Friday, January 14, 2011

Body Glove School Bag Not Bad..

Actually I should post this up last week but I went to Penang and forgotten all about this until a moment ago when I was "ransacking" my photo folder....

It has been a long school holiday for my girl and a few days before school started, she also started to tidy her books and stuff.. that included her school bag as well. She has been using this school bag for four years now! Girls are girls.... they are more "gentle" with their belongings?

Time to get ready for school...
her old faithful 4 years old bag...

washing school bag also feel so happy..
next time give her more things to wash...
one tip for mommys...
Body Glove school bags are not bad....
(oooppss.. free advertisement!)


  1. and it looks still new too.. ^_^

  2. I love body gloves tshirts...bought four pieces last few weekends. CNY will wear it..hahaha

  3. just saw your comments on my blog..still not sleeping yet? dont b late for tomorrow..

    your girl really know how to take care of her things.. i also remember when i was studying, i tend to look out for bodygloves tshirts, lady gear sport shoes, heard of lady gear?

  4. A cute picture! Good that she is washing it herself and not asking mom to do it!

  5. Wahhh... fernie so guai! Last time i just throw my bag into the washing machine let the machine wash! LMAO. And my mum scolded me, say the machine will rosak. Sobs!

  6. Somebody had a post on a schoolbag that was really very nice - padded some not painful on the back when carrying a lot of books. Think it was Ian's inspiredmom, if I'm not mistaken.

  7. Your daughter is being so faithful to her school bag. I have never seen my students recycle their school bags before.
    "Teacher, that school bag OUT already lah..."

  8. 'Body glove' is always on the top of my list . I wash my BG school bag every month (or twice in a month) . Not only that , I use BG pencil case for almost 6 years ! (since primary school time) and I'm still using it .

    BG's fans

  9. WELL, NOT BAD WOR! Can used it again after washing!

  10. yup....last time i also used 2-3 years a school bag. sometimes when find comfy ones , hard to wanna change. even got lubang already still wanna use haha

  11. Yes, she will use this till she goes college..hahaha

  12. Umbro bag is also very lasting. I have a friend who is using that bag since secondary unitl now! She left school like 10 over years!


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