Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Pepper Consequences..

Last night before I went to sleep, I could feel some discomfort in my throat.... true enough, when I was sleeping, it hurt.. and hurt.. and hurt badly when I swallowed .... it was real bad!!

The pain was like sharp, hurting my throat whenever I swallowed in my saliva.... gosh!! For a moment I was thinking what I had eaten that caused the sore-sore throat, I "rewind" back what I had eaten yesterday, nothing HOT as far as I can recall.. ... then "rewind" back some more and finally realized that the culprit was the BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN in Station One!

Gosh.. I just wrote it was so spicy.. so hot... so dry... and now it caused me Sore Throat... serves me right, I guess.... that would be my last time of taking Black Pepper Hot Hot!!

See what I have bought this afternoon...
My throat hurt so much that I have these options to take..
Big orange, lemon, soothing throat sweets
a bottle of "ham kat" (preserved lime)
and some chinese tablets for sore throat!
I wonder which will be able to cure me.... sigh....


  1. My best remedy for painful, inflamed throat is Difflam anti-bacterial lozenges, gargle with salt water the whole day, lots of water and lemon juice with Manuka honey. Get well soon ya.

  2. thanks Shireen.. I gargled with salt and listerine.. though not whole day... just 3 times.. and i didnt buy manuka.. it cost nearly a hundred ringgit?

  3. Dont take orange. Takut later it turn into cough pulak if you take orange

  4. My secret remedy is:

    1. Don't say a word till the throat is no longer inflammed
    2. Drink plenty of lukewarm water

    P.S. Whenever I had a sore throat, I would be smiling to my student throughout the teaching period, without letting them know that I was unwell. Those who had never seen me behave in such an awkward manner were too afraid to make noise as they thought their teacher was in a terrible mood. The smile that kills... hehe

  5. kathy: aiyah@@ I took 2 oranges liow.. too late!!

    mingna: wow.. a smile that kills!! this is a good line... gonna use it for my next movie production.. hahaha...

  6. The cheapest and fastest way eat cucumber with plenty of salt. Heard of as cool as cucumber? I always do that and it worked on me. Ham kat is good too. Caution: only starting of sore throat before inflammation but when it turns 'bad' need medication. Come to think about it the salt is actually the healer and gargling with water does help.

  7. sore throat is terrible..anyway, drink warm honey.

  8. difflam is good but if serious, still need antibiotics. you are like me leh...cannot tahan black pepper.

  9. Honey!!! It kills bad bacteria in your throat. Also Dr. Oz says to gargle with salt water three times a day. This used to be an old wives tale, but doctors find it is actually like medicine now. My son had terrible sore throat, and this relly helped. Put at least a teaspoon of salt in an 8 ounce glass of water. Gargle.

  10. I don't like/hate black pepper it is. Would never have that with my grilled meat - I always ask for brown gravy or mushroom sauce.

  11. oh no! I hope you are feeling better now! Thanks for the sweet comment doll! xo

  12. bananaz: i took cucumber too but i cooked them as a dish yesterday.. haha..

    wenn: i better invest in a good bottle of honey..

    chris: never asked for black pepper..

    ginny: yes, salt works!! best solution and it is cheap!

    stp: yes, like u, i dont like.. dont know why it came with black pepper.. menu there not written.. just grilled chicken.. next time no more going there..

    taj: thanks for coming over!!

  13. I don't have remedy to share. When I have sore throat, I will do all the above in your comment, if still hurt, I will see doctor and take antibiotic. I just can't help opening my mouth and talk.

  14. It happens to me all the time as I have a highly sensitive throat. Even a pack of french fries will kill me. I normally gargle with salt water and Listerine. Nothing else will work. If salt and Listerine still doesnt work after 2 or 3 days, its antibiotics :-(

  15. gargle salt water and drink some of it... buy Wong Lo Kat to drink, seems quite effective :P.

  16. many type of remedies. U have taken all, claire?

    Hopefully by now, u r doing better.

  17. I will drink coke + salt, it helps.

  18. Hope you feel better!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  19. oh dear.. drink lots of honey.. with lime n kam quat

  20. sheohyan: me too, i must yak yak also.. now the chinese med helps..

    LV: nowadys very difficult to find wong loe kat.. hahaa..but salt helps a lot!

    ling: all except the lemon.. not yet cos no honey.. :)

    cindy: coke is out.. i dont like to drink that.. hahaha..

    cloudia: thanks..i m now..

    merryn: manuka is very expensive but i think i will buy!

  21. if it still gets worse, then you probably need antibiotic even though it may not be a good option. Hope your throat is getting better today.

  22. last week i was having a bad sore throat too, reason being was, eat too much dried meat. :S

    I took propolis honey, and some chinese capsule that my mum bought for me and drink lots of water, after 2 days finally receover.

    Get well soon and have a great weekend!

  23. get better soon! drinks lots of water + honey?

  24. gargle and drink salt water. I think that might help. Anyway....wish you speedy recovery.

  25. For me...I gaggle with salt water every morning before brushing my teeth and drink warm ginger water.

  26. usually I will be drinking a very thick lime juice with preserved lime dashed with a little bit salt over nite and sip it slowly... =p

  27. Didn't black pepper can be so "bad" huh! That's why who ask you to take so much? :p


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