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Jogoya In StarHill Gallery Kuala Lumpur

One of the main attractions that "lured" me to Kuala Lumpur is Jogoya Japanese buffet in Starhill Gallery... and it is more or less Elin's fault that I visited this place.. hahhaa... Elin told me that there is a promotion in Jogoya for ladies, 50% off the normal price of RM88 for buffet dinner.

With such an attractive offer, I booked online for reservation and got 2 gift boxes... I will post about the gifts later... :) The pictures displayed are quite blur because I forgot to bring my camera and had to make-do with my handphone.. (how to be a food blogger, tell me)

took some pictures of StarHill Gallery...
all high end shops...

so unfortunate my camera was not with me...

i guess these pictures didnt do Jogoya justice.. hahaha...

all i want were desserts..

assorted cakes, cheese, tiramisu...

so many types of mochi...

New Zealand Natural ice cream and Haagen Daiz
I tried both but I still prefer the latter...

see this brown thingy? It was chocolate fondue..
so so "tempting" .. u can eat all u like la!!

my desserts

my cakes and mochi..

look at this steamboat.. u can choose what u like..

see, my seafood steamboat...

grilled scallops...

gosh.. after dinner, I looked so rounded!
but then it was very worth it..
for ladies, it was only RM57....
for men it was around Rm100+

Actually it is worth it if you can eat a lot..



  1. Looks like a fantastic place to visit.

  2. What is Starhill gallery? It looks amazing, and a huge place!! The food all looks like heaven! What are your deserts that are those two big balls?

  3. I hvn't been there before..should be nice to enjoy the food there.

  4. Yerr...why for ladies only 57? discrimination! :(

  5. My colleague has been to this place like so many times....but I haven't had the time to go. Elin is so resourceful. Got both of you a jolly good time! :)

    The deserts look delectable.

  6. What? Discrimination against men???? You should see how some "ladies" eat these days... Humph! I'll boycott the place - never been there and never want to go there now. Heard a lot about it, was hoping to go someday - changed my mind liao... :(

  7. patty: yes, it was a high end shopping center..

    ginny: the two balls are jelly pudding.. hahaha..

    wenn: yes, if can eat and wallop, worth going..

    tekkaus: aiye.. men eat more ma.. ladies less ma.. ladies jaga figure one..

    ann: my camera is not doing any justice to the food.. actually they all looked very tempting!..

    stp: it was their 5th anniversary and so ladies got the good offer.. for men it is 15% if used SCB credit card.. hehehe.. dont ask me why... maybe men have bigger stomachs? for all i know, i didnt eat my RM57 worth of stuff! rugi liow..

  8. Ya,, i hate sex disrimnation too, just like arthur,next month i go KL, no go there too,,hahahahah...

  9. Sex discrimination like this I like! LOL! I love Ladies Night at the watering holes too. :p

    Scallops... Yum!

  10. I should have read this earlier, or you should have blogged this earlier. I just came back from KL and I have been to Star Hill area twice last week.

  11. Hey, it's getting cheaper leh. Last time, I paid RM75++ per pax. It's really wirth eating because they serve abalone too.

  12. Been there few times few years back when they just open. Can go once in a while, it is expensive, cannot afford to go often. hahahah

    Now ladies got discount? I remember last time when we go, we paid RM90++ per person!!

    Lots of variety, and lots of dessert!! Don't mind to go there again.

  13. eugene, next time u go, ask them to give u discount, say u eat very little only, like a lady. :)

  14. donna, the lobsters are mashed up ones.

  15. happy surfer, actually it was quite worth it if u can eat. Buffets are like that.

  16. kathy, wanna try? December fifteen last day i think.

  17. yan, i just came back :) still got time till next month.

  18. ming na. ThIS one also has abalone too.

  19. annie, i think fifth year anniversary. So that is why cheaper.

  20. I went to Jogoya for 3rd times dy! 1st time is lunch, 2nd time was late-lunch and 3rd time was dinner. Well, i would said, 1st time i went there, it was kind like "" to me, then 2nd time there, was like "ok-lah" and then the 3rd time there, it was "nothing special dy - must try out other Japanese Buffet liao next trip to KL"...hehhe

  21. You had a awesome meal there. The foods are appearing to be less oily and so they are healthy too. I love sea foods but not steamed. I love fried ones. Anyway hope you enjoyed the food.

  22. amy: wah.. u terror! 3 times! me one time also cukup la.. expensive if go too often.. hahaa..

    vegastrip: nice to experience new food and new environment..

  23. I had never eaten there till today due to the timing of their promotions. I was often not free lah. So I go to Zen at Sunway Pyramid for their Sunday buffets which are just as good but lesser variety.

  24. Haha! You started with the desserts?

  25. I love Haagen Dasz! Definitely better than NZ ice cream!!

  26. But you like the food at Jogoya meh? I found them rather lousy. It was much better when Jogoya first started. Now the quality is going from bad to worse!

  27. twilight: how much is zen?

    foongpc: i have nothing to compare.. i didnt take much of the food actually, i chose mostly seafood to start with.. taking little bit of this and that.. one cannot stomach a lot actually.. but i love the desserts!

  28. Very nice food...When I saw the pic of dessert and ice cream,I feel so hungry.
    Never been to this time got chance go KL..must try out.

  29. Very nice food...When I saw the pic of dessert and ice cream,I feel so hungry.
    Never been to this time got chance go KL..must try out.

  30. walau....all sorts of desserts...

    rounded jor? LOL...u walk a few rounds in Times Square then u r hungry jor.

  31. mery: yes, u must try if possible. haha..

    ling: i think we must go as a group la.. wanna?

  32. Lucky you! I've heard so much about Jogoya but never been there before :( Everytime we plan to go, there's no promotion/offer (we are too stingy haha).

  33. Wow lovely place, the desserts, ice-creams looks so yummy, delicious...

  34. so nice..wish I was there during the offer.


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