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Pre Graduation Dinner With Lou Wong

Gabriel and his family arrived in Ipoh a day before his graduation... Took them to Sun Mar Poh, Ipoh Garden for lunch. First time meeting up his mum and sister, there was sort of a barrier between us..what sort of barrier? Language... hahahaa...

I don't know much Mandarin nor hokkien... and Gab's mum doesn't know much Cantonese... so imagine our conversation has a mixture of each and everything including malay.. all rojak.... well, as long as we understand each other... finally.. that is what counts! hahahhaa...

For dinner, we took Gab and family to Lou Wong nga choy kai (chicken & bean sprouts)... Come to Ipoh, you must try this otherwise you have not been to Ipoh.... LOL...

Lou Wong Chicken Shop..

opposite is the salted duck shop...

Gab getting ready his equipment...

see how Professional he is!

the kok kok kai.. (steamed chicken)

Ipoh famous bean sprouts..

plus some fish meatballs...

as I said earlier, I took them there..
but Gab paid for the dinner...
Thank you Gabriel for the sumptuous meal!!


  1. Between Lou Wong and Onn Kee, I prefer the latter. Hmm... it's the soup that really matters. You? What do you like about Lou Wong?

  2. Actually both of them taste pretty much the same to me.. i think the best is near the excelsior hotel one. what is its name, i forgot. but that one is expensive!

  3. Lou Wong and Onn Kee are nice. I can't tell which is better. Did you all use sign language instead?

  4. yeah, i went there before when i visited my friend in Ipoh.. but can't remember whether it's Lou Wong or the one opposite..

    can't communicate with Gabriel's mum?? then just use the universal language lor, or get Gabriel to translate~~ :p

  5. twilight: we rojak our language.. very unique one..hahaa....

    sk: yes, i did ask gab many times.. sigh... i better take up mandarin class la..

  6. How generous he is to pay for your meal!! What is a salted duck shop, is that all they sell? Is it a restaraunt that only sells salted duck or more like a grocery store?

  7. Hah!!! Gab belanja kah? Now, when is he going to give me a treat? Aiyor...his equipment! He takes it out, I wouldn't dare to take mine out malu, mine's so small!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

  8. ginny: salted duck is wrapped up with parched paper and steamed in a wok full of salt.. it is very fragrant when the duck is cooked.. :)

    stp: hey, u got camera, i used my handphone only to snap all these.. hahaha.. lagi malu-ing!

  9. Your posts are always studded with photos of great meals that's why I'm always hungry whenever I visit your blog, lol. How are you my friend? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. nga choy kai is always the best for first timers to Ipoh..yummy.

  11. Claire, you know I'm not familiar with names in Ipoh and yet your title sounds, erm like you're having sort of a date with Uncle Wong (Lou Wong). Ceh, you got me again!

    Btw, that bowl of fish/meat balls looks yummy...

  12. Mel: it is not always about food! hahaha.. maybe just a coincidence..

    wenn: yeah, but we ipohians seldom take them, right?

    yvonne: so now u should be familiar with the name.. dont forget to go try that place.. :)

  13. hehe...thank you auntie. no lar, the meal just a small matter compared to the blessings you have given me. i am hungry already, miss the meat balls. lol.

  14. When in the presence of Gab, all we have to do, is to strike a good pose and leave the shoot shoot here and shoot shoot there to him, right?

  15. Perhaps Gab paid because he wanted to snap those photos? :D

  16. gab: u dont have to miss them.. just come to Ipoh anytime u want! :)

    eugene: a pro is always a pro, right?

    tekkaus: that, u have to ask him.. hahaha..

  17. Yup, indeed the best is near the excelsior hotel one. It's expensive though. But I'll still option for there, once a while, ok la.....

  18. Have been some time too i've never been there...Miss their meat balls!

  19. Always went for lunch/dinner at Sun Mah Poh when I was staying in Ipoh.

    Don't know whether I'v been to Lou Wong but I really loved the ngai choi kai and the beansprouts.

    Aaww..I really missed home.

  20. Free for SHAGS, I mean bloggers gathering?

  21. Yes...that is the salted duck stall la...

  22. cindy: me too..once awhile.. :)

    angeline: do come to Ipoh one day..

    jessie: u r from Ipoh?

    gallivanter: ok, will check it out!

    kathy: yes, yes!!

  23. Hi Claire,

    According to Motorsmouth, a place for ngah choy kai that is much better than Luo Wong is at Cowan Street. Check it out at his food blog.

  24. I tend to eat at Lou Wong's neighbour. I'm still trying to decide which is better. Hmmmmm

  25. Nice food stuffs, good to see all these infact hungry...

  26. i went to Lou Wong once many many years ago before i got kids. Yes, their chicken rice taste good and different from what we had here in KL.

    Language barrier, i understand, because my hub and my mum also like chicken and duck talk. mum speak mandarin and foochow, but my hub not know mandarin nor foochow. :(

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