Friday, April 8, 2011

Night Scenes In Malacca

Today I thought of putting up some thai food pictures.. but I guess after the "Gruesome Find" in yesterday's post, I decided to postpone that post till the "grossiness" subsides... Meanwhile, here are some Malacca trip pictures...

During the second night, we went for the river cruise... it was compulsory, no-one was to be exempted, we all had to go though I would gladly spend my evening in my hotel room doing my "business".................. (blogging la!! what

Thumbs up at the entrance...

everyone seems happy enough...
relaxing after the long day course...

hey, I think I "look" tall in this pic... heeheee..

then into the boat or ferry.. we went...

felt "safer" looking at these new life jackets..

the forty minutes cruise began....

some night scenes we passed through..
during the river cruise..

brightly lit up bridges...

Other than some brightly lit lights on some houses on one side, the beautiful drawings on some of the buildings,I was feeling quite bored during the cruise.... but then... I still have praises for Malacca... at least now they have more tourist spots than in IPOH!!

Sad to say, Ipoh has nothing much the tourists can go to... of course except for..... FOOD! With that exception, Ipoh is now known as an "old folks hometown" where it is suitable for retirees..... LOL....


  1. Very nice river cruise! Didn't get to hop on it the last time I was in Melaka!

  2. Din't know Melaka got such nice night view!

  3. sweetwitch: one time is enough.. at least first time in Malaysia, i experienced.. :)

    hayley: yeah.. not bad hor?

  4. Strangely...I am orang Melaka...but I am not interested to be inthe cruise. :p

  5. The cruise looks like something I might enjoy. Beautiful night scenes. Love the lit bridge.

  6. What pretty night pictures of your cruise. I know you would rather have been blogging, but you have to go to fun places like this so you can blog about them!!!

  7. I'd love that river cruise, Claire... Of course, I am an old lady ---so seeing all of the bright lights and enjoying the cruise would be for ME....

    As Ginny said, you need to visit places like this so that you can blog about them for us... ha

  8. Looks like you had a blast.
    I'd love to take that river cruise.

    Great pictures, too.

    Happy Friday!

  9. Hi Reana, first of all that gruesome find previous posting....if that is here and those pics sent to our press, it's game over for that shop.
    The health people will be swarming over the place, and the store will be closed till they put their act together.
    You should have sent those pics to the manager or the directors of that company.

    Your Malacca pics are really breathtaking and if not for your mention I would have thought it is Taiwan, Hong Kong....anywhere but not Malacca.
    I was born in Malacca....a Malacca unlike your pics.
    Have fun.

  10. Wow...amazing. I bet you enjoyed the cruise...Great photos you shared here. Thanks.

  11. Nice! At one time the river was so black, dirty and Sg Petani. I wonder when the town council or state government is going to do anything about it.

  12. I always wish to go Melacca again. I miss their chicken rice ball, chendol and celup-celup.

  13. I've seen the river cruise before, but never actually tried it yet. Thanks for sharing Claire!

  14. You didnt sing 'Proud Claire' during the river cruise?...

  15. Big wheel keep on turning
    Proud Claire keep on burning
    Rolling, rolling rolling on the river..♫..~;).

  16. tekkaus: normally it is like that.. i stay in ipoh but never go to the caves! :)

    cheryl : yes, night is nicer than day..

    jfook: yes, it is..

    wenn: i dont really like...

    ginny: yes, i will!!

    betsy: I will post up more.. yes!

    betty: i hope u will like it..

    u.lee: yes, if overseas, the shop will be closed and sued! u r from Malacca? i think much has changed..

    bing: glad u like it..

    stp: i didnt smell anything...

    sheoh: i didnt eat much this trip...

    isaac: i think romantic for u.. hahaa..

    bananaz: you should have come along for the karaoke la.. it is fun if all sing together.. come! make one more gathering!!

  17. saw so many ppl wrote about the river cruise. Boring meh? Say romantic wor.

    If Ipoh got more tourist spots then you will get headache lo. See Malacca. The prices there like KL price jor :(

    You wont get your 80sens taufu fa jor

  18. my friends took us to the Portuguese village Christmas light up. It was very interesting.

  19. kathy: maybe those are couples, couples ma... me lone ranger, boring lo.. or maybe i was yearning to go back hotel!! hehhe...
    wei..tau foo far in stadium is 1rm liow... increased!

    ann: yes, i have been taken around once too!

  20. Why were you not eager to go on the cruise? I would jump at it! Haha!

  21. the night cruise look interesting. yeah..i agree about the ipoh part. we have so many beautiful buildings/houses and yet nothing is being done to restore them like in Malacca. very sad indeed!


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