Monday, January 17, 2011

My Three Years Of Crapping!

Caring Is Not Only Sharing is 3 years 10 days old today... I forgotten all about it till 10 days later... that is today...... well, knowing me, it is not surprising, right??

Just a moment ago, I did a bit of homework... I wanted to know how many posts I have written so far... it may not be the correct figure because I have deleted a lot of paid posts which are more than a year old...

Starting with 2008, it showed 338 posts
In 2009, there are 460 posts...
And in the year 2010, it came to 864...

Plus everything up, I have written more than.... 1628 posts!!! (yat lok yee fatt!!!) how about that??? That shows how much I have crapped... and still go on crapping....

Ok, now flashbacks... an excerpts of my 3 years anniversary posts...

In 2008

Today is Monday 7/1/2008...monday blues?? For me, yes, yes to every monday.....but.... dont ever let that thought seeps into our shouldnt be called monday should be another beautiful day for us to treasure, to be thankful we are still alive and kicking well, to be grateful we still have a job to go to, colleagues to gossip with, teabreaks to savour good food, figures for us to activate our minds, lunch breaks to do our personal chores and lastly, a home to go back to... and cherish the dinner time with our kids and family..this is a real bliss....if we dont expect too much from life, everyday is a bliss for us....

In 2009.....

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY, i guess, i think...i suppose so...... WHY? It is the 7th January 2009 and if anyone were to notice (definitely no one, lol), my first post in my blog was on the 7th January .... that makes my blog..........1 YEAR OLD TODAY!!!

In 2010

I am still on leave. Everything is almost settled now except for some bills. After a few hectic days, life will be back to normal, by the grace of God. Aaron is still around the house for at least two weeks before he goes back to Uni. Andy has gone back to Penang today and I hope he feels alright. He and his grandfather are closer than the rest of us....

Now 2011

My third year of blogging... I wonder what is in store... but I know what I have in store.... I make a lot of friends in the blogging world, virtually and in real.. that is already an accomplishment and I hope in the days ahead, we will continue to widen the chain of blogging throughout the whole world... (waahhhh... sounds like very kwah cheong!)


  1. This journal will be very useful for your grandkids in the future. Keep it up :)

  2. happy 3rd blogversarrrrryyyy to you Caring Is Not Only Sharing

  3. Yippy! Many Happy Returns Of The Day!

  4. I blogged in 2007....1 year earlier than u, we climb kledang hill on 1 or 2 feb morning?

  5. keep on crapping.. i enjoy reading your posts, it is always so delighting and so wonderful to have known you!!

  6. Congrats Claire on the 3rd Anniversary of your blog (kim@oz).

  7. Congrats. Wow!!! We started around the same time - I think mine was in March...but you are making so much money and I am not making a single cent. Life is so unfair... Sobs!!!

    P.S. You're in my post today...

  8. HAPPY BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY!!! That first post was amazing, and you get better!

  9. rachel: I hope they turn my journal to a movie.. hahahaha...

    veta: thank you very much!

    mingna: i wan cake! i wan cake!!! :)

    chris: u call me la.. if no receive phone means no go! hahaha...

    wenn: how old is yours?

    lena: i will if time permits and fingers are working fine! hehehe..

    anonymous: thanks Kim!!

    stp: ok, i will jump over now to your blog.. oh by the way, a few of us started almost same time.. u, eugene, raynebow, googlymama and a few others.. :)

  10. It seems as years go on, your posts have increased tremendously. Keep it on, Claire!!

  11. congrats! you managed to count all ur posts..:) keep it up..:)
    and it's 3rd anniversary already? great!

  12. Not to say I am particular or what.. but 338+460+864 is 1662 and not 1628.

    maths ada pass ka?

  13. claire...go buy number...if win belanja me JJ sponge cake LOL

  14. Happy 3rd Anniversary! Wah 1628 posts! As Small Kucing said, go buy number! LOL!

  15. Happy 3rd birthday to your lovely blog! Enjoy reading your blog and keep writing until it's the 10th anniversary and more! :)

  16. tekkaus: who old.. me or blog?? both old la.. yeah!!

    sheohyan: will do.. if possible!

    ling: a lot of crappy post ma.. hahaa...

    stella: the figures is there to add.. :)

    anonymous: hehehe.. u noticed!! good la u..Must give you prize... i thought no one will add.. yes, maths fei loe liow!!!

    cheeyee: actually it is 1701 as at 17/1/2011.. hehehe.. new number!!

    sweetwitch: right on!! Keep on Blogging, everyone!

  17. and you were the first few i stumbled upon during my early years in blogging too,, you just older me by 3 months so you are my tai ka chek and sifu in blogging..

    crap more, we love it....go slow on the PPP lah,, this year will be all go for you,, take last year's earning, enjoy this year ma, right..

    anyway happy 3 blogger year b day....

    thank you too

  18. haha happy birthday to ur blog! now 3rd n still counting! :D

  19. eugene: no, i dont do PPP anymore la.. banned liow.. do others only.. ok, will go slow, bro...

    caroline: how about yours?

  20. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

  21. Ok, I'm vy late here... Happy 3rd Birthday to Caring Is Not Only Sharing! It shows that u've been vy vy hardworking. ;)


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