Thursday, September 30, 2010

Purple Cane Tea House, Ipoh

Andy didn't come back for the weekend and Fernie went for classes so that leaves Aaron and yours truly here, hunting for food to heal our stomachs on a Saturday morning.

After some browsing through an Ipoh food blog, we finally decided to go and visit Purple Cane Tea House in Osborne Road. This place was formerly a dim sum restaurant "Foo San".. now it has changed to selling all types of tea leaves in front and this secret garden was at the right hand side as we entered.

It was our first time there and we were quite amazed by the setting up of this place... first time in history, we stepped into the wonders of quality and healthy food.. (I think)

the ambiance

they have 2 private rooms behind...

whereby more privacy for your group...

the boss is a friendly lady and she called it Her Secret Garden
just kidding, she told us..

Ok, now for the food, we ordered these...

Braised chicken with sweet chili with 2 sweet potato pau-s

Black tea curry chicken served with wan ton mee

just look at that...

I love the sweet potato pau-s too... 2 were not enough for me!

the set came with this dessert
steamed egg with green tea and rose... something..

drank with cold jasmine tea

recommended by the boss-A MUST!
fried sweet potatoes balls eaten with mayo...
not oily, crispy on the outside, soft inside...

gosh.. both of us walloped up till like this
"tar pau-ed" the balls for Fernie :)
so... how was the price?
It came to less than RM40..
OK ke?

Here is the address (old Foo San restaurant)

Andy, Fernie... don't fret, don't grumble..
We go again one day, OK?
by the way, anyone here tried this tea house yet?


  1. The once old-fashioned, filthy looking and noisy dim sum shop has been transformed into a charming and nostalgic place. Looks so classy now. Must make a trip there end of this week.

    P.S. My favourite Bercham Choy Kee Egg Tart shop was under renovation last week. I just can't wait to see a brand new look of my second home.

  2. KL also have. Wei...the two of you wallop so much ah?

  3. Wah ade pokok lagi,tentu shiok! cool place..i want to taste the sweet potato balls...nice?

  4. mingna: next time take me go one time to choy kee.. hey, u know what.. the shop near the main market selling egg tarts too? the shop is in wah keong park.. i know where.. that one also very nice..

    kathy: hak sei yan hor? both of us walloped all la.. hahaha.. brunch ma..

    angeline: nice but pricey la.. 5.80 for the balls..

  5. Must pay a visit there soon, look so nice!

  6. Main market? You mean the former Super Kinta? Hmm... You must be talking about Hong Kee Egg Tart at Wing Sing Coffee Shop.

  7. The famous tea house huh! :D I hope one day me and my wife can dine there.

  8. the chicken looks delicious! and the fried balls, and everything!!

  9. cindy: yes, u should.. i may go again one day...

    mingna: i am not sure of the name but the shop is along the shops selling the chee chak poe.. har choi sing there.... the factory is in Wah Keong park...

    tekkaus: do they have a branch in Malacca?

    tuti: actually not too bad.. price is like those cafes..

  10. I hvn't been there yet. maybe some day.

  11. The food looks nice...I never try curry with wantan mee..juz wondering how is the taste like?

  12. SO they have transformed Foo San into something so relaxing and nice!! I think there's one in JB too...Purple cane tea.

  13. interesting. i wonder if i can find it with GPS??

  14. Oh, I bet the others would have stayed home if they knew what they would miss!! It all looks so good, more than a tea house, huh? And pretty lovely and fancy, too! You are such a good mom!!

  15. Oh I love purple cane. I'm glad Ipohrians are able to enjoy them as well

  16. I think Wenn blogged about this place before, again i really like the trees planted in the restaurant,,,

    you chun lah,, cari cari makan always land in such lovely places one,,,,

    take care now ya and have a great weekend,,

  17. Osborne Road? Sounds very ang moh! The food looks really great... Yum! Don't like the decor - unlike Eugene, I find it all a bit messy. Best to be simple...and clean!

  18. wenn: jom..lets go.. hahaha..

    mery: the curry is made of pounded nuts, no santan..

    chrisau: yes, there is.. i think! :)

    doc: i am sure u can.. use the malay road name..

    sjb: usual price with the other cafes..

    ginny: next time if u come, i take u there.. :)

    gratitude: yes, i think i wanna go again..

    eugene: no, wenn has not been there yet.. mistaken for someone else maybe.. next time u come, i take u there..

    stp: unusual place, yes.. next time u come, i take u.. oops.. same comment as to eugene one.. come, we go together then..

  19. Ooooh yummy yummy says my tummy. My oats for breakfast somehow seems so flat compared to these!

  20. I think somewhere aound KL has this place but i never been there before. Sweet potatoes my fav. Th best i can get is at China Town

  21. I love sweet potatoes. So many food which were in sweet potatoes.

  22. from last week onwards, i m on a strict budget. so no more eating out . can see, can imagine but no real indulging.

  23. O.O Tea House ah...curry tea ah? Wonder if I can cook that with Lipton tea... oohhh

  24. Cheap!!! And the food looks soooooo good YUM!
    P/S: I'll be in Ipoh in mid Dec. Free to meet up for tea?

  25. hmm.. that is nice place and the foods are nice too~ i think i got pass by that place b4 during my visit to ipoh.

  26. MG: i also took oats this morning! :

    ling: i love sweet potatoes too..

    sheohyan: anything to do with SP, i like.. :)

    rachel: after buying the condo? ok, i better go on a budget too..

    BB'mom: wow.. 2 months away.. ok, if i m around, why not.. :)

    isley: it has taken over the old Foo San dim sum restaurant..

  27. The quaint setting looks like the backlanes of old Shanghai! Nice!

    Both of you ate so much for a breakfast. ~ faints ~

  28. Ehh nice place wor! I think quite reasonable the price, for the food and quality! And healthy too! OK I wanna try it when I go to Ipoh :)

  29. cleff: since u have tried with coke, then perhaps try it with lipton tea too!! hehehe...

    twilight: our brunch la.. hahaha..

    cathJ: yes.. not bad..

    sweetwitch: i believe they have a branch in KL?

  30. thanks for sharing. i'll check it out :D

  31. Ooh... nice to know what this place turned into. Can't wait to go back again, been too long since the last time. Definitely after the kids' exams.

  32. barb: yes, do check it out when u come back...

    gargles: but dont at night.. lots of mosquitoes.. but ask them to on the fan to blow your legs.. then ok...

  33. The foods are really served with good decoration and hence it is looking much more delicious. The presentation is the basic step of serving any food. I really loved those especially the noodles.


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