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Saved From Drowning!

Have you all ever taken your cordless phone to the bathroom with you? I mean not purposely wanted to take la... u know, sometimes at that moment when you wanted to sh*t, your house phone suddenly started to ring and there was no one at home... so what would u do? You would want to answer it, right? That was what I did when my friend called me the minute I stepped into the bathroom, ready to "bomb."

To cut the story short, I told my friend to call back later and conveniently I left the phone on the bathroom shelf parallel to the toilet bowl. (Kids, please don't follow my style)

After my so-called "business" in the bathroom, I flushed the toilet and grabbing my towel in a hurry, the phone somehow fell right into the toilet bowl itself!

Don't ask me how it happened, I don't have the answer.... all I know was that it fell right in while the water was subsiding, meaning the sh*t was almost gone, ok...

My first impulse was this... I ...............right................hand .............. into IT ............. and quickly grabbed and retrieved the phone in less than 3 seconds... before it gets flushed down and get stuck in "goodness knows where"...

Thinking of the cost if it got stuck, GROSS OR YUCKY or not, I just have to save my beloved phone from drowning!!

here it is... lol...
when it was "saved", there were water inside
its body and everywhere...
I stripped it "naked" ,
blew-dry it
and after a day, it is now good as new!!
NO smell one.. not to worry, sons!


  1. What a funny story. That's why you should always make sure the lid is closed before flushing. Although I don't always think of doing that either. But so far have never lost anything down the toilet. LOL Other that what is suppose to go into the toilet. If it bothers you, wipe it down with a Clorox or some disinfected cloth, that would get rid of any germs.

    Our daughter, one time, was grabbing a thermometer from a cabinet above her toilet, and she had just flushed and it was going down and so did the thermometer, which she accidentally dropped. And no way to grab it, so it went on down, but it was small.

  2. ish... lol... if i were ur sons, i'll go get a new fon! hahahaha.. :P

  3. He he what a funny story :) mak isah don't have a cordless phone but so far I have never brought my hp into the bathroom, itu la takut jatuh kat wet floor or even into the toilet bowl.

    So...did you tell your sons it fell in there...? :p

  4. haha eh u not the 1st one, i did that too with my treo last time in toilet office. Your house got upgraded to maxis fiber oso eh :)

  5. eeeeeyyeer... buy new one la... *puke*

  6. Aiya, i don't want to use your phone liao...ha ha ha!

  7. Yucks! Guess people will call you more often so that your 'good as new' phone can be fully utilised. Hahaha..

  8. i heard can be saved if picked up immediately but don't off/on it coz the chg of circuit will cause it to 'short circuit' and be gone forever.. not sure how true it is but sure glad yr phone is back in order now.

  9. OMG, hahahahahaha ...... but did you wash the 'parts' with soap before you put them back? Hahahaha .... if I were you, I will and with some dettol too just in case it smells, hahahaha! But I am glad it's as good as new now :P :P

  10. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! What a bizarre accident!! I am real clumsy and I could see this happening to me. But I would have had to think too long about grabbing it, and it would have been too late! I can't believe it still works, though, you must have real fast reflexes!!

  11. Eyewwwwww.... I jumped into the swimming pool once, my hp in my pocket! Had to send to the shop...and paid over RM100 to change one damaged part. Not long later, it got stolen... You're lucky - yours still ok! LOL!!!

  12. patty: if thermometer, I wont save it too,...hahhaa...too small to hold..

    merryn: hope they wont read this!! hahaha..

    isah: i must not do that ever again!

    jazzmint: u too? hahaha.. we learn our lesson..

    chris: hehehe... puke liow?

    pete: u must try then only u know la! :)

    sue: real one.. hahah..

    mingna: at first cannot use one.. got jissss..sound.. then later after 2 days, can use.. maybe dried liow..

    elaine: i just took out the batteries and knock knock the water out.. can use wor.. so nice.. hahaha..

    mommyangel: no la, i didnt wash the parts.. actually i stripped the batteries out only.. and then knock on the phone for the water to come out..

    ginny: yes, reflex action must be fast.. yucky or not, do it!! hahaha..

    stp: wow, u jumped into the swimming pool? so geng! u got pushed or what? u swim with your shirt on? wow... :)

  13. Poor phone... I must remember not to borrow your phone next time. Kakakakaka~

  14. omg! my mom never allow us to bring it into bathroom or toilet! hahaha our handphone included! :P

  15. Claire, come on come clean... is that a trick or what? I think you're trying to sabotage the phone so your sons and daughter won't use it to 'boil telephone porridge' anymore... hahahaha

  16. caroline: i guess i m the only one who do that!

    kiasumom: my sons dont know about this yet.. hahaha.. i think they will use their hp for anything else from now on.. hahaha..

    medie: wanna smell? hahaha

  17. Aiyoh, take the phone go toilet also? Waiting for important calls?

    I would buy a new phone if I were you. Thinking it just recovered from the WC...yucks!

  18. This is what we call in cantonese, "sak sang" right? lost your sense of mmmmmmmmm,

  19. =.= dun bring phone inside toilet la... aiyo... later ppl can hear u do 'business'. Shame shame!

  20. jessie: dont waste good money la.. no smell one.. cos didnt kena the sh*t..

    eugene: what sang is that?

    cleff: next time i let u hear.. hahaha.. ploop..ploop....

  21. Really very funny,I was laughing while reading...Hahaha...

  22. ahaaha....luckily i ve no cordless phone cos i am a very forgetful person. later i treat is as rubbish and throw it without aware of it..

  23. Eeyerrr geli!! LOL! But I understand your point, I think my reflex would have told me to pick it up too. Luckily it wasn't dropped BEFORE you flushed!

  24. hahaha....OMG!!! I used to bring in stuffs to the toilet too... but everytime i will remind myself to be careful as not to drop any item into the toilet bowl. Else......yucks! hahahaah.......hmmm....did you wipe your phone with some dettol....just to kill some germs. hahaha....

  25. OMG......For me, I would probably get new phone...

  26. i am bitting a chocolate stick while reading this.:(:(

    I never bring my phone to toilet, but beginning of this year, i get a new hp and hor, just one month old, the hp decide wan to drink my coffee..end up it RIP. :(:(

    Hub told me, once phone got water or any sim card, just dip it inside the un-cook rice, it will absorb the water wor.

  27. carol: putting hand in bowl not funny la.. hahaha..

    ling: lets shake hands!!

    sweetwitch: i wonder whether i will take or not that time.. urgh!!

    mnhl: i did neither.. hahaha.. actually it was clean water already then.. :p

    mery: but we got to retrieve it anyway, right? yucks!!

    annie: wah..hp also addicted to coffee? hahaa..drowned in coffee.. so cham!

    slavemom: dont know got medal or not.. hahaha..

  28. wah, claire. Lucky not your handphone hoh. If it is, sure have to retrieve it, haha.

  29. Hahaha! Luckily you flushed already. Sanitize it a few more rounds should be ok la :)


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