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Carry On Piano-ing....

When she was four years old, I sent herJMC for two years... after that, she took in-house lessons for less than a year. Then she gave up at the age of seven, ever since then, the piano almost like a "white elephant", good for putting pictures and collecting dust....

Now ten years later, she dug up some old piano books.... Many thanks to some Korean series, she picked up the interest again.... she began "tang tang tang" some Korean songs... she will play the same song over and over again and...... over agaaainnn...... but I never get "muak"... as yet... lol..

Carry on playing, Girl... I love listening to them even though you play them numerous times.... to them... you are no pro... but to me, you are one...


  1. *sigh* I am musically illiterate... cannot read any notes. If only I can...the only thing I can play on the piano is Richard Clayderman's Ballad Pour Adeline...and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. =.=

  2. whoa she know how to play it! can ask foong to play with her one day! :D

  3. Oh, just like our Piano, the mice feasted on the chords that I had to have it repaired. I hope the kids will resume lessons this summer.

  4. I have a few kids at home waiting for adoption --- 2 organs, 1 guitar, 1 keyboard, 1 violin and 1 Yamaha flute.

  5. your 'return of investment' (ROI) is positive... she's playing music for you to relax.

  6. cleff: at least u know 2 songs! i NIL!

    carol: amateur and a profesional? hahaa..

    marie: cannot force on them.. they will play when they feel like it..

    pam: which do u play? all? geng!

    chris: i love listening to the notes.. eventhough she played over and over again.. hahaha..

  7. It's a good news for both of you!;D

  8. well, my organ for my kids are sitting quietly upstairs!

  9. Hey,
    I was thinking of Nodame Cantabile series... but that's Japanese.
    What's the Korean Series?

  10. grab your mic, claire! she plays and you sing!

  11. I wanna send my daughter to play piano too one day. :) HowI wish I can play piano myself. :/

  12. Keep on playing :)

    Music is the food for the soul ~ Shakespear.

    Happy MM and have a great week Claire :)

    My recent post Bread Anyone?

  13. alice: destressing!

    wenn: collecting dust, right? :)

    meia: oh, i never ask..

    lena: i know how to la la only la..

    tekkaus: hey, i also wish.. now too old to learn or not?

    namz: thanks for coming by..

  14. Glad to see she's playing again! You must be so happy to be able to hear the piano being played again, what more by your lovely daughter!

    Similarly, I stopped playing my organ since age 15 till now, don't think I know how to play back 15 years later.

  15. Me too! Have an electronic piano at home - bought it as Melissa asked for it. She can play...and everytime, whatever songs she played I would sing along. you've made me miss her! Tsk! Tsk!

    Isaac: You played the organ? Stopped playing already kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  16. You make me want to send my girls for piano-ing also.

  17. How good she is taking an interest again. Maybe all those lessons will pay off and she will be a concert pianist!

  18. I wonder i still remember how to play my organ or not. It has been left in my parents' house since I stop more than 10 years ago.....Gosh!!

    Let your girl take piano lesson again. No harm doing it 2nd time

  19. wah, private piano player for you leh, some more korean songs! i want also don't have leh... haha!

  20. Free music for you! LOL! So the piano is not wasted.

    Mine also sit at home collecting dust only... Hahaha!

  21. Why everybody's piano or organ sitting at home one? can me lah,,,,,

  22. is always a joy to hear our kids play the piano :) I for one never gets tired of it :)

  23. i regret i not learn piano well. :(

    anyhow, i am not good in music too.

  24. Wah...stop lesson already still can play the piano!!! Great!

    I learnt half way too. haha.... wasted a lot of my parent's money. Now regret ;(

  25. issac: 15 years ago? wow.. that is a long time..

    stp: hey, i wish she can play the songs i know how to sing.. hahaha..

    sheohyan: let me tell u.. either u waste money for 2 years or u end up paying a lot.. :)

    ginny: hahaa.. she cannot be .. the way she is playing..

    rose: she might want to take it up again for fun when she finishes her exam..

  26. irene: i also want to play but cannot leh..

    cheeyee: let your kids play.. but then cannot force them too..

    eugene: what can me?

    elin: your kids play so well.. i also love..

    voon: yes, if no interest, difficult..

    mnhl: wow..wish my parents those days could afford!


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