Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Farmhome Galore

No, it is not Halloween...

Aaron enjoying himself because....
he was the only the "thorn" among the roses tonight.....

My girl was enjoying herself too....

walloping an ice cream cake slice....

Yes, tonight was another food feast... today is my childhood cum classmate's birthday... we are best of friends since 13 years old ... as the saying goes, friendship is like wine, the older they are, the better "taste" it becomes.... ham mai ah?

we went for Porridge steamboat....

porridge with all types of food...

such as these.....


and these......hhhmmmm...

for 6 of us.. they were more than enough!!

we were supplied with minced meat
and had to do our own cooking...
oh, there is pumpkin porridge too...

after a long while.... all of us were famished!!

all I can say is... "it's good to be together"
and hope we stay that way....
Happy Birthday, Tam!!

In case you want to try this..
this is Farmhome Restaurant
51, Laluan Pinji Seni 4
Taman Pinji Seni
31650 Ipoh
hp: 012-5088603
the bill came to RM154.00 plus drinks!


  1. Hey, I love porridge steamboat especially the porridge towards the end of the meal. Yumz.. The last time I had it at Farmland (Not Farmhome though, hahaha...) in Puchong.

  2. inspiredmom: so there is another familiar name to this steamboat!

    kathy: baru nampak? hehhee... i dont really like it but no choice..have to wait few months,..

  3. oh...chooi har and ai koon chey chey ah?

  4. looks good..i hvn't tried that before.

  5. chris; wah.. u boleh ingat ke!! kam hoe yeh....

    blee: u should go try one day.. wah..yr pic got gaya la..

  6. Porridge steamboat..sound good and delicious..

  7. Wow! Lots and lots of big fancy platters!! The ice-cream cake looks so good, can your girl hand me a slice through the screen? Today is our Thanksgiving day and everyone is off till Monday. One thing I am thankful for is YOU!


  9. Mery: yes, not bad esp cold weather...

    ginny: i would love to do that, serious! give u a slice!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. to try it now! Thanks for sharing claire the steamboat! Slurp I stole one scallop d! I really like the way u smile!

  11. wonder so expensive lar. :p

  12. Happy birthday to your friend too. Oooo...steamboat. Elin has one...and I hope to have one at home too one of these days.

  13. angeline: all means.. eat.. hahaha....

    tekkaus: yeah lo.. not many too!

    stp: thank u.. rainy weather, so take steamboat best..

  14. I haven't tried the porridge steamboat before. It looked yummy, but I just worried it may be too filling.

  15. Whoa... I have never been to this place before..must try this one day :) Looks great especially after all those cooked seafood in the porridge...the porridge must taste wonderful!

  16. I totally agree with you about ur philosophy about friendship...
    its great that you have such good friends after so many years have passed...

  17. Wow, the porridge looks so tempting!! I want the ice cream cake! ^^

  18. It's good! You know? The shop is just IN FRONT of my house!

  19. Ha,, food food food, how i wish i could be like you,,, ok may be i will learn about food and start blogging about it..

    good to have friends around on time, isn't it?

    Happy Birthday to your friend tooo and have a great weekend ya

  20. sheoh: the porridge is very watery one.. kids will like!

    elin: yes, by end of the night, very teem...

    leona: this is called friendship :)

    hayley: me anything sweet!

    oh really?? u mean opposite?

    eugene: to eat.. i m very wai sik one..

  21. Claire...i have not try porridge steamboat time i go Ipoh, u bring me makan...LOL!!!

  22. It is so nice to see friends like you all get together like that :)

  23. ling: when when???

    puanisah: yes, good to be together and talk like never ending!

  24. friend since 13 years old?? wow, that is really a very strong friendship you have huh??

    hmmm, but i think i'm better, i have couple of friends which we've know each other since primary school and still close friends now.. hehehe!!

  25. sk: yes.. sudah lama la... wow.. u lagi lama.. great!!

  26. Yummy! Look delish. Now i can't wait for my steamboat dinner tonight.

  27. I love porridge steamboat too but I heard they are fattening! Anything nice is always fattening la!

  28. The foods are really delicious and I certain about that. I do love sea foods especially when they are cooked in this fashion. But I prefer fried one as compared to the stuffed one.


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