Monday, January 24, 2011

This Sanctuary Christmas Concert

Yesterday evening we went to watch a Christmas and New Year celebration cum concert in Stadium Indra Mulia... It was organized and sponsored by the Perak government in conjunction with the festive season...(I think sponsored by Perak government cos the Royalty was there together with Chief Minister, Exco Members and a selective of Heads of Government department to achieve the slogan "1 Malaysia" ma...

churches and students took part in this program...

the Royalty and the VIPs

crowded stadium
after an hour of performance by some church choirs,
and 3 songs delivered by an Australian band
the Royalty and Vips left the hall...

the 2nd round of the real "JAM" begun again...

The band from Australia called This Sanctuary
part of the Hillsong...

the lead singer...

my girl and I went to the front to take pictures...

I felt very young mingling with the youth!!
after some minutes clapping and jumping around,
I had to take 5.... "phew...pheww...."

better sit here and rest my weary legs!
one blogger asked me how I celebrated
Lee Chong Wei's victory...
Well, this is it!! lol...


  1. nice! I had to work yesterday!

  2. I prefer musical stage show to concert for the latter is too noisy. Watched Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, Cats etc.when the groups came to Malaysia.Looking forward to another UK group performing in Malaysia.

  3. claire, u lost weight ker? u looked 'small'...

  4. yeah i know about this, the banners put up all over fair park , hey you are still young and still look very charming!

  5. I know Hillsong. Good pictures, glad you had so much fun, and were actually able to make your way up front.

  6. wenn: u are boss lady, sure have to oversee.. hehehe....

    mingna: yes, very noisy but the youngsters loved it.. i think er.. i got to make way liow! hahaha...

    merryn: that is why i put up this

    lena: coming from you.. i need a give u a treat! hahaha...

    ginny: yeah, my girl and i small size.. so we managed.. hahaha..

  7. You shall always look young clad in a simple t and a pair of jeans....

    have a great week ahead ya

  8. huh? Christmas and NY are only being celebrated now? that's funny :) hmm...i was hoping there is a close-up on the Raja Muda's wife :)

  9. haha. malaysian won the 7th time in a row need to celebrate like that ah? :P

  10. wow so crowded! LOL! u always look young, claire! :D

  11. I thought you wanna say your girl and you went on stage to sing. :p


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