Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two Beautiful Bloggers

This morning around 10am, I went out to meet two lovely ladies... we met up in Coffeebean cafe Jaya Jusco... I haven't met this lovely lady before but I agak-agak know how she looks from her mini-size picture from her blog. Upon entering the door to Coffeebean, I noticed this young, sweet lady standing at the entrance of CB looking at me, giving her sweet smile... Immediately, I know she was the one I was going to meet up with....

Half an hour later, another sweet lady mama came in and smiled at us... well, that made three of us chatting about anything under the sun... we had a good conversation while enjoying our breakfast in Coffeebean, first time for me and Lena... never had breakfast there before and amazingly, it was crowded...

We parted our ways around 12pm... before we parted, we agreed that we would arrange one more meet-up again and hope we can gather as many bloggers as we can.... it is good to know one another in real... so hopefully that someone will take the initiative to arrange a bloggers' meet after Chinese New Year!!

Lena, I "stole" this piece of cake from your blog...
thanks for such a yummylicious chocolate banana cake!!
I love it!!

thanks Pam for this lovely venetian mask!
it is now sticking to my fridge! lol....


  1. pictures of the beuatiful bloggers....only got cakes *dissapointed*

  2. they are Pam and Lena..

  3. thanks for the pretty little cups too, can use for drinking or not? i think better display that in my living hall.

  4. Claire & Lena:

    I am so glad to be granted the opportunity to meet you all on this lovely Saturday morning. Thanks to the two gorgeous looking ladies for brightening up my day. Hope that we can meet up again one day.

  5. Just a pic of the bt the picture of 3 of you..?

  6. Mardi Gras mask, eh? Too bad I dun have a copy of my Royal Masquerade, else I would have signed it and give you too, Claire. =D Btw, my 'Shattered Hearts' read liao anot? =.= Belum read kah? Ada comment on it anot?

  7. How nice that you are able to get together with other bloggers.

  8. What fun! I love it when this happens!! I have had several meetings with my blog followers, and the first time meeting is so exciting!! And you talk forever, because you feel like you already know them, and you do!

  9. Must be so fun to meet up with like minded people! That Venetian mask looks beautiful.

  10. What????? You get to eat Lena's cake? I'm so jealous *pouts*

  11. Oh you gonna trigger another 'nightmare' for +Ant+ as he commented that he always think of chocolate banana cake each time he drop the peel. haha ~;).

  12. What bloggy fun!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  13. chris: leng lui cannot be shown one.. nanti kena stalked.. hahaa..

    wenn: yeah, too bad u couldnt come.. next time please do..

    lena: do what u wanna do with them! :)

    pam: yes, same here.. nice to meet u finally! next time we arrange a bigger meeting, right!

    mery: next time we take more pictures.. yes, yesterday we didnt take! :)

    cleff: not read yet la.. i leave the best for last... hahaha..

    patty: yes, interesting!

    ginny: meeting up is to see the real person, yes, after all, we like know them well..

    mary: yes, the mask is something like what i have seen in the pictures..

    stp: wah.. macam sangat romantic!! hahaha..

    barb: i know u all have something much more interesting next week!!

    medie: tempation, right!

    bananaz: gosh.. u feel "naked".. hahaha...

    cloudia: greetings to u too!

  14. er... you should show us their photos mah... :)

  15. Glad you all had so much time try to make it on week day weekend family day wor :( anyway I hope to make it the next time. Thanks Lena for the chocolate banana cake...beautiful the texture !

  16. yerrr, no pictures of them one? :p but the choc banana cake looks yum!! drooling dy!

  17. The mask...though a me the creep. :p

  18. The best? wahhhh...on cloud nine liao kena puji. LMAO!

  19. chvoon: too beautiful to show.. hahaha.. actually we didnt take time perhaps..

    angeline: yeah.. greeeat!

    elin: weekday, Pam is not around.. next time we organize a bigger group.. after cny..

    carol: leave the best for last.. hahaa..

    tekkaus: venetian masks are like that..

    cleff: true ma.. how often do i tell u lies.. hahhaa...

  20. So good, can meet up and chit-chat!

  21. like the choc banana cake too :P
    yah.. is really nice to meet up with some close blogger

  22. cindy: next time must call u.. :)

    anggie: yes, nice to meet up with local bloggers too!


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