Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keng Kee And Their Signature Dishes

Here I go again... the same old shop that I used to visit each time I drive down to Kuala Lumpur with my kids. I will order the same old dishes and will enjoy the savoury taste of their infamous tai lok mee cooked with yam! (fat noodles with taro) and of course, not leaving out their signature dish, that is the Saito Fish pancake!

Keng Kee Coffeeshop
Don't go during peak lunch hours...

their signature dishes all pasted on the board...

yam fat noodles..

their famous foo chuk (beancurd skin) pancake
with fish fillings

the layers of foo chuk in the middle of the fish paste..

this one is quite similiar.. but without the beancurd skin

the fish paste ... indescribable.. hahaa...

my favourite clams... lala...

these were very fresh compared to the Butterworth ones..

three of us.. so we didnt order much...
the bill came to RM50.00 for 3 of us..

Ok, how to go Keng Kee coffeeshop? After the Rawang toll, turn right at the traffic light, drive straigh on till 2nd traffic light, turn right again, go straight on till you see KFC on the left hand side, turn left.... Keng Kee is just along the KFC outlet... :)


  1. Hmm... a foodie tale that goes beyond words. The food must be exceptionally good.

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  3. The clams look yummy... but not dare to put any to my mouth for the time being after the recent incident.. hihi..

  4. pam: no pastries there too bad... haha...

    kathy: next time if i go KL< i take u there.. hehehe...

    cath: yeah, better watch what u eat now...

  5. Lala is my pick esp with the chilly padi inside. have tasted in other restaurants.

  6. I see you really enjoy going to old places huh! :p

  7. Yeah! The clams did look fresh and clean. :)

  8. mmm, didn't notice this restaurant in Rawang, must check it out!

  9. These all look very good, much better than the other place. Have you ever been to KFC? I bet you are used to better food?

  10. the la la looks so fresh!!!

  11. The foo chuk looks delicious!! But I seldom go Rawang.. usually just pass by only while on the way to KL, hehe :P

  12. MMMMMMM, what can i say, i think it ain't cheap, am i fine to say that?

  13. Food looks good...just that Rawang is not in KL proper. Wouldn't be able to go there and eat... :(

  14. the fish paste really look so smooth and the fried mee with yam sounds very unique!

  15. The FAT Noodle is so tempting. I love all these dishes.

  16. oooh kat kl! hohohoho... tho i have no idea how to go to rawang. lol.

  17. medie: oh, it is before KL.. :)

    sheohyan: one day u go and try..

    lena:yes, i love their taste and texture too..

    stp: next time if got opportunity, do drop by there..

    eugene: yes, u can.. hahahaa..

    hayley: yeah, many ppl bypass there one.. but i often go ..

    ginny: KFC is fast food, seldom eat from there..

  18. any idea what time it opens? im planning to head there for breakfast

    1. As far as I know, it is opened around 11am cos I go there around that time..


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