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My Soon-To-Be Torture In Gua Gendang

Gua Gendang, this name sends "shivers down my spine" these days...

Call me spoilsport or in cantonese "siyeh"... yes, I am one... I never like adventures and to travel in discomfort and in another few days, I will be experiencing just that... sobbb....

Call it "teambuilding course" and those words make me sigh... but then, it is all part of work, somehow after some "pushing and shoving," I still have to go regardless.... sobbb...

Today I did some research on this place called Kolam Panas Chalet, Pengkalan Hulu (Hot Spring Chalets)... I want to prepare myself the "scenerio" , what and where and how this place is like... (see, i m siyeh one!)

picture from google search

Going to the Gendang Cave too, anyone here been there yet?
Any climbing need to be done?
Any danger going in? Leeches? Bats? Cockroaches?
I have height and water phobia...
A real torturing trip..
I sigh and sigh again..
but no choice.... A MUST trip!
If you can't beat them, you got to join them.....


  1. Don't look at the negative side of never know, you may enjoy urself :p haha think of me, then u won't be sien lo :))) If you siyeh , what about Kong our dear friend LOL!

  2. Yeah.. don't look at the negative side.. look at the bright side.. the fresh air in the cave that smells like bat's poo.. the crocodiles in da river... muahahahhahaha... no worries lah claire.. just.. have fun! :D

  3. Teambuilding event.. your colleagues must be adventurous people, choosing that location.

    Anyway, don't think too badly of it, especially so since you haven't tried it yet. It should be an interesting place, take some pictures and share with us here when you're back !! :)

  4. Let's think positive. You are selected because they can see the potential of you in helping them build up the working spirit among your colleagues... Just do it... Yeah!

  5. that kind of adventure/trip i really really like

  6. hahahha.. all the best claire.. ^_^

  7. elin: if u go, sure no more sien!!!

    merryn: i dont want to read your comments!! lol..

    issac: wanna trade places? :)

    pam: oh gosh, not that please! i m the last person who has potential.. hahaha..

    veta: u another one wanna trade places? hehe..

    cath: i need that.. :)

  8. Oh, you should watch The Sanctum before going! Hahaha!!

  9. Anyway, don't worry. You may just end up enjoying yourself there! : )

  10. it would be fun. the last time I went for a leadership camp was in 2005!

  11. is this part of the "rela' thing that you were talking about? just in case bring some balm along just in case the mosquitoes come welcoming you!

  12. yearning for such event and you don't like it. Maybe u should suggest them to climb Mount Kinabalu next year.

  13. Come, trade place wif me. I like this kind of things. =D

    ps: I'll pray so that time will pass fast for you and God will keep you safe, ok?

  14. Oh, I'm so sorry, this is causing you to be stressed out!! So they make you go? When do you leave and for how long? It looks peaceful and pretty, maybe it will be more like a restful spa? I am very afraid of heights, too!!! Yes, last time I had to go up on the Skyline Drive, I peed my pants! Better bring extra panties!! Will they let you take pictures, I hope!

  15. Next time suggest to your management "no need to go to Gua whatever,, to team building, ,there is also a big rock in Penang to do likewise,,,, very big big rock,, called Hard Rock,,, see also got rock ma,, but this is Hard Rock Hotel..syiok betul,,,

  16. Omigawd!!! At our age, things like this don't look too exciting... But you're slim, fit and active - sap-sap-sui!!! Good luck...and have fun. I'm sure you can! LOL!!!

  17. i can relate because I am not adventurous too. but the place is beautiful. yes, join them. who knows, you might love your trip.

    by the way, i am you newest follower here. best regards!

  18. Woooo wee, exciting leh, I love this kinda trip....take more photos of the place, Claire!

  19. I have not been there yet. :p That torturing meh? :/

  20. I reckon it'll be a good experience and great workout! Enjoy!:)

  21. Thanks for all your positive comments, I will post up pictures and stuff when I come back! oooh.. how I am still feeling no shiok ..

  22. Never too late to overcome those fears :-) Bring mosquietoe repellant, long pants, long shirts... to protect yourself... Hope all turns well.


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