Saturday, March 19, 2011

new York, new York

When I came back from Singapore, friends asked me how the food was in Singapore... well, I cannot judge much cos I didn't eat lots...

But if I were to go Singapore again, I will make sure that I take western food instead of asian food, no hawkers stalls for me.... just western and more western... cos those are something that I cannot find here in Ipoh... like this New York, New York......

my girl ordered this spaghetti with grilled fish..

Aaron and I shared this whole spring chicken..
with sauce and potato wedges..
and a big mug of ice cream float...
all these in ...

new York, new York...


  1. the spaghetti with grilled fish is really unique. XD

    * *

  2. Does not look nice leh... Western food there not expensive kah?

  3. I think Malaysian food nicer than Singaporean food don't you think so? : )

  4. So you mean their Asian food is more or least like ours lar..nothing special right? :p

  5. whoa... whole chicken!

    hahahah. tonight i didn't even finish my bowl of rice ler... so happy... first time ever in history! just wallop the dishes...

    cuz prior to dinner i had 3 ice creams.


  6. actually it's about the same as ours.

  7. sorry. Been MIA a few days too. Wah lau hungry jor looking at your post

  8. For a moment thought you flew to NY from Spore..make sure the spring chicken is'secured' else it would spring to the next table hahaha. Yummy ho chak.

  9. You were in New York and ate these?? The chicken meal seems typical American, but I have never seen fish and spaghetti! Must be a regional thing. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  10. western cuisine got in ipoh. but not new york new york la. haha.

  11. new York new York, haha the name is so special!

  12. New York New York is available in Malaysia - The Gardens ma...

  13. yes, i think better go for more international food which we cant find over here in ipoh and i think they also have a wide varieties of tempting desserts!

  14. Pam, the gardens got new york ?
    I didnt know that..

    lena: yeah.. myself very sam par one.. dont know where to find good western food in Ipoh...

    jean: which nice ones can you suggest... ipoh, i mean..

    ginny: the shop is called New york new york.. i havent been to the real New York yet.. hahaa..

  15. oh is this the same as the one in OneUtama? if yes then sad to say, i didn't quite enjoy the food there :(


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