Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thumbs Up To Royal Hotel, Singapore...

School holidays have begun since last Friday. My girl and I went to Singapore last Friday... first time both of us went alone by bus at 9.30pm.... we didn't know what to expect... and the journey finally ended in Golden Mile.... it was 5.30am when we reached there. Both of us were like standing there waiting for the time to reach 6am because by then, the taxi fares were cheaper.

But after standing 10 minutes, feeling so tired and sleepy, I beh tahan already, we stopped a cab, it was a new mercedes, lantak la... we just got into it. The uncle taxi told us that our hotel was quite nearby only, not too expensive, less than $10sg. Okay la... not too bad.. at least the cabs there don't cut throat!

Upon reaching the hotel lobby, I prayerfully hope that the receptionist allowed us to check in, it was only 6am then... I told her that my girl and I were very sleepy and tired and ... and.. we really needed the room then. So nice of her, she pitied both of us.. hahaha... and gave us the room key after checking in.

Thumbs Up to Royal Hotel, Singapore!

there were 3 beds initially in the room..
housekeeper came and took back one after we checked in
and in less than 15 min. both of us were in slumberland..

next morning we snapped a bit here and there..
while waiting for Aaron to arrive...

then when he came, he took us to Orchard Road

People here there and everywhere...
Singapore seems to be overpopulated now..

what's this...

a lot to see in Orchard Road ...
spent a few hours there.. window shopping!

next is Vivo City...

our friend here always like to pose...

at the balcony of Vivo..

then to Clark Quay...
walked till our feet surrendered!

Love the night scene here...
phew... it was good to be back in the hotel
after a long long walk!!


  1. Scary looking at those people in Orchard road! But i like the night scene.

  2. awwwww... nice trip! wish i can go too!

  3. awwwww...so nice...I also want to go leh:p glad you had a wonderful time there and Aaron looks happy to see you both. Guess he misses u both much :) but I know for sure I miss you the last few days...helpless !!!

  4. rose: yes, singapore is crowded now..

    irene: if i can, u can..!!

    elin: misses u too.. hahaha.. bone chilling.. he is fine.. getting used to it..

  5. I was in Singapore early this month :) And I also think it's overpopulated but I just love the country. Everything is fast, the escalator, the train, etc.. Very clean too! Now I'm missing the uncle selling bread with ice-cream on Orchard Road...

  6. I love the last two pictures!!! What are those things on the right that look like lit up cranes?? Did you go in the bird park? Those giant red and yellow people are awesome!! Thanks for this beautiful tour of Singapore with you and the kids!!

  7. Royal Hotel? Where is that? Golden Mile is actually Beach Road...but it isn't there. It's along Newton...and it's certainly quite far from Orchard - not walking distance, that's for sure.How much per night?

    I love Singapore...but don't wanna go anymore - too expensive.

  8. Nice review! Next time you visit my blog, please click on the "Honolulu Hotels" link!

    Warm Aloha & Gratitude from Honolulu!

    Comfort Spiral



  9. U reached last fri and only called me on last sun night.... *knock* your head !

  10. Hmm, Singapore wait for me ya...Next month I'm coming!

  11. Hmmm, looks like a nice mother-and-daughter trip~

  12. kath: yes, we had..

    ladykath: yes, i saw not only one but a few in some parts of Singapore..

    ginny: the cranes are actually some skyhigh shuttle.. very horrifying!

    stp: royal hotel in newton road,yes, quite near to Golden Mile, paid 10sg to the uncle cab.. keep the change.. hahaha.. it is quite nice 379rm pernight..

    cloudia: yes, will visit yr blog..

    chris: u in jb ma.. i wanna knock yr head too!

    angeline: enjoy yourself!

  13. hayley: yes, it is school hols now..

  14. Singapore, missed the place. so long didn't travel there liao!

  15. So cute seeing the mommy doing the finger-gestures instead of the daughter! lolz

  16. Share with us on your loots, ok? By the way, when I know Datuk Lee won that day, I think of you. Kakakaka!

  17. U r so lucky they allow u to check in so early. That time me and frens wana check in early, but no rooms. Almost want to fall asleep at the lobby.

  18. pete: i also dont go there often.. it has been nearly three years..

    gratitude: hahaha.. childish ma...

    sheohyan: u connect me with LCW! hahhaha..

    yeeling: i also didnt expect them to let me have a room actually.. thank God she did.. phew...

  19. i would love to visit orchard road again!

  20. I tak pernah pergi sana. Kesian me. :(

  21. Hmm....good hotel indeed. Can consider this hotel if ever I go.

  22. whoa dint know the taxi fares diff at there. lol ur girl looks cute n so great in posing wor. xD

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