Monday, January 31, 2011

Aliss Ran Away

Talking about puppies is quite sensitive nowadays, as my friend, Mr. Bean told me. Well, sorry to say, I am very sad when I lost Aliss, (3 year old doggie) on that dark Friday night.

I was given the task of taking care of Aliss for just a night...

When I came home from work, I released Aliss out from the cage and let her move about the house. I even took a few pictures of her that evening, as this is shown here...

Then.... at around 8pm, as I was taking a shower, my son Andy came back from Penang. When he opened the gate, he felt something rushed past him into the streets. He didn't know I was "babysitting" Aliss ... and he only realized it when I shouted that Aliss was being dog-sitted. He quickly rushed out to the street and began chasing after Aliss... on the other hand Aliss ran and ran... so fast that he couldn't see where she has gone to. Too fast for him... and I was in my pajamas running out to the street too with the towel wrapped around my head. What a sight!
But unfortunately we couldn't find Aliss anymore... she was nowhere to be seen... we walked round and round our neighbourhood during the dark night... no.. we couldn't find her... I guess that was the last we saw the last of Aliss... Sorry Aliss.. hope you are in a better home now... sigh..


  1. stp, dont lar!!! my mum said she saw one dog like her near the next road.. tomorrow i will go and investigate... hope it is her... very difficult to find once they run off.. esp she is not familiar ...

  2. I'll pray so that this little feller go back to ur house... poor thing... must be so sked out there... this puppy not familiar wif u la... that's why rush off... wanna go back to real home...nvm, hope God help u find this puppy...

  3. Oh, so sad! But it was an accident. I hope the owner was not too hard on you!

  4. OMG! I am sorry to hear to hear about this. Hopefully she will come back home ASAP!


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