Sunday, January 23, 2011


Labbie has become part of our family... now she always go in and out of the house for all she likes. Only when new visitors are coming to my house, I will tie her up temporarily, especially those with small kids, they might fear my Labbie which is bigger than the normal Labradors. I cannot imagine Labbie not around anymore so I thought of doing dog dna testing for her. As a member of the family, she deserves to be given the treatment she ought to have. Well Labbie, let this mama her find out more information about this dna and see what it does for you.


  1. Labbie is so cute. We too are thinking of having my dog, Bones undergoes dna testing. A lot of people asked us what kind of dog is Bones because he is huge than a black lab. Well Labbies is so lucky to have u.

  2. i agree..i hope i could have one labrador in the house..


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