Monday, March 14, 2011


courtesy pic from badminton forum

CONGRATULATIONS TO LEE CHONG WEI on his tremendous victory over LIN DAN, the badminton giant of China.

When I logged in to tournament software this afternoon, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw LCW's name on the left hand defeating Lin Dan on straight sets 21-17, 21-17... WOW.. that was a real surprise and a super nice shock for me!

Oh, I was not around to watch their match last night... I missed this super match... sorry to say that I didn't expect Lee Chong Wei to win too! Dropped my spectacles this time though...

Unfortunately our men doubles did not give us a double victory.... anyway, I am glad for them too, it is no easy task to win over China doubles and Indonesia too! Not Bad.... Malaysia Boleh, kan??


  1. Congrats to him but LCW baptism of fire - to constantly beat Lin Dan & 2012 olympic will the biggest test - world no.1 ranking no meaning if fail to get the most covetous title - Olympic gold!

  2. I am damn happy for our heroes!!!

    He is our hero!

    Good to hear this news!

  3. yeah, Datuk Lee did it again!! this time really played well against Lin Dan!! Super-Lee~~ :)

  4. I watched this match last nite! happy!

  5. you must be the happiest Fan in Malaysia now.. hihihihi...

  6. Hi Reanaclare, HOLY SMOKE! He beat China's top player!!! That is really fantastic.
    I'm so happy, thrilled excited to learn this as we don't get this here....lost touch. But I sure love badminton.

    Now he will be known as THE MAN who defeated China's no. 1!! Will go down in history!
    Best regards, Lee.

  7. and i heard that our prime minister has a suprise gift for him!

  8. Congradulations to the winners, I am happy your man won!! I see I missed your MIA post, and I'm glad!! I would have been really worried about you!!!

  9. Our whole family were hugging one another when Chong Wei won the match. It's a moment to celebrate!

  10. Let us rejoice! More to come from Chong Wei. :)

  11. Oh? I just noticed! He's not wearing his HUGE gold chain! Maybe that's why he won...all this while,too it affected his playing! LOL!!!

  12. It was unbelievable! I guess Chong Wei deserved the victory. Congrats to him!!! : )

  13. Laughing at STP comment..No wonder LCW was saying he would be changing his strategy to play another tune. He used 'Unchained Melody' left the heavy chain in his locker? haha..Congrats Datuk Lee you did it your way..

  14. It was a double joy on Sunday since I managed to catch the game right after returning from the Buble concert ;)

  15. I also couldnt believe my ears when I heard my friend told me of his win. When ever I watched him played, he sure lose. So this time, I didnt watch he win! hahahah! Congrats and Malaysia Boleh

  16. Joke For you

    A joke to share:

    JOKE : Why lee chong wei keep losing to lin dan last time?
    answer: because Lee Chong Wei = LCW = Let China Win

    Why this time Lee Chong Wei wins?
    answer: because he get Datuk name become Datuk Lee Chong Wei = Don't Let China Win

  17. you know, it is dam exciting to watch live! because I can see all people expression that from sad moment become power up and semangat! Horray to Malaysia!

    You know what is the reward Najib give to DLCW? And what Rosmah give to him? Haha All England Cup I think my dad told me that got more than 30years didnt get already. Then usually Champion that make Malaysian proud got some heavy reward, this time 1 very less XD

    Thanks for dropping comment on my blogpost!

    And Nice write up!


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