Sunday, January 30, 2011

East Ocean For Ten!

We had a joyful "sau koong chau" lunch in East Ocean Restaurant last Friday... a wonderful meal before ushering in the Chinese New Year.... there were 10 of us .. just nice for one table.

For the first time we celebrated our "farewell lunch" for 2010 in East Ocean.... and we planned to have one more grand meal again after ushering in the Chinese New Year... "hoi koong chau" ...

East Ocean Restaurant in Menglembu

loe sang dish..

one, two, three.... lets mixed....

chinese believes..this dish brings prosperity...
The dishes ordered....

steamed clams...

steamed cod fish...

sei tai teen wong (4 types beans)

kai lan with yam... very nice!!

lotus mixed vege with macadamia nuts...

ginger chicken...

let's eat..... and be satisfied....

lastly, our dessert... egg white pudding...
best of the best!!

one toast for us veterans!!
"kong hei, kong hei... sun leen fai lok"
(Wish you all a Happy New Year!"


  1. Great place to the steamed clams in wine and the kai lan with yam...yummy !

  2. The egg white pudding caught my eyes. Wonder if the East Ocean in Ipoh Garden South serves the same dessert? Btw, Claire, I like your new hairstyle and the 'Mandarin Collar' you wore. :) A nice one.

  3. elin: lets go there once again for hoi koong chau.. hahaha...

    mingna: i havent eaten that in ipoh garden south... i m going there for our reunion i will ask.. :)

  4. wow, so nice looking at those food.. the steam claim in wine looks so yummy, drooling now~~ :p

  5. I do hope to bump into you when I'm back in Ipoh for my CNY reunion.

    Hope my family will choose the one in Ipoh Garden South.

  6. Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Claire. Sei for. Now I tow ngor jor

  7. wah.... nice food. Is it from company's budget ? LOL

  8. wah..already loe sang. I hv't done that yet.

  9. Whoa, already started the feast huh! What a combo ...Kai Lan & Yam! Must try that one day. See how it tastes like! :o) Have fun Ladies.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. kai lan and yam is new to me..must try that next time i go there..if i remember and also the egg white pudding..that pace is also packed and so difficult to find parking space especially at night but i think the food is really good and reasonable priced.

  11. Who are these group of friends with you and why are you saying good-bye? It looks like you really did it up right! Such variety! That egg white pudding, I think I will Google recipes for it. It looks surrounded by egg drop soup, yum!!!

  12. sk: that dish cost RM35.00, a bit too pricey.. but then.. cny ma..

    kathy: quick make maggi mee first.. tahan dulu.. :)

    lina: not bad.. :)

    chris: company budget??? never heard of such spendour before!! :)

    wenn: maybe after new year, we bloggers come out and have one?

    kristy: thanks .. we did .. tot of doing one more round..

    lena: our set is 300rm over.. got one pot of lap mei farn also.. forgot to take pic and a plate of fruits...pudding is RM2.50 each..

    ginny: we bade farewell to 2010 for chinese.. welcome the new lunar year...

  13. Looks like a very nice place...and the food looks good. Wait ah...I go Ipoh, we go there. LOL!!!

  14. Looks like a very nice place...and the food looks good. Wait ah...I go Ipoh, we go there. LOL!!!

  15. stp: problem..just come...

    tekkaus: u havent tried yet?

  16. I just had lunch and now... all of a sudden I feel hungry again! You ar.... Happy CNY to you!

  17. Lou Sang!! I just had my FIRST lou sang last night and the portion look so small. Yours look so good!

    Looks like a healthy meal, more vegetables dish than meat. :)

    Here would like to wish you & your family A Very Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Hei Fa Cai!!

  18. MG: go eat..dont be conscious of weight..hehee....

    annie: same to you too! u must come ipoh to try food, but come after cny...

  19. Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Claire! Wish you many many "fatt" throughout this year!

  20. That's again a lot of good food....drooling :D Most of the time I come here, I would feel hungry. I think I come at the wrong time. Next time I'll visit your blog with a full stomach first...haha

  21. Love the food here... The pudding looks good to me!

  22. yvonne: dont fatt at the wrong areas..hahahaa..

    marymoh: i thought i am supposed to say that instead....

    angeline: yes, the pudding is very nice.. only 2.50rm per pudding..


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