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Shaolin 2011

It has been ages since I last stepped in a cineplex... wonder when that was...

So imagine my shock when I went to buy tickets to watch Shaolin 2011 last Sunday.... one ticket cost a Whooping RM13.00!! Waahh... I thought it was RM9 the most...

When the girl at the counter told me that it was a total of RM39, I really thought of walking away.... for that amount of money, I can buy the Shaolin VCD to watch at home and have a real good meal for three persons...correct?

But I ended up buying anyway..

So much uproar about this movie...
Heard only positive comments so far..
OK, my own views: storyline is very simple
but the scenes/actors, they were really good, very real....
in fact, very "splendidly" produced and directed..
the 13 ringgit ticket was worth it... hahaha...

Anyone of you seen this movie yet?


  1. Gone were the days $0.65 sen per ticket..Nope didnt watch any movie in cineplex ever since Avatar not even VCD haha.

  2. I haven't watch this show yet, but from the way you mention how it was worth your RM13, I'm getting interested!

  3. I have never been to a cinema or cineplex before. I have my own philosophy of movies: "By spending RM5, I can buy a DVD and enjoy the movie with the whole family. SO, why should I waste my $$$ in cineplex? cannot rewind, forward, pause, play again.....

  4. bananaz: wa... 65cents.. yes, those days!! our days.. hahaa..

    issac: yes, the way they direct the show, it was really good..

    pam: i used to think like u too.. but certain shows, they are worth watching in cineplex.. sound system..

  5. aiyah, i thought it's stephen chow sing chi..

  6. Hi Claire, I've never heard of that movie --but I'm not into many movies these days, even here in the USA... I do know that movies cost alot more than they used to....

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. i love movies acted by lau tak wah!

  8. Since my kids are born, I seldom watch movies. Last time, used to watch every single one with my wife. DVD...:P

  9. merryn: dont faint!!

    lena: that one is kungfu shaolin.. hahaha..

    betsy: yeah..everything has increased..

    wenn: i prefer jacky chan :)

    chrisau: wait few years more...

  10. Wow...a must watch for me and my wife. :)

  11. My last movie was with my dad. Year 1998, Jurassic Park, for my bday. Horrified to death with those dino, and never stepped back into any cinema since. I kinda support those ciplak DVD... lol... save money... can watch over and over if I feel like it summore!

    Am I not just economical? My husband so lucky! Dating wif me oso tak payah spend money on movie ticket!

  12. Haven't seen it yet but would love to!
    I'm following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at

  13. I have not been stepping to cinema for more than 4 years.......

  14. Thank goodness I do not go to the movies anymore...

  15. Of course, I've never heard of this movie. I do read the movie reviews, but don't go to the theatre even once a year! It is cheaper and more comfortable for me to wait a bit and buy the DVD, watch it at home. I used to go quite a bit when much younger.

  16. Shaolin 2011 not so good! I still prefer Detective Dee.

  17. I am not into Jackie Chan's movies anymore,,, Andy ok...i read about the review,i thought the story line is so so only,so i rather settle for a book for RM39..hahahahah.

    but then again, it was the time spent with the family in the cinema,then it is all worthwhile lol ,right?

  18. yeah I heard many ppl said this movie is good but I haven't watch it yet :-)

  19. Wah Ipoh TGV also charging RM13?? The one in Sunway Pyramid is charging RM14! and I tot Ipoh should be much cheaper but it turned out to be almost the same. Really expensive! I'd rather watch GSC premier class like that :P

  20. walao! so expensive one?? here the most only rm10 for no-3d, n rm15 for 3D. :D

    My Stories

  21. I also rarely go to cinema anymore after having kids. Have not watched this movie yet. Thought no more showing already. Hehe.

  22. Those were the days with RM9 ticket price. haha.....

    I've heard of this Shaolin show too... but not yet watch it. And watching in the cinema can enjoy the effects. So shiok.

  23. Have yet to watch this movie! How come RM13 so expensive? Add RM2 more and I can watch at GSC Signature on Wednesday for better seat and comfort! : )


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