Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Juicy, Too Dry, So Hot!

After fetching my girl from tuition, it was nearly 8pm... our stomachs were "growling" by then... we drove around Ipoh Garden East area, round and round looking at the cafes, road side stalls, restaurants .... everything seemed very nice to me because I was really hungry.

Then girl finally decided on Station 1 Cafe...

it was quite dark then...

inside also quite dark...
that kid looked familiar.. looked like "small cat?"

my girl ordered fish fillet with chips... sigh...
so mini-sized but she didn't complain...

I wanted something big and solid
and these came out..
not appetising at all..
too much black pepper, it was so spicy!

Take a closer look... doesn't it look non-appetitising?
The chicken meat was dry and not juicy-ish...
and the black pepper was like over-cooked..
Gosh, am I so fussy?
If it were not RM19.90, I won't complain...
but for that price, I have to comment more...


  1. hahaha...looks like somebody punya negro chicken . Next time u whan negro chic come KL. Somebody can make for you FOC

  2. Such an awful looking drumstick. Yucks!!! The gravy looked disgusting. =.=

  3. The food items displayed were really superb and they look quite yummy from the picture. I'm really feeling hungry looking at those food. Hope you enjoyed them.

  4. kathy: i know who!!! hahaha...

    mingna: i think i wont go there anymore... kenny rogers anytime better...

    lasvegasgolf: no, i didnt enjoy them..

  5. The fish and chips looks better than that blackened chicken. I doubt if I could have eaten that myself, but I love fish.

  6. i don't quite fancy station 1 food.

  7. Station 1's food is never good. =D

  8. Doesn't look too great does it? Sometimes these things happen, at least you know not to go back there again! :D

  9. One station cafe not nice.... I didn't go back there to mskan in jb.

  10. claire, did you make that corn stand up or was it standing up when this was served? look so funny lah..

  11. Haha! I guess you have the right to complain since it's not exactly cheap!

    Anywa, I never really liked the food in Station 1 Cafe! : )

  12. Ya...lots of these half-past-six western cafes mushrooming everywhere. Notnice...and expensive some more.

    One way to tell that the place has no class at all is the extensive use of mayonnaise - cannot even make their own special dressing, same as the stalls in hawker centres and coffee shops - at least, those are a lot cheaper.

  13. It does look bad!! It even has a green appearance! I hope you didn't turn too green after eating it!! How was the fish? That doesn't look too bad...

  14. I have banned myself from going to Station One already.
    I dislike Station One, because the food is expensive and yet not tasty.

  15. Not sure about other outlets, but the Station 1 at Taiping has really bad service! (very slow...)
    The main concern is, the food is too pricey and taste so so only!

  16. I would say the food is cold and pricy..not cheap at all. Normally we wont go there! unless yum char session.

  17. wowo.. I received all negative comments about Station 1.. in that case, they better improve..

    Lena: i didnt move anything on the plate, i took pic before i ate.. so the corn had came out standing one!

  18. saw this station 1 cafe many times, but not tempted to go in, dunno why. maybe not authentic looking enough, like those wannabe kopitiams.

    eh, so was that kid really small cat? does resemble hor?

  19. Auntie, I think My Point is always a better choice, right?

  20. Yikes! I never ever like station 1 food, really awful!!! But, they seems to have a lot chain everywhere, i wonder how they can survive.


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