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Ong Cheng Huat Seafood, Butterworth

Went up to Penang by bus on Saturday. Oh, actually I stopped at Butterworth because of a lunch appointment. We were taken to a place where I have never been there before... I am sure those staying in Butterworth will know this place.. Ong Cheng Huat.... it is outskirt from town and sort of a village to me...

I was very surprised to see so many cars parked right outside this open-aired shop/restaurant, or whatever... Amazed by the crowd who defied the cool air and the houseflies that swarmed the area too.. hahahaa... (I multi-tasked while I was there.. eating with my mouth, using hands to swap out the flies at the same time!) I should have suggested to the owner to use candles to ward off the houseflies la...

Okay, putting the houseflies aside, I dare say the food there was quite special in a way... something I have not taken before... and wouldn't mind going there once again (this time, I will take my own candle along!)

first dish that came was this crispy popiah minus the sengkuang
this is a MUST! must be from grandmother's recipe...

but alas, i cannot say the same for this clams..
the lala were quite shrunken, overcooked, i guess...

the meehoon noodles was fine.. alright.. to me..

and the best was the steamed fish..
steamed to ngam ngam hoe *just right*
not over or undercooked...
I love the sauce and gravy
with lots of garlic and small chilies...

Another thing special about this Ong Cheng Huat ..
is that all the dishes served come in metal plates..
and if you are guiness stout drinker,
you can try adding in "tuak" or fermented coconut to your drink!
Don't ask me how it tasted like,
Must be good since almost every table, they have a tuak bottle there!
by the way, the bill came to RM40.00 for the dishes above..

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood
2004, Bagan Lallang,
13400 Butterworth
tel: 04-3314782

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood Restaurant


  1. lol so multi task eh! hehe maybe the owner shud really solve this so that ppl can enjoy the foods more! :D

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  2. So cheap! Flies? Eyewwwww...... I'm sure Mandy knows this place.

  3. caroline: so much so we put few shells there for the flies to eat.. hahaha...

    stp: yes, surely she does!!

    kathy: tic for tac. *wink*

  4. wow, looks like a very nice meal.. and my favourite fried beehoon looks so enticing to me also.. oh, the clams looks yummy in the photo woh, overcooked??

  5. The way you write the damn funny. Huat ar! :D

  6. Seriously...besides your clams...everything else look pale to me. ;/ Perhaps must cuba first then only can know right?

  7. drooling even after just having had dinner huhu!

  8. sk: yes, kind of shrunken and overcooked a bit..

    tekkaus: why funny? :p yes, the fish was nice.. maybe i like steamed fish la..

    gratitude: come, go supper! :)

  9. Been here before but ordered and tasted other dishes, not too bad for me.

  10. Popiah with no sengkuang is a new one for me!

  11. This looks pretty good, but the flies, ick!!! Did they keep landing on your food? If there are many cars in front of a restaraunt, it usually means they are very good!

  12. wanna to try the famous crispy popiah....must put this in my makan list

  13. Claire, i m damn hungry now. i m waiting for ur blog jek, my tummy is drumming jor..i like the crispy popiah la.

  14. Wow the price is very reasonable! And I think the crispy popiah sure tasted nice lo!

  15. RM40 for those dishes?? eye rolling and look so yummy too..

  16. drink tuak...i don't think it smell good...I can't tahan the smell.
    The first dish looks yummy.

  17. I went there twice, love the fish max!

  18. nava: very crowded, yes?

    wenn: must go market and buy.. haha..

    jean: thanks!

    evelyn: new to me too..

    ginny: maybe the houseflies added to the kick! hahah...

    simplegirl:yeah,something different..

    yeeling: why we all like crispiness one???

    hayley: how wonderful if fried stuff is healthy!!

    alv: yeah, very reasonable..

    mery: the popiah.. haha..

    cindy: so u been there too.. why never tell us?? heheh..


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