paint. When waiting in the car I, also, take pictures, or listen to the radio and delete pics from my phone.

  11. Ah...nice! I hope they will preserve all these old buildings. We have some here...but a lot have given way to new development. At least, the shops in Ipoh are so nicely painted - most of those in Penang, the last time I was there, badly need a new coat of paint... Not nice.

  12. Well to me, I did nothing much, but to watch the cars on the road and some passers-by.. haha :D

  13. Just like you I too like to play with my handphone.. delete SMS, send SMS, check out my photos etc etc...

  14. Brewster Road and Hugh Low St...

    I used to walk all the way from the bus stops to school MC and back. THAT's my memories of those 2 roads.

    Come to think of it now, I haven't walked like that for a long time now.

  15. right at the town center ah you old house. Must have been fun when you were young

  16. wow, u still got to see yr staying place..My place those days is in taiping..maybe I should go and hv a peep.

  17. long time never been to Ipoh d....

  18. Claire, I thought you wanted to intro handsome guy named Hugh Low to us and tell stories about a cocky guy named Cockman, lol. But it turned out to be street names... ceh!

    Btw, you old house still stands strong :)

  19. awww.... how i wish u can go in and take the pics of my 'first' home! it's so run down now...the paint still the same. Tell u what, sometimes I dreamt of that house, very nostalgic indeed! Thanks Auntie Claire.

  20. you know Claire? I can never remember those new road names because I grew up knowing about Hugh Low Street, Osborne Street, etc. Why on earth do they have to change it? I really hope the Ipoh council or whatever authorities would do something to preserve the old buildings and not let them rot :(

  21. I will play with hp too, either games or sms.

  22. I also like to take out my hp while waiting, but not to take pics! I take out to read tweets and write tweets! I'm worse than you, sometimes I even read tweets when I'm stuck in slow traffic. :0

  23. Claire, yr hands are really "itchy". Anyhow, taking these photos brings back memories while I was staying in Ipoh.

    I can't remember these road names, but still know how to drive around, lol.

  24. i prefer ipoh old town to the new town, more character

  25. Yeah, I still use the old names too!!! All the sultan-sultan names very long ;)

  26. mery: if got chance, do come..

    mingna: i tot that speedy sells dvds ..hahaha

    jen: yes, my childhood home..

    ginny: u too..ahahhaa..

    stp: one time the municipal imposed this rule esp in coffeeshops..

  27. hayley: u r an observer..

    kiasumum: next time take some pics.. :)

    gargle: hey, i used to walk to school we r ex-schoolmates, huh...

    kathy: yes, go everywhere walk one.. easy.. 2 legs..haaha...

  28. wenn: yes, go and peep..hahaha..

    hazel: come for makan nice nice..

    yvonne: u!

    chris: what auntie auntie!! u almost same age with me lar.. too bad we cannot go inside liow..

    cindy: how to live without hp.. tell me.. :)

    sweetwitch: oh that, i cannot do lar...

    jessie: wah..u also familiar with ipoh..

    bengbeng: u also been here?

    adrine: u are also from Ipoh?

  29. I have fond memories of Ipoh too. My uncles taught at St Michael's and so were all my cousins as students there. My granduncle was Dr. Teh Lean Swee who built the Chinese Maternity Hospital.

  30. twilight, now i know u r in the family of professionals!

  31. used to stay in a shop house? :D

  32. yes lo.. shophouse.. city girl.. hahaha..

  33. Haha... Cockman Street. Even I know that road by its English name. But my mother calls it Kok Man Kai. Wasn't aware that it is also known as Kai Koong Kai.

  34. henry, by right in cantonese it is kok mun kai... but direct translation cock is kai koong.. hahaha.. love using that name..

  35. Amazing that you used to live for a long time, in that shop/ house, now it is home to motor bikes!
    I must remember to take more photos, just like you do. My hands also itch to be doing something.

  36. glenis: yes..all these brings back old memories..


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