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Our Project In Kuala Sepetang, Taiping

From the top storey of this seafood open air restaurant, I captured a lot of pictures while waiting for the food to be served. This is my second time there in Kuala Sepetang fishing village and I do not mind going for the third time, fourth time and so on... just taking pictures is interesting too!

Managed to capture a "family trip" .. i guess it was.. :)

fishermen getting ready to tow in...

the place where the "eaters" sat....

our "table"

first to arrive were the crispy fried prawns..
tasted good, better than KFC anytime!

followed by oyster noodles..
must eat this quick.. while it was hot and nice...

but as usual, quickly snapped a picture or two first...
just look at the oysters! so fresh...

fresh scallops...

this is "ooo la la"
so fresh too!!

pomfret... a bit small no doubt.. but enough for 3 of us... more plate of vegetables...
and the bill came to RM84.00....

by the time we finished our dinner, it was already sunset..
I love this picture....

and this too...
we live in cities.. how often do we see this type of scenery..
I stood there for awhile... just to mesmerise this scene...


  1. wah, definitely ok to pay for RM84 to have such fresh seafood meal lor.. i love the prawns and the oyster noodles!! no wonder you've been there so many times and still not tired about it lah..

  2. I never realised that there is such a breathtaking scenery in Kuala Sepetang. Been staying here for so many years but never thought of exploring this place. Instead, I keep going out of the country to admire the scenery of the places which do not belong to us. Guess I'm taking things for granted...

  3. SK: yes, there are a few shops there along the same row.. wonder what is special.. this time we went, we didnt really tried the seafood.. crabs, prawns.. lobsters..

    mingna: so... next time u know where to go, right? hahaha...yes, sometimes we tend to feel that the pastures are always greener on the other side of the mountain.. anyway, it is good to go overseas to expose ourselves to something different..

  4. waaa.....RM84 for such meal is consider as cheap already....I love the prawns..looks yummy!

  5. wah...didn't know auntie Claire can take good pictures. And, the food looks good!! Btw, eat like that got exercise or not? LOL

  6. OMGawd! The place looks so nice, and the food, even more wonderful! ;)

  7. These are the most georgous food pictures that I've seen you post yet! And this place does plate it so beautifully!! What a wonderful view you have while eating. I do love the boat with the family outing, the colorful umbrellas in the boat!

  8. I only ate their crabs and prawns before. Never knew they had noodles too! Must go try next weekend! :D

  9. The food looked really fresh and good. Unique too. Where is this Kuala Sepetang?

  10. Ooooo...what wonderful seafood dishes! Drool! Drool! I love the last pic. Next time, I must plan to stay longer in Ipoh...and then you can take me to ALL these nice places. Yum! Yum!

  11. angelbear: yeah, i think the price was okay.. though we didnt order crabs and bigger prawns..

    chris: aiksss...dont remind me of that please! :)

    ginny: thank u..hahaha.. usually i take pics with my hp, this one i took with my camera..

    gratitude: yes, do come to Kuala Sepetang, Taiping..

    agnes: the noodles go with the hot spicy!

    shireen: this one.. at the traffic light before turning right to Taiping town, u turn left instead, it will take u to Kuala Sepetang, ie, if u r coming from KL...

    stp: yes, yes.. u must stay at least 2 nights or so.. many more to explore in Perak.. hahaha..

  12. I like ur last nice. For sure MingNa is planning to go there one day!

  13. reanaclaire: wah, It's good place, wait till i visit Taiping, then i dropped by Kuala Sepetang. =D Gee, I love 2 visit this fishing village.

    I'm from teluk intan perak, always need to go sabak bernam there see fishing village. =D

    Erm, seafood very fresh!! I love it too.. Teluk Gong in Klang seafood cost about RM100++ =D

  14. rm84 for all??! @.@ so cheap worr n looked very fresh! yummy!!

  15. angeline: u same gang with her? :) convenient for her..near Taiping..

    june: oh..i m not familiar with Teluk Intan.. seems quite far from Ipoh .. i would love to go sabak bernam if someone were to show the way.. hahaa..

  16. wow, what a great place with great food :)

  17. Nice view and also yummy food...I love to see the last pic of sunset...romantic view..!

  18. caroline: i think price is reasonable.. :)

    barb: yes, not bad.. maybe pictures are better than the real thing.. hahaha..

    mery: yes, me too.. :)

  19. Ooh I didn't know of such a place before! How far is it from Ipoh? Such fresh seafood and reasonable prices!!

  20. sweetwitch: it is only 1 hour from Ipoh.. on the way to taiping..

  21. 3 of u took so much food?????

    if u dont mind babysitting philip, i dont mind going le. i really really miss eating fresh seafood.. really fresh type.

  22. Scallops and Lala looks quite fresh. Nice photo of the sunset too :)

  23. rachel: yes, 3 of us.. hahaha.. a lot meh? but can finish..

    thristhan: yes..they were fresh.. only the fish was a bit overcooked to my liking..

  24. So nice to be able to get away once in a while. I love visiting fishing villages, the most recent was about 7 years ago to somewhere near KLIA - I forget the name. The scallops and lala looked yummylicious!

  25. very nice place lah claire... and the food... oh my... my fav! :)

  26. Claire...why was I left out :( I love the seafood especially the oyster and clams :) I want to go there too :)

  27. Haiz, I stay so near to Sepetang also have not been to this restaurant before *shame*
    But I actually heard quite alot of good review on this.. really must make a visit there!

  28. Bryan's mum: yes, they were very fresh..

    cath: can ah.. got muntah or not? :p

    elin: ok, come one weekend, i take u there...let me know when u r free :)

    hayley: yes, do is only around 20 min drive from Taiping..

  29. what a nice view! and nice food. The fried prawns definitely look great!

  30. For all those fresh seafood? that's considered v cheap! And your last 2 pictures are lovely :)

  31. mnhl: yes, nice view and okay food.. :) the prawns must be eaten immediately..

    isah: haha..compared to KL, cheap!

  32. Yummy yum yum, I want to eat the seafood! Must go!

    Claire, do you need to travel by boat to the restaurant?

  33. The food items are really yummy. But you have not mentioned which one is the best. Hope you enjoyed the food.

  34. Hahahaha... that day Kat and I oso go makan seafood... almost same price oso... and we eat til tarak room for the food to masuk liao. LOLOL...

    Ps: The scallop looks so fresh la, Claire. *sigh* Drooling oredi!

  35. jessie: no need to sit boat..unless u want to go over to the Monkey island..

    vernon: all were not specially good! :)

    cleff: eat all you can?? yes, scallops were not bad.. that dish cost RM12.00...

  36. Don't believe what Cleff said. Not the same price...hahahaha

    You know how many scallop we wallop ah??? You will pengsan hahaha...will be blogging about it when have sorted out the photos...really gila

  37. kathy: ok ok, i wont believe.. hahahaa.. wait till u all take me there one day..then i believe!

  38. U made me "salived" at all those seafood.. shud you be the guide for Ipoh and its surrounding places and let us know the costs soon!..

  39. U made me "salived" at all those seafood.. shud you be the guide for Ipoh and its surrounding places and let us know the costs soon!..

  40. U made me "salived" at all those seafood.. shud you be the guide for Ipoh and its surrounding places and let us know the costs soon!..

  41. Clair: What a feast, I can smell the fresh seafood.

  42. housewife9888: when you come, let me know..

    tom: hahaha.. yes, it was a good galore..

  43. Claire: MingNa and I not same geng ler..just blogger frens!

  44. angeline.. just like u and me.. then.. hahaha.. ok.


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