Monday, November 1, 2010

Deepavali Kolam-s

Happy Deepavali!

I know I am pretty early in wishing this year... When I downloaded my pictures yesterday, I could not resist not posting them up tonight.... the "Kolam-s" were so colourful as seen in Berjaya Times Square and Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Nothing of these are seen here in Ipoh unfortunately. It was a poor sight at Ipoh Jaya Jusco when I went there last night. Didn't have the heart to take a picture of that, kind of shy to put it up compared to the beautiful sights of KL...

Berjaya Times Square, KL

nearer vision..

the crowd was not as many as in Mid Valley..

this one is beautiful...

this one is from KL Sentral...

Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur..

Another one from Mid Valley...

Mid Valley has a few of Kolam from the North/South/Central courts

Happy Deepaveli....


  1. Wah! So 'sui' leh...
    Kinta City must learn from KL.

  2. Wow! They are all really pretty and amazing! Shame lah me, I must go and see with my own eyes since I live.................................................................. in KL...

  3. mingna: very colourful hor..

    twilight: go before deepavali is over.. :)

  4. Indeed very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I saw the ones in Mid Valley - they are beautiful! But I didn't take any pictures haha!

  6. These are just amazing and the prettiest post I've ever seen you do!! Are they made of sand?

  7. I have seen Tibetans create these, but yours are just a beautiful and full of meaning!
    खुश दीपावली !

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  8. sheohyan: welcome..

    foongpc: i joined in the crowd taking pics.. hahaa..

    ginny: i m not too sure of what type of sand.. but they are colourful..

    cloudia: thanks!

  9. Wah Claire...they are really really beautiful leh.

  10. Claire, you took all kolams' pic in the shopping malls you visited. Wow!! They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. sjb: creative...

    amy: yeah, they were..

    yvonne: must to 1utama to see too.. hahaa..

  12. thanks for sharing these pics:) i don't get the chance to go to all the shopping malls to see the sights these days!

  13. beautiful! So nice! Well, don't complain about Ipoh - we do not have any here at all...and no public holiday either! Very very few Indians around here....

  14. Malacca we also have these kolams. But not as beautiful as those in KL. :D

  15. Oh...i have this to post also...but mine only have one kolam..hahahahha

  16. mc: Kl and PJ has a lot of these beautiful decors..

    stp: but u have many other festive seasons over there, right? we cannot see them over here..

    kathy: hahaa..memang pandai..

    Mery: yes, beautiful..

    tekkaus: cos KL more people.. spending power is greater..

    ling: show show.. :)

  17. *sigh* gosh.. they are so so pretty... Superb!! I love the fact that you clicked all these pics... in so many malls... Wow!! I'm super impressed..

    Thanks for sharing this... I know where my rangoli inspiration will be coming from.. *wink*

  18. Wow, kolam! Nicely done, luv it ;-)

  19. Very, very nice kolam collection you have here! The ones in Ipoh that bad meh? Give chance a bit la... should include here and show us as well.

  20. patricia: rangoli? ..must google this word..

    annieming: yes, very nicely done up...

    cath: very creative too!

    chloe: yeah, i will if i go JJ again.. it was covered with plastic.. sigh..

  21. Those kolams looks so pretty and I am quite amazed to see such a beautiful art, I really appreciate their hard work...

  22. sam: yes, beautiful..

    rose: i agree

    carol: yes, they need creativity minds..

  23. So pretty. Thx for sharing them here. I've not been to the malls these past few wks.

  24. the kolams are so pretty! if only they can have the same prints on fabric... *dreamy sigh*


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